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shrike  Noun
Plural: shrikes
  1. Translate "shrike" to Spanish: alcaudón, picaza chillona, picaza manchada
    English Synonyms of "shrike": butcher-bird, butcherbird, loggerhead shrike, woodchat, any one of the passerine birds of the family Laniidae
    Define meaning of "shrike": Any of numerous Old World birds having a strong hooked bill that feed on smaller animals.

Conceptually-related expressions of "shrike"
African black cuckoo shrike
African blue cuckoo shrike
African gray cuckoo shrike
African shrike flycatcher
bar-winged flycatcher shrike
barred cuckoo shrike
bay-backed shrike
black-bellied cuckoo shrike
black-billed pepper shrike
black-billed shrike tyrant
black-cap bush shrike
black-faced cuckoo shrike
black-fronted bush shrike
black-headed cuckoo shrike
black-headed shrike
black-throated shrike-tanager
black-winged flycatcher shrike
Bokmakierie shrike
brown shrike
Brubru shrike
Brumese shrike
bull-headed shrike
Buru Island cuckoo shrike
caerulean cuckoo shrike
chestnut-fronted helmet shrike
chestnut-sided shrike vireo
Chinese great gray shrike
crested shrike-jay
crested shrike tit
cuckoo shrike
dark-gray cuckoo shrike
Doherty's bush shrike
Eastern wattled cuckoo shrike
Emin's shrike
fiery-breasted bush shrike
fiscal shrike
four-colored bush shrike
fulvous shrike-tanager
Grauer's cuckoo shrike
gray-backed shrike
gray-bellied shrike tyrant
gray-crested helmet shrike
gray-green bush shrike
gray-headed bush shrike
gray shrike thrush
great gray shrike
great grey shrike
great shrike tyrant
green-breasted bush shrike
green shrike-vireo
ground cuckoo shrike
Halmahera cuckoo shrike
Indochinese cuckoo shrike
Lagden's bush shrike
lesser cuckoo shrike
lesser gray shrike
lesser grey shrike
lineated cuckoo shrike
loggerhead shrike
long-crested helmet shrike
long-tailed shrike
Lühder's bush shrike
Mackinnon's shrike
Madagascar cuckoo shrike
magpie shrike
many-colored bush shrike
masked shrike
Moluccan cuckoo shrike
Monteiro's bush shrike
mouse-brown shrike tyrant
Mufumbiri shrike
Newton's shrike
olive bush shrike
orange cuckoo shrike
Papuan cuckoo shrike
Perrin's bush shrike
Petit's cuckoo shrike
pygmy cuckoo shrike
Rand's red-billed helmet shrike
red-backed shrike
red-billed shrike
red-crowned bush shrike
red-shouldered cuckoo shrike
Retz's red-billed helmet shrike
rufous-browed pepper shrike
rufous shrike thrush
Ruppell's shrike
Sandstone shrike thrush
Serle's bush shrike
slaty-capped shrike vireo
slaty cuckoo shrike
Somali shrike
southern grey shrike
Souza's shrike
straight-crested helmet-shrike
stripe-breasted shrike thrush
strong-billed shrike
sulphur-breasted bush shrike
Taita shrike
tiger shrike
Wallacean cuckoo shrike
wattled shrike tit
Western wattled cuckoo shrike
white-breasted cuckoo shrike
white-crested helmet-shrike
white-crowned shrike
white-lored cuckoo shrike
white-rumped cuckoo shrike
white-tailed shrike tyrant
white-throated shrike-tanager
white-winged cuckoo shrike
white-winged shrike-tanager
woodchat shrike
yellow-billed shrike
yellow-browed shrike vireo
yellow-crested helmet shrike
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