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From the English verb set:
setting is:

setting  Noun
  1. Translate "setting" to Spanish: ajuste
    English Synonyms of "setting": adjustment, fix, adjusting, tweak
    Define meaning of "setting": The physical position of something.
  2. He changed the setting on the thermostat.

  3. Translate "setting" to Spanish: trasfondo
    English Synonyms of "setting": background
    Define meaning of "setting": The state of the environment in which a situation exists.
  4. You can't do that in a university setting.

  5. Translate "setting" to Spanish: escenario
    English Synonyms of "setting": scene, scenery, locale
    Define meaning of "setting": Arrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where a play or movie is enacted. ; The context and environment in which something is set.
  6. The perfect setting for a ghost story.

  7. Translate "setting" to Spanish: agrupación por nivel

  8. Translate "setting" to Spanish: ambiente

  9. Translate "setting" to Spanish: distribución por aptitudes
    English Synonyms of "setting": set, setting as used in the UK

  10. Translate "setting" to Spanish: entorno
    English Synonyms of "setting": environment, surroundings, background, milieu, inscenation, mise en scene, surrounding
    Define meaning of "setting": The area in which something exists or lives. ; The totality of surrounding conditions.

  11. Translate "setting" to Spanish: fraguado, endurecimiento
    English Synonyms of "setting": hardening, age hardening, curing, induration

  12. Translate "setting" to Spanish: engaste, engastadura
    English Synonyms of "setting": mounting, mount, mounting of gem, setting of gem
    Define meaning of "setting": Mounting consisting of a piece of metal (as in a ring or other jewelry) that holds a gem in place.
  13. The diamond was in a plain gold mount.

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  14. Translate "setting" to Spanish: ambientación
    English Synonyms of "setting": background, locale
    Define meaning of "setting": The context and environment in which something is set.
  15. The perfect setting for a ghost story.

  16. Translate "setting" to Spanish: fijación, montaje, puesta
    English Synonyms of "setting": fixing, fastening, laying
    Define meaning of "setting": The preservation and hardening of a tissue sample to retain as nearly as possible the same relations they had in the living body.

  17. Translate "setting" to Spanish: configuración
    English Synonyms of "setting": settings, configuration

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setting  Adjective
  1. Translate "setting" to Spanish: poniente
    Define meaning of "setting": Disappearing below the horizon.
  2. The setting sun.

Conceptually-related expressions of "setting"
set  Verb
Plural: sets
  1. Translate "set" to Spanish: colocar, poner, situar, fijar, regular, ubicar
    English Synonyms of "set": lay, lay down, marshal, place, put, settle
    Define meaning of "set": Put into a certain place or abstract location. ; Fix in a border.; Put into a position that will restore a normal state.
  2. Put your things here.
    Set the tray down.
    Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children.
    Place emphasis on a certain point.
    The goldsmith set the diamond.
    Set a broken bone.

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  3. Translate "set" to Spanish: establecer, determinar, concretizar, dejar asentado, imponer, ubicar
    English Synonyms of "set": establish, institute, set up, enact, form, found, set down
    Define meaning of "set": Fix conclusively or authoritatively. ; Decide upon or fix definitely. ; Establish as the highest level or best performance.
  4. Set the rules.
    Fix the variables.
    Specify the parameters.
    Set a record.

  5. Translate "set" to Spanish: ajustar, regular
    English Synonyms of "set": control, adjust, regulate
    Define meaning of "set": Alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard. ; Set to a certain position or cause to operate correctly.; Equip with sails, masts, etc.
  6. Adjust the clock, please.
    Correct the alignment of the front wheels.
    Set clocks or instruments.
    Rig a ship.

  7. Translate "set" to Spanish: sedimentar
    English Synonyms of "set": deposit, decant, elutriate, settle

  8. Translate "set" to Spanish: sedimentarse, sedimentar
    English Synonyms of "set": settle down, produce sediments, settle down sediments, drift, precipitate, subside
    Define meaning of "set": Settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground.

  9. Translate "set" to Spanish: ponerse, ocultarse
    English Synonyms of "set": go down
    Define meaning of "set": Disappear beyond the horizon.

set  Noun
  1. Translate "set" to Spanish: set, colección, conjunto, grupo, arreglo, juego, ristra
    English Synonyms of "set": ensemble, group, kit, array, assemblage, collection, grouping, suit, muster
    Define meaning of "set": A group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used.; An abstract collection of numbers or symbols.
  2. A set of books.
    A set of golf clubs.
    A set of teeth.
    The set of prime numbers is infinite.

