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signature  Noun
Plural: signatures
  1. Translate "signature" to Spanish: firma, rúbrica, chayotera, firmada
    English Synonyms of "signature": fist, John Hancock, John Henry
    Define meaning of "signature": Your name written in your own handwriting.

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  3. Translate "signature" to Spanish: sintonía
    English Synonyms of "signature": signature tune
    Define meaning of "signature": A melody used to identify a performer or a dance band or radio/tv program.

  4. Translate "signature" to Spanish: grupo de hojas de papel puestas juntas para encuadernarlas
    English Synonyms of "signature": cahier, number of sheets of paper put loosely together for binding

  5. Translate "signature" to Spanish: indicación
    English Synonyms of "signature": indication
    Define meaning of "signature": Circumstance which prompts use of a specific therapy. ; A datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument. ; A reason to prescribe a drug or perform a procedure.

signature  Adjective
  1. Translate "signature" to Spanish: distintivo, propio, principal de reconocimiento
    English Synonyms of "signature": characteristic, peculiar, typical, distinctive, distinguishing, typic, vintage
    Define meaning of "signature": Typical or distinctive.
  2. Our flagship product.., Nuestro producto principal de reconocimiento....

  3. Translate "signature" to Spanish: quirografario

Conceptually-related expressions of "signature"
ability to ensure that no authorized user is denied the authenticity of their signature
acknowledge a signature
adhibit one's signature
affix one's signature
affix the signature
an honest man's word is as good as his signature
append one's signature
append one's signature to
artistic signature
attach one's signature
attest a document or signature
attest a signature
attested signature
authenticate a signature
authentication of signature
authentication of signatures
authorized signature
authorized signature list
autograph signature
binding signature
blank signature
certificate on a document instead of an authentication of signature
certified signature
certify a signature
company signature
corporate signature
digital signature
digital signature algorithm
digital signature standard
document with personal signature
dotted line for signature
dual signature
e-mail signature
electronic signature
facsimile signature
falsified signature
firm signature
flourish after a signature
forge a signature
fraudulent alteration of a signature
guaranty of a signature
guaranty of signature
handwritten signature
hang signature
illegible signature
joint signature
kernel exception signature
lawyer's signature
list of authorized signatures
many-sorted signature
missing signature
name and position of signatory after handwritten signature
one's signature
put one's signature
put one's signature on
put one's signature to
report signature
sign one's signature
specimen signature
spurious signature
surname signature
time signature
title preceding signature
unauthorized signature
under my signature
verify a signature
verify the signature
virus signature
witness a signature
witness the signature
write one's signature
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