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speech  Noun
Plural: speeches
  1. Translate "speech" to Spanish: discurso, charla, conferencia, alocución, disertación, peroración
    English Synonyms of "speech": lecture, talk, allocution, address, dissertation, theme, chalk-talk, discourse, flapjaw, prelection
    Define meaning of "speech": Something spoken. ; The act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience.
  2. He could hear them uttering merry speeches.
    He listened to an address on minor Roman poets.

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  3. Translate "speech" to Spanish: lenguaje, discurso, habla, articulación de las palabras
    English Synonyms of "speech": language, tongue, idiom, articulation of words, lingo
    Define meaning of "speech": The mental faculty or power of vocal communication. ; Your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally. ; Communication by word of mouth.
  4. Language sets homo sapiens apart from all other animals.
    His manner of speaking was quite abrupt.
    Her speech was barren of southernisms.
    I detected a slight accent in his speech.
    His speech was garbled.
    He uttered harsh language.
    He recorded the spoken language of the streets.

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  5. Translate "speech" to Spanish: parlamento
    Define meaning of "speech": Words making up the dialogue of a play.
  6. The actor forgot his speech.

  7. Translate "speech" to Spanish: conversación, diálogo
    English Synonyms of "speech": chat, conversation, discussion, talk, talking, dialog, dialogue
    Define meaning of "speech": The exchange of spoken words.
  8. They were perfectly comfortable together without speech.

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  9. Translate "speech" to Spanish: sermón, rollo
    English Synonyms of "speech": sermon, long speech, preaching, lecture, screed
    Define meaning of "speech": A lengthy rebuke.
  10. A good lecture was my father's idea of discipline.
    The teacher gave him a talking to.

  11. Translate "Speech" to Spanish: Fragmento hablado

Conceptually-related expressions of "speech"
actor whose part involves no speech
adenoid speech
after-dinner speech
animal with a tongue resembling that of man which allows mimicking speech
aphonic speech
argumentative speech
arrogant speech
articulate speech
asynergic speech
ataxic speech
audiology and speech pathology
automatic speech
automatic speech recognition
barrister's speech
be fluent in speech
be free of speech
be part of everyday speech
be restrained in one's speech
bilabial speech sound
bilateral speech
Black Speech
boastful speech
body gestures without speech
Broca's motor speech area
buccal speech
budget speech
caregiver speech
caretaker speech
cerebellar speech
ceremonial speech
chewing-speech relationship
chief theme of speech
child-directed speech
cleft-palate speech
clipped speech
closing line or statement of a speech
closing speech
come out with an unending speech
commencement speech
common speech
connected speech
continuous rapid or interminable speech
corporate speech
covert speech
curtain speech
deceptive and insincere speech
delayed speech
deliver a speech
delusional speech
developmental language and speech disorder
digital speech interpolation
digitized speech signal
digression in the course of a speech
direct a speech to
direct speech
direction of speech
discrete speech
distractible speech
disturbance in speech
dramatic speech
dysfluency in speech
echo speech
economical speech
egocentric speech
emotional speech
empty speech
envelope of the speech wave
esophageal speech
excessively loud speech
excessively soft speech
explosive speech
facial speech
faculty of speech
faulty speech
figure of speech
figures of speech
filibuster speech
fluent speech
form of writing in which a symbol represents an object or concept rather than a speech sound
free indirect speech
free speech
freedom of speech
frequency redundancy in speech waves
functional speech disorder
garbled speech
give a speech
graduate student with the second highest ranking who delivers the welcoming speech
gross in speech
hate speech
helium speech
hesitant speech
hesitate in speech
hortatory speech
imitative speech
impact of a powerfully inept speech
implicit speech
in a manner of speech
inaugural speech
inauguration speech
incoherent speech
indirect speech
indirect speech act
infant-directed speech
inflection of speech
inner speech
instantaneous acoustical speech power
intensity of speech
internalized speech
introductory part of a speech
keynote speech
lack of speech
lack of stress accent in speech
laconic manner of speech
laconic speech
language and speech disorder
launch into a long-winded speech
liberty of speech
line on a dialect map delimiting localities in which some feature of speech occurs
long speech
long-winded speech
lose one's power of speech
lose one's speech
loud speech
maiden speech
make a long-winded speech
make a speech
make a whole speech on
make use of speech
making of speeches
manner of speech
maudlin speech
mean value of speech power
meaningless speech
mental disorder which causes inability to express ideas because of faulty reasoning or speech
mirror speech
momentary speech value
monotonous speech
motor speech area
motor speech center
motor theory of speech perception
non-speech circuit
obscene and profane in speech
obscene speech
of demagogic speech
of inner speech
opening speech
organic speech
outline of a speech
overall speech quality
padding of the speech
pair of letters representing a single speech sound
parasocial speech
parental speech
part of speech
paucity of speech
peak speech power
perseverative speech
person incapable of speech
phonetic speech power
phonetic utterance in speech
plain speech
plateau speech
pompous and high-sounding speech
pompous speech
postprandial speech
poverty of content of speech
poverty of speech
power of speech
pressure of speech
pressured speech
pretentious in speech
professional speech writing
provocative speech
ranting speech
rapid speech
rate of production of speech
recover one's power of speech
recover one's speech
redundancy in speech
relating to articulate speech
reported speech
restrain one's speech
RF speech processing
rise to deliver a formal speech
scabrous speech
scamping speech
scanning speech
scrambled speech
sensory speech center
serial speech
set speech
sign speech
silent speech
simulated speech
slow in speech
slow speech
slurred speech
slurring speech
socialized speech
spare of speech
spastic speech
staccato speech
start to get slurred speech
start to slur one's speech
State of the Union Speech
stilted speech
strikingly clever turn of speech
study of the relations between physiology and speech
subject of a speech
subvocal speech
syllabic speech
synthetic speech
tangential speech
TASI speech hangover
tedious length of a speech
telegraphic speech
tendency to speech before thought
text-to-speech system
the faculty of speech
the power of speech
unending speech
unfavorable speech
use of tropes in speech
uttering of embarrassing speech
uttering of indiscreet speech
uttering of stupid speech
visible speech
vocoded speech
welcome speech
Wernicke's second motor speech area
which demarcates distinctive speech areas
which is repeated later on in the same speech
whispered speech
Windows Media speech codec
with tiresome speech
without speech
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