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run down  Verb
  1. Translate "run down" to Spanish: bajar en carrera, bajar corriendo, bajar a toda pastilla
    English Synonyms of "run down": bolt down, dash down, run downstairs, rush down
    Define meaning of "run down": Move downward.
  2. The water ran down.

  3. Translate "run down" to Spanish: descomponerse
    English Synonyms of "run down": break, break down, go bad, fall into disrepair, get broken, go out of order, go blooey

  4. Translate "run down" to Spanish: atropellar
    English Synonyms of "run down": drive over, run over, drive into, knock over, ride down, trample
    Define meaning of "run down": Injure or kill by running over, as with a vehicle.

  5. Translate "run down" to Spanish: bajar corriendo por, bajar corriendo, bajar en carrera, bajar en carrera por
    English Synonyms of "run down": dash down, bolt down, run pell-mell down, rush down

  6. Translate "run down" to Spanish: descargarse, dejar de funcionar, agotarse
    English Synonyms of "run down": break down, bust, die off, get busted, get discharged, go dead, go out of action, stop working
    Define meaning of "run down": Stop operating or functioning.
  7. The car battery ran low, La batería del auto se agotó.

  8. Translate "run down" to Spanish: perseguir hasta capturar, dar captura a
    English Synonyms of "run down": capture, catch
    Define meaning of "run down": Pursue until captured.
  9. The police ran down the criminal, La policía capturó al criminal.
    They ran down the fugitive.

  10. Translate "run down" to Spanish: extenuarse, desgastarse
    English Synonyms of "run down": get weak, lose strength, become excessively tired, languish, lose too much energy, waste away
    Define meaning of "run down": Use up all one's strength and energy and stop working.
  11. At the end of the march, I pooped out.

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  12. Translate "run down" to Spanish: correr por, deslizarse por
    English Synonyms of "run down": bowl along, roll down, slide through, thread one's way through, wriggle through, thread
  13. Sweat was running down his face, El sudor corría por su cara.

  14. Translate "run down" to Spanish: descargar
    English Synonyms of "run down": discharge

  15. Translate "run down" to Spanish: criticar fuertemente, apocar, decir pestes de, hablar pestes de, poner por los suelos, poner verde a
    English Synonyms of "run down": censure, attack, batter, come down on, criticize adversely, criticize harshly, criticize severely, fall down on, criticize
    Define meaning of "run down": Rebuke formally.

  16. Translate "run down" to Spanish: agotar, estresar en exceso
    English Synonyms of "run down": exhaust, tire, drain, drain out, spend, tire out, wear down, wear out
    Define meaning of "run down": Deplete.
  17. Ese ruido me agota, That noise is running me down.
    Exhaust one's savings.
    We quickly played out our strength.

  18. Translate "run down" to Spanish: recortar poco a poco
    English Synonyms of "run down": reduce gradually

  19. Translate "run down" to Spanish: denigrar
    English Synonyms of "run down": insult, offend, defame, denigrate, disparage, put down, revile, smear
    Define meaning of "run down": Treat, mention, or speak to rudely.

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