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special  Noun
Plural: specials
  1. Translate "special" to Spanish: especial, programa especial de televisión
    English Synonyms of "special": special TV show, TV special
    Define meaning of "special": A television production that features a particular person or work or topic.
  2. The last of a series of BBC specials on Iran is being shown tonight.

  3. Translate "special" to Spanish: número extraordinario
    English Synonyms of "special": special edition

special  Adjective
  1. Translate "special" to Spanish: fuera de serie, excepcional, extraordinario
    English Synonyms of "special": extraordinary, exceptional, outstanding, unusual, especial, out of the ordinary, really outstanding, one-off, one-shot
    Define meaning of "special": Surpassing what is common or usual or expected. ; Added to a regular schedule.
  2. He paid especial attention to her.
    Exceptional kindness.
    A matter of particular and unusual importance.
    A special occasion.
    A special reason to confide in her.
    A special holiday flight.
    Put on special buses for the big game.

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  3. Translate "special" to Spanish: especial, caracterizado, de una clase en particular, específico
    English Synonyms of "special": particular, of a definite kind, of a particular kind, specific, especial, characterized, of a specific kind, peculiar, characterised
    Define meaning of "special": Having a specific function or scope. ; Unique or specific to a person or thing or category. ; For a special service or occasion. ; Adapted to or reserved for a particular purpose.
  4. A special (or specific) role in the mission.
    The particular demands of the job.
    Has a paraticular preference for Chinese art.
    A peculiar bond of sympathy between them.
    An expression peculiar to Canadians.
    Rights peculiar to the rich.
    A special correspondent.
    A special adviser to the committee.
    Had to get special permission for the event.
    A special kind of paint.
    A special medication for arthritis.

Conceptually-related expressions of "special"
a special somebody
a special something
acceptance by special endorser
area for special attention
assessment for special education
asset allocated for special use
be nothing special
be on special
be placed on a special diet
blue-light special
box for special guests
breeding of a special race
by special delivery
canon with a special prebend
common person with no special rank
complete special audit
court having special jurisdiction
court of special sessions
debt by special contract
extra payment for special duties
financial institution with special status
follow one's special inclinations
for this special purpose
for your special consideration
give a special favor
give a special privilege
give a special status
go on a special diet
handyman's special
insertion of special signals
made according to one's special requirements
made according to special requirements
make a special effort
make a special point of
management special expenses
multicolumn special journal
nothing special
one's special taste
operator's special certificate
operator with a special skill
pampered and usually wealthy young man who feels he deserves special treatment
pampered and usually wealthy young woman who feels she deserves special treatment
passing a school examination without special honors
portion of an organ with special function
reappraisal of assets special reserve
red-eye special
reserve for special use
reserved for a special use
Saturday night special
seat in a theater reserved for special guests
short term special deposit
short-term special deposits
somebody special
something special
special edition of a special broadcast
take special care
territory under a special jurisdiction
that special someone
that special something
today's special
TV special
United Nations General Assembly Special Session
very special blessing
viscous liquid used for a special purpose
visual and other special effects
whatever food happens to be available without special preparation
woman with no special attractiveness
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