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situation  Noun
Plural: situations
  1. Translate "situation" to Spanish: situación, circunstancia, condición, problemática, percal, tesitura
    English Synonyms of "situation": state, event, happening, incident, problems, circumstance, deal, intricacy, picture, situash
    Define meaning of "situation": A condition or position in which you find yourself. ; The general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time. ; A complex or critical or unusual difficulty.
  2. The unpleasant situation (or position) of having to choose between two evils.
    Found herself in a very fortunate situation.
    The present international situation is dangerous.
    Wondered how such a state of affairs had come about.
    The dangerous situation developed suddenly.
    That's quite a situation.
    No human situation is simple.

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  3. Translate "situation" to Spanish: fenómeno
    English Synonyms of "situation": event, happening, circumstance, phenomenon
    Define meaning of "situation": Something that happens at a given place and time. ; A phenomenon located at a single point in space-time; the fundamental observational entity in relativity theory.; A special set of circumstances.

  4. Translate "situation" to Spanish: situación
    English Synonyms of "situation": a fine how-de-do, a fine how-do-you-do

Conceptually-related expressions of "situation"
a win-win situation
ability to do and say the right thing in any social situation
abnormal situation
advantageous situation
agricultural situation
alienating situation
ambivalent situation
analysis of the situation
annoying situation
apparent situation
Asch situation
assess the situation
authority of situation
awkward situation
bad situation
be an extremely delicate situation
be confronted with a totally reversed situation
be in a bad situation
be in a desperate situation
be in a difficult situation
be in a nasty situation
be in a painful situation
be in a very profitable and dominant situation
be in disadvantageous situation
be in the same situation
be unable to meet the situation
become wisely aware of one's situation
broad overall view and perspective of a situation
burdensome situation
business situation
capacity of a person to recover in a bad situation
catch-22 situation
catch twenty-two situation
change in situation
chaotic situation
collaboration situation
come to term with a situation
comedy of situation
conflictive situation
confused, tangled and hopeless situation
contradictive situation
critical situation
current situation
cushy situation
danger situation
dangerous situation
debt-distressed situation
desperate situation
difficult and confused situation
difficult situation
dire situation
disagreeable situation
disastrous situation
distressful situation
dual situation
dynamic-situations principle
economic situation
end up in a disadvantaged final situation
endure a situation
event that happens unexpectedly to provide a contrived solution to a seemingly hopeless situation
explosive situation
extremely nasty situation
factual situation
favorable situation
fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations
fear of certain situations
feel out a situation
financial situation
find one's way out in any situation
find oneself in a very awkward situation
flammable situation
get control over the situation
get out of a difficult situation
handle a difficult situation
handle a situation instinctively
have control over the situation
have in a painful and helpless situation
hazardous situation
hell of a situation
helpless situation
hopeless situation
ideal situation
immovable static situation
in a bad situation
in a critical situation
in a difficult situation
in a disagreeable situation
in a highly perilous situation
in a very tight and awkward situation
in an awful situation
in an awkward situation
in an embarrassing situation
in an equal situation
in an uncomfortable situation
in the same situation
incriminating situation
inflammable situation
insignificant situation
instruction for the system on how to react before a particular situation
interference by an external agent artificially brought in to set right a situation
international situation
intricate situation
irrational fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations
irrational fear of certain situations
irregular situation
keep posted about the situation
labor situation
labour situation
lamentable situation
lock out situation
look back in retrospect over the whole situation
lose-lose situation
lost situation
make the best of a bad situation
make the best of the situation
make the best out of a bad situation
man's childish reaction to difficult situations
means situation
mixed conflict situation
monetary situation
most loathsome situation imaginable
nasty situation
neck-deep situation
no-choice situation
no-way-out situation
no-win situation
nonzero sum situation
oedipal situation
ominous situation
open-cue situation
oppressive situation
overwhelming situation
parlous situation
perilous situation
phobia of being evaluated negatively in social situations
phobia of certain situations
place in an isolated situation
place oneself in a risky situation
pleasant and favorable situation
present situation
provoke a situation
psych a situation
psych out a situation
psychoanalytic situation
put by trickery into an undesired situation
put in a difficult situation
put in a tight and awkward situation
put oneself in a frustrating and helpless situation
put up with the situation
really awful situation
reassessment of situation
return repeatedly to a bad situation
reverse a situation
risky situation
save the situation
serious situation
shuffle out of a tricky situation
size up a situation
size up the situation
speech disorder in which the same word or phrase is repeated obsessively regardless of the situation
spoil the situation
sticky situation
stimulus situation
strained situation
stress situation
study of the situation
take advantage of the situation
take care of the situation
take control of the situation
take stock of the situation
terrible situation
that considers the situation
ticklish situation
to make a bad situation worse
tourism situation
trend situation
tricky situation
troubled financial situation
troublesome situation
try to get out of a difficult situation
unbearable situation
unfortunate situation
unprotected situation
very complicated situation
very confused situation
very tight and awkward situation
volatile situation
which uses biological terms and explanations in the analysis of non-biological situations
win-win situation
with control over the situation
zero-sum situation
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