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resistance  Noun
Plural: resistances
  1. Translate "resistance" to Spanish: resistencia, aguante, fuerza para resistir, poder de permanencia, poder de mantenimiento
    English Synonyms of "resistance": strength, endurance, backbone, capacity for enduring or sustaining hardship, capacity of a person to overcome adversity, capacity to endure, hardiness, stamina, staying power, guts
    Define meaning of "resistance": The degree of unresponsiveness of a disease-causing microorganism to antibiotics or other drugs (as in penicillin-resistant bacteria). ; The condition in which an organism can resist disease.

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  3. Translate "resistance" to Spanish: resistencia, oposición
    English Synonyms of "resistance": reluctance, opposition
    Define meaning of "resistance": The action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with. ; The military action of resisting the enemy's advance. ; An unwillingness to bring repressed feelings into conscious awareness. ; Any mechanical force that tends to retard or oppose motion.
  4. He encountered a general feeling of resistance from many citizens.
    Despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead.
    The enemy offered little resistance.

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  5. Translate "resistance" to Spanish: resistencia, resistencia eléctrica, resistencia a la corriente eléctrica, resistencia óhmica
    English Synonyms of "resistance": ohmic resistance, resistance to the electric current, electrical resistance
    Define meaning of "resistance": Resistance to the electric current. ; An electrical device that resists the flow of electrical current. ; A material's opposition to the flow of electric current; measured in ohms.

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  7. Translate "resistance" to Spanish: defensas, anticuerpos
    English Synonyms of "resistance": defences, defenses, antibodies

  8. Translate "resistance" to Spanish: resistencia, obstrucción de un conductor al paso de la corriente eléctrica
    English Synonyms of "resistance": obstruction of a conductor to the passage of electricity

  9. Translate "resistance" to Spanish: oposición al ingreso de un sentimiento reprimido
    English Synonyms of "resistance": opposition to the entry of a repressed feeling

Conceptually-related expressions of "resistance"
abrasion resistance
acaricide resistance
acid alcohol resistance
active resistance exercise
active resistance training
air discharge resistance
air-flow resistance
air resistance
airway resistance
androgen resistance
antenna radiation resistance
antenna resistance
bacterial resistance
bacteriophage resistance
basal resistance level
beta-lactamase resistance
bleeder resistance
capillary resistance test
cerebral vascular resistance
charging resistance
climate resistance
coefficient of rolling resistance
cold resistance
cold resistance threshold
collection of symtoms for metabolic dysfunction and mild insulin resistance
concerted closing of all shops and stopping of work as a form of civil disobedience or passive resistance
conscious resistance
constitutive resistance
consumer resistance
corrosion resistance
cross resistance
cross resistance
damping resistance
decade resistance box
diffusion resistance
direct resistance coupling
disease resistance
drought resistance
drug resistance
dryness resistance
dynamic contact resistance
Earth resistance
ego resistance
electrical resistance
electrical resistance meter
encounter fierce resistance
equivalent resistance error
expiratory resistance
external resistance
fatigue resistance
feign resistance
fire resistance
flow resistance
follow the line of least resistance
forward resistance
frost resistance
fulling resistance
fungicide resistance
genetic resistance
go without resistance
graduated resistance exercise
ground resistance
heat resistance
hemolytic resistance
herbicide resistance
horizontal resistance
hydraulic resistance
id resistance
impact resistance
index of resistance
induced resistance
insecticide resistance
insulation resistance
insulin resistance
insulin resistance syndrome
internal resistance
leaf diffusion resistance
least resistance
least-resistance site
let oneself be led without resistance
line of least resistance
line of resistance
manner of putting up resistance
mechanical strain resistance
mechanical stress resistance
multidrug resistance
multiple drug resistance
mutual resistance
nematicide resistance
nonspecific resistance
offer resistance
offer resistance to
ohmic resistance
osmotic resistance test
oxidation resistance
palmar resistance
passive resistance
peripheral resistance
pest resistance
pesticide resistance
piece de resistance
pocket of resistance
progressive resistance exercise
pull resistance
pulmonary arteriolar resistance
pulmonary vascular resistance
puncture resistance
put a show of resistance
put up a resistance
put up resistance
radiation resistance
rodenticide resistance
rolling resistance
sales resistance
salt resistance
skid resistance
skodaic resistance
slip resistance
social resistance
specific resistance
stator-resistance starter
stomatal resistance
superego resistance
surrender without resistance
