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small  Noun
Plural: smalls
  1. Translate "small" to Spanish: parte pequeña
    English Synonyms of "small": small part

small  Adjective
  1. Translate "small" to Spanish: pequeño, chico, menudo, parvo, reducido, escuchimizado, exiguo, petiso, petizo, rebejío
    English Synonyms of "small": little, minute, short, slight, small-size, tiny
    Define meaning of "small": Limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. ; Limited in size or scope. ; Slight or limited; especially in degree or intensity or scope. ; Have fine or very small constituent particles.
  2. A little dining room.
    A little house.
    A small car.
    A little (or small) group.
    A small voice.
    A small business.
    A newspaper with a modest circulation.
    Small-scale plans.
    A pocket-size country.
    A series of death struggles with small time in between.
    A small misty rain.

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  3. Translate "small" to Spanish: pequeño, sin importancia
    English Synonyms of "small": little, minor, slight, immaterial, inconsequential, not worth mentioning, of no account, unimportant, insignificant
    Define meaning of "small": Made to seem smaller or less (especially in worth). ; Limited in size or scope. ; Low or inferior in station or quality.
  4. Her comments made me feel small.
    A small business.
    A newspaper with a modest circulation.
    Small-scale plans.
    A pocket-size country.
    A humble cottage.
    A lowly parish priest.
    A modest man of the people.
    Small beginnings.

  5. Translate "small" to Spanish: pequeño, bajo, corto de estatura, menudo, párvulo
    English Synonyms of "small": short, little
    Define meaning of "small": Limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent. ; Not fully grown.
  6. A little dining room.
    A little house.
    A small car.
    A little (or small) group.
    A small voice.
    What a big little boy you are.
    Small children.

  7. Translate "small" to Spanish: pequeño
    English Synonyms of "small": undersize
    Define meaning of "small": Limited in size or scope.
  8. A small business.
    A newspaper with a modest circulation.
    Small-scale plans.
    A pocket-size country.

small  Adverb
  1. Translate "small" to Spanish: en trozos pequeños
    English Synonyms of "small": finely, in chunks, in small pieces
    Define meaning of "small": In tiny pieces.

Conceptually-related expressions of "small"
a small amount
a small amount of
a small number of
a small quantity
a small quantity of
a small thing
a small while
a very small amount
a very small amount of
a very small number of
a very small quantity
a very small thing
abnormally small
absorptive cell of the small intestine
anastomotic network of small veins
archetypical rural small town
area surrounded by small trees
arrive in small numbers
be a small eater
be a small party
be small
be thankful for small mercies
be too small
become small
Bennet's small corpuscle
Bennett's small corpuscle
big frog in a small pond
blow up in small pieces
break into small crumbs
break into small fragments
break into small pieces
break up in small bits
break up in small pieces
break up into small pieces
broken in small pieces
burrowing herbivorous marsupial resembling a small bear
caliciform cell of the small intestine
cancer of small intestine
chalice cell of the small intestine
chronic Tropical disease resulting from malabsorption of nutrients from the small intestine
circular folds in the small intestine
clearing of brush and small trees
compound tubular submucosal gland in the duodenum portion of the small intestine
confluent small pox
covered with small bristles
credit to medium-sized and small industries
crypt of the small Intestine
defeat by a small margin
display on screen of a simulated page with lines when the text is too small
divide into many small fragments
drain in small increments
drink in small sips
drink in small swallows
earn a very small salary
eat small portions of
enema of the small intestine
engage in small talk
exaggerate a small problem
exaggerate a very small problem
exceedingly small
excrements of sheep and other small animals
extremely small duct
family on small holdings
Father Small
fear of small things
feel small
filled with small cavities
filling of a hollow wall or partition with small masonry
first portion of the small intestine
for small children
form into a small ball
format for representing floating point numbers in large or small quantities
full of small cavities
full of small heaps
full of small mountains
gallinaceous bird of Australasia having large feet and a small head
get small
go forward by small steps
goblet cell of the small intestine
great deal into a small space
great number compressed in a small space
group of huts forming a small town
group of small huts
grow small
grown in too small pots
guard yourself of people's tongues in a small town
have a small bite
have a small business
have a small fever
have a small lunch
in a small way
in a very small place
in a very small scale
in a very small space
in a very small spot
in a very small way
in small amounts
in small numbers
in small pieces
in small portions
in small quantities
in the form of small drops
in times of crisis one must look for even the small opportunities
involving a small amount
irrational fear of small things
it only takes a small sample
it's a small world
lacteal vessel of the small intestine
lamina propria of the small intestine
LAN with few nodes installed in homes or small offices
law of small numbers
Lawrence M. Small
leave in small numbers
lipoprotein produced in the absorptive cells of the small intestine
live in a small way
low-cost small notebook
make a small salary
make a very small salary
make extremely small
make small
mayor of a small town
mayor of a small village
mental degeneration due to small strokes
mid-sixties computer made with integrated circuits in small scale
Millie Small
money in small amounts
multitude compressed in a small space
narrowing of the small arteries
of a small beak
of a small bird
of a small pool
of a small shrub
of small account
of small beaks
of small birds
of small magnitude
of small pools
of small shrubs
of small worth
of very small import
on a small scale
outlook and everyday life in a small town
owner of a small farm
Paneth cell of the small intestine
part of the small intestine
partitioned in small compartments
person who hoards small objects
person who rents and works a small farm
phobia of small things
planting of soil or grass in tufts or small bunches
political refugees who escape by a small boat
proceedings concerning a small claim
quite a small number of
quite small
rather small
reduced version of the Windows operating system for small devices
reparcelling out of small holdings
ridiculously small
run a small business
science or study of carved gemstones and other small sculpture
seeds of the grape and other small fruits
shaped like a small beak
shaped like a small cup
shaped like a small tree
sing small
something small
sound like the chime of small bells
sound of a small bell
sown in small pots
sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds
subtropical small fruit
suffer barely a small damage
suit for recovery of small amount
surpass by a small margin
sweat the small stuff
take a small break
take a small nap
take in small swallows
tell small lies
temperate small fruit
the small business
the small fry
the small things
the smallest
there are no small enemies
there is no such thing as a small enemy
there's no small enemy
thicket of small trees
think small
third portion of the small intestine
too small
Torrance Small
tropical small fruit
try to hide something big with a small patch
unusually small individual
US Navy officer with the rank of captain commanding two or more small ships
very small
very small amount
very small bikini
very small canal
very small chance
very small computer
very small creature
very small group
very small object
very small person
very small piece
very small quantity
very small room
very small town
villi of small intestine
villus of the small intestine
warming to a small degree
which has a middle pair of incisors of great size and small canines
which has a small beak
which has an abnormally small mouth
which has an extremely small body
which has extremely small feet
which has small leaves
which has the shape of a small beak
which has too small fins
which has too small wings
which has two small teeth
which relates to small pools
which resembles a small bird
which resembles a small cup
which resembles a small shrub
which resembles a small tree
which terminates in a small beak
with an abnormally small brain
with many small branches
with small wrinkles
work very hard for a small pay
zone of small pyramids
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