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From the English verb rip:
ripping is:

ripping  Noun
  1. Translate "ripping" to Spanish: extracción digital del audio
    English Synonyms of "ripping": digital audio extraction, process of copying audio or video data from one media form to a hard disk

  2. Translate "ripping" to Spanish: labranza con subsolador

  3. Translate "ripping" to Spanish: desgarramiento
    English Synonyms of "ripping": tearing, tearing apart, lancination, rending

ripping  Adjective
  1. Translate "ripping" to Spanish: excelente, admirable, espléndido, formidable
    English Synonyms of "ripping": cool, excellent, great, outstanding, A-class, A-one, blue-ribbon, awesome, first-rate
    Define meaning of "ripping": Fashionable and attractive at the time; often skilled or socially adept.

  2. Translate "ripping" to Spanish: como de desgarramiento, desgarrante, que suena parecido a un desgarramiento
    English Synonyms of "ripping": tearing, rending, resembling a sound of violent tearing
    Define meaning of "ripping": Resembling a sound of violent tearing as of something ripped apart or lightning splitting a tree.
  3. The tree split with a great ripping sound.
    Heard a rending roar as the crowd surged forward.

rip  Verb
Plural: rips
  1. Translate "rip" to Spanish: desgarrar, rasgar, rasgar con fuerza
    English Synonyms of "rip": break up into shreds, rend, rip apart, rip off, rip open, rip up, tear
    Define meaning of "rip": Tear or be torn violently.
  2. The curtain ripped from top to bottom.
    Pull the cooked chicken into strips.

  3. Translate "rip" to Spanish: serrar al hilo
    English Synonyms of "rip": ripsaw, saw with the grain
    Define meaning of "rip": Cut (wood) along the grain.

  4. Translate "rip" to Spanish: rasgarse, desgarrarse, romperse
    English Synonyms of "rip": become frayed, become rent, get rent, get torn, rend, tear apart
    Define meaning of "rip": Tear or be torn violently.
  5. The curtain ripped from top to bottom.
    Pull the cooked chicken into strips.

  6. Translate "rip" to Spanish: acelerar
    English Synonyms of "rip": accelerate, pick up speed, speed, speed up, gather speed, get up speed, hasten, hit the gas, get a move on
    Define meaning of "rip": Move faster. ; Cause to move faster.

rip  Noun
  1. Translate "rip" to Spanish: rasgón, desgarradura, desgarre, desgarro, desgarrón, rajón, rasgadura, rota
    English Synonyms of "rip": rent, rupture, tear, rend
    Define meaning of "rip": The act of rending or ripping or splitting something. ; An opening made forcibly as by pulling apart.
  2. He gave the envelope a vigorous rip.
    There was a rip in his pants.
    She had snags in her stockings.

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  3. Translate "rip" to Spanish: descosido
    English Synonyms of "rip": rip in a piece of cloth, split seam
    Define meaning of "rip": An opening made forcibly as by pulling apart.
  4. There was a rip in his pants.
    She had snags in her stockings.

  5. Translate "rip" to Spanish: aguas revueltas
    English Synonyms of "rip": rip tide, riptide, rough water
    Define meaning of "rip": A stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current.

  6. Translate "rip" to Spanish: persona disoluta, mala persona, mal bicho
    English Synonyms of "rip": bad lot, dissolute person, libertine, person in whom one cannot trust, debauchee, profligate, rake, bad person
    Define meaning of "rip": Person in whom one cannot trust.; A dissolute man in fashionable society.

  7. Translate "rip" to Spanish: jamelgo, caballejo, rocín, caballo cacreco, caballo cholenco, matalón, penco, ruco
    English Synonyms of "rip": crock, nag, worn-out old horse, hack, jade, worn-out horse, knacker, moke

  8. Translate "Rip" to Spanish: Rip

  9. Translate "rip" to Spanish: libertino
    English Synonyms of "rip": dissolute person, libertine, licentious person, man of pleasure, debauchee, hell-raiser, profligate, ladies' man

  10. Translate "rip" to Spanish: insulto
    English Synonyms of "rip": insult, affront, oath, outrage, term of abuse, contumely, dis, revilement
    Define meaning of "rip": A deliberately offensive act or something producing the effect of an affront. ; A rude expression intended to offend or hurt.

  11. Translate "rip" to Spanish: alegría
    English Synonyms of "rip": cheer, joy, brightness, cheerfulness, cheeriness, glee, good cheer, joyousness
    Define meaning of "rip": The quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom.

  12. Translate "rip" to Spanish: intento
    English Synonyms of "rip": attempt, smack, whack, fling, go, intent, try, bash
    Define meaning of "rip": Earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something.

  13. Translate "rip" to Spanish: menor cantidad
    English Synonyms of "rip": smallest quantity

  14. Translate "rip" to Spanish: robo
    English Synonyms of "rip": robbery, stealing, theft, break-in, burglary, holdup, larceny, rip-off, stick-up
    Define meaning of "rip": Larceny by threat of violence. ; Plundering during riots or in wartime.

  15. Translate "RIP" to Spanish: protocolo de información de enrutamiento, protocolo de la RFC 1058 para el intercambio de información de enrutamiento de enrutadores, RIP
    English Synonyms of "RIP": routing information protocol, RFC 1058 for the exchange of routing information of routers

  16. Translate "RIP" to Spanish: proteínas inactivadoras del ribosoma
    English Synonyms of "RIP": ribosome-inactivating proteins

  17. Translate "RIP" to Spanish: RIP

  18. Translate "RIP" to Spanish: Procesador de Imagen de Ráster, combinación de software y hardware que convierte una imagen de vector en una imagen de mapa de bits
    English Synonyms of "RIP": Raster Image Processor, combination of software and hardware that converts a vector image in a bitmap image

Verb Conjugation for "rip"
Gerund: ripping



















will rip

will rip

will rip

will rip

will rip

will rip

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