  3. Translate "set" to Spanish: aparato
    English Synonyms of "set": gadget, mechanism, unit, apparatus, appliance, contraption, device, gizmo, outfit
    Define meaning of "set": Any electronic equipment that receives or transmits radio or tv signals.
  4. The early sets ran on storage batteries.

  5. Translate "set" to Spanish: set
    English Synonyms of "set": round, game
    Define meaning of "set": A unit of play in tennis or squash.
  6. They played two sets of tennis after dinner.

  7. Translate "set" to Spanish: distribución por aptitudes
    English Synonyms of "set": setting, setting as used in the UK

  8. Translate "set" to Spanish: grupo de nivel
    English Synonyms of "set": set of students

  9. Translate "set" to Spanish: círculo
    English Synonyms of "set": circle, circle of people, clan, clique, closed group of people, coterie
    Define meaning of "set": An unofficial association of people or groups.
  10. The smart set goes there.
    They were an angry lot.

  11. Translate "set" to Spanish: decorado
    English Synonyms of "set": decor, decoration, scenery, stage set, stage setting
    Define meaning of "set": Representation consisting of the scenery and other properties used to identify the location of a dramatic production.
  12. The sets were meticulously authentic.

  13. Translate "set" to Spanish: muda
    English Synonyms of "set": change of clothing, change of underwear

  14. Translate "set" to Spanish: conjunto, equipo, juego
    English Synonyms of "set": ensemble, kit, collection of items, collection of tools, set of objects, assembly, set of proposals
    Define meaning of "set": An assemblage of parts or details (as in a work of art) considered as forming a whole.

  15. Translate "set" to Spanish: intercambio musical de improvisación de aproximadamente una media hora
    English Synonyms of "set": improvisatory musical interchange of about half an hour

  16. Translate "set" to Spanish: discusión
    English Synonyms of "set": altercation, discussion, hassle, dispute, quarrel, argument, argy-bargy, row

  17. Translate "set" to Spanish: pandilla
    English Synonyms of "set": gang, band, crew, hate-group, mob, clique, folks, in-group
    Define meaning of "set": An association of criminals. ; An informal body of friends.

  18. Translate "SET" to Spanish: SET, norma de criptografía que protege transacciones electrónicas de tarjeta de crédito en la Internet, norma de seguridad de la Internet para evitar fraudes de tarjeta de crédito, Transacción Electrónica Segura
    English Synonyms of "SET": Secure Electronic Transaction, cryptography standard that protects credit card electronic transactions on the Internet, Internet security standard for preventing credit card frauds

  19. Translate "set" to Spanish: serie de datos con valores específicos en Pascal
    English Synonyms of "set": series of data with specific values in Pascal

set  Adjective
  1. Translate "set" to Spanish: determinado, fijo
    English Synonyms of "set": determined, bound and determined, definite, doughty, purposeful, strong-minded, purposive
    Define meaning of "set": Fixed and unmoving. ; On the point of or strongly disposed.
  2. With eyes set in a fixed glassy stare.
    His bearded face already has a set hollow look.
    Onnor Cruise O'Brien;.
    Ace rigid with pain.
    In no fit state to continue.
    Fit to drop.
    Laughing fit to burst.
    She was fit to scream.
    Primed for a fight.
    We are set to go at any time.

  3. Translate "set" to Spanish: engastado, colocado, entallado
    English Synonyms of "set": enchased, placed, seated

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  5. Translate "set" to Spanish: impostergable, perentorio
    English Synonyms of "set": not extendible, not postponable, that cannot be delayed, that cannot be put off, fixed, not to be put off, peremptory, unpostponable
    Define meaning of "set": Determined or decided upon as by an authority.
  6. Date and place are already determined.
    The dictated terms of surrender.
    The time set for the launching.

  7. Translate "set" to Spanish: preparado
    English Synonyms of "set": prepared, ready, prompt, ready and waiting, ready-made
    Define meaning of "set": Made ready or fit or suitable beforehand. ; Having made preparations.

