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set up  Verb
  1. Translate "set up" to Spanish: establecer, acondicionar, erigir, configurar, constituir, instalar, instaurar, sentar las bases de, aparar, plantar
    English Synonyms of "set up": establish, institute, set, enact, form, found, set down
    Define meaning of "set up": Make ready or suitable or equip in advance for a particular purpose or for some use, event, etc.; Put into a proper or systematic order. ; Set up for use. ; Produce.; Construct, build, or erect. ; Begin, or enable someone else to begin, a venture by providing the means, logistics, etc. ; Set up or found.
  2. They set up the rules, Ellos plantaron el reglamento.
    Get the children ready for school!
    Prepare for war.
    I was fixing to leave town after I paid the hotel bill.
    Arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order.
    Install the washer and dryer.
    We put in a new sink.
    The scientists set up a shockwave.
    Raise a barn.
    Set up an election.
    She set up a literacy program.

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  3. Translate "set up" to Spanish: instalar, armar
    English Synonyms of "set up": assemble, install, put together, fit out, mount, piece up, instal, lay on
    Define meaning of "set up": Get ready for a particular purpose or event. ; Erect and fasten. ; Set up for use. ; Make by putting pieces together.
  4. Set up an experiment.
    Set the table.
    Lay out the tools for the surgery.
    Pitch a tent.
    Install the washer and dryer.
    We put in a new sink.
    She pieced a quilt.
    He tacked together some verses.

  5. Translate "set up" to Spanish: hacer caer en una trampa, armar una trampa a, poner una trampa a, tender una celada
    English Synonyms of "set up": set a trap for, ambush, frame, lay a trap for, lay a trap to incriminate, lure into a trap, make fall into a trap, ambuscade, frame up, fit up
    Define meaning of "set up": Take or catch as if in a snare or trap.
  6. I was set up!
    The innocent man was framed by the police.

  7. Translate "set up" to Spanish: buscar una pareja para, hacer gancho a
    English Synonyms of "set up": get a date for

  8. Translate "set up" to Spanish: ensamblar
    English Synonyms of "set up": assemble, piece together, put together, fit together, install, join together
    Define meaning of "set up": Make by putting pieces together.

  9. Translate "set up" to Spanish: integrar
    English Synonyms of "set up": assemble, constitute, form, institute, articulate, desegregate, integrate, make
    Define meaning of "set up": Make by putting pieces together.

  10. Translate "set up" to Spanish: establecerse, asentarse
    English Synonyms of "set up": settle down, become established, establish oneself, get a footing, set in, settle, settle in, take up residence
    Define meaning of "set up": Become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style. ; Become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation.

  11. Translate "set up" to Spanish: preparar
    English Synonyms of "set up": adapt, draw up, fit up, fix, fix up, make ready, prepare, get ready
    Define meaning of "set up": Make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose.

  12. Translate "set up" to Spanish: preparar y maniobrar para estafar
    English Synonyms of "set up": prepare and maneuver for swindling

set up  Adjective
  1. Translate "set up" to Spanish: satisfecho
    English Synonyms of "set up": content, satisfied, contented, fulfilled, bucked, gratified, in high cotton, in tall cotton, pleased, chuffed

  2. Translate "set up" to Spanish: exaltado
    English Synonyms of "set up": elated, exalted, impassioned, proud
    Define meaning of "set up": Exultantly proud and joyful; in high spirits. ; Full of high-spirited delight.

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