Verb Conjugation for "set"
Gerund: setting



















will set

will set

will set

will set

will set

will set

Conceptually-related expressions of "set"
account set
all set
antisidetone telephone set
as is all set forth
ASCII character set
association set
at a set time
AT command set
attendant's set
authentication set
automatic send-receive set
backup set
backward set-up
battery set
be all set
be always in front of the TV set
be dead set
be dead set against
be dead set on
be defiantly set against
be hard-set about
be hard set for
be hard-set on
be hard-set to
be set
be set against
be set apart by
be set aside
be set before
be set forth
be set free
be set in
be set on
be set to
be set up
be set up to
be well set
bills in set
bottom-set longline
box set
bubble-gum set
call set-up message
call set-up time
catalog set
CD set
character set
chemistry set
chess set
chime set
chip set
chrome washbasin set
close set hedge
coffee set
cofunctional mode set
collection set
collections and sets clause
column set
combined telephone set
commercial set
common set
complement of a set
complete set
complex instruction set computer
component syringe set
configuration set
copy set
core-logic chip set
correlation set
countable set
counter set
crosstalk measuring set
cruet set
cryptographic set
crystal set
cut set
cutlery set
data collector set
data set
data set deletion
data set ready
data set security
data set utility
deeply set
default result set
denumerable set
design set
destination set
determining set
dial telephone set
dimension set
dinette set
dinner set
document set
double byte character set
double-byte character set
drum set
DVD set
electrician in charge of lighting on a movie or television set
electromagnetic coil wound around the neck of a cathode-ray tube of a television set
empty set
entity set
erector set
exclusive set
extension set
file a motion to set aside
file containing only ASCII set characters
file set descriptor
film set
firmly set
flicks set
fondue set
forks-knives-and-spoons set
form set
forward set-up
fruit set
furniture set
fuzzy set
generating set
greatest lower set
hand set
hand-set telephone
have it all set
have one's eyes set on
have one's eyes set upon
have one's heart set on
have one's heart set upon
have one's mind set on
have the eyes set on
have the eyes set upon
Hayes command set
input set
instruction set
instruction set processor
issuer set margin
it's all set
jet set
key pad set
key pad telephone set
key set
learning set
level measuring set
license set
line finder relay set
local-battery telephone set
loss of integrity of the set
lower bound that is greater than or equal to all the lower bounds of a given set
magneto telephone set
Mandelbrot set
manicure set
manual telephone set
master design set
media set
member set
mental set
Mickey Mouse set-up
microaggregate recipient set
mirrored media set
monitor set
monkey wrench set
monochrome set
Morse set
motion to set aside
motor set
multibyte character set
multicomponent set
multiple active result set
named set
null set
nursing minimum data set
objective set
OEM character set
of set purpose
off-air call set-up
on the set
onion sets
operations on set
option set
ordered set
origin set
partially ordered set
path set-up
perceptual set
permutation of a set S
perseveration set
petition to set aside
postural set
power set
pre-set level
pre-set tolerance
preparatory set
price set by law
property set
pump set
push button set
push-to-talk telephone set
pushbutton telephone set
radio and record player set
radio set
razor set
receiver set
receiving set
recursively enumerable set
reduced instruction set computer
regular set
replica set
resource final set
response set
result set
rigidly set
rivet set
role set
rule set
saw set
screwdriver set
second-set rejection
seed set
seem set fair
sending set
Service Set Identifier
sidetone telephone set
single-byte character set
situation set
skill set
smart set
smelting thermal set
sofa and two chairs set
sound-powered telephone set
source-defined symbol set
source set
spanner set
SSB set
stage set
standby generating set
stimulus set
stress and set
striped media set
subscriber line and telephone set testing
subscriber set
subscriber telephone set
symbol set
synonym set
tab set
tea set
telegraph set
telephone-answering set
telephone set
television receiving set
television set
television set tuner
telex set-up procedure
template set
tennis set won 6-0
terminating set
test and set
the jet set
the matter will be set
the smart set
thing or element that is set apart
toilet set
toilette set
train set
training data set
transistor set
transmitting set
TV set
updated set
vacuum set
void set
volume set
wall telephone set
Web Parts control set
welding set
well-ordered set
when the evening sets in
wireless set
with no set plan
with rope and a set-square
with set sails
within the limits set by law
within the terms set by law
working set
zero set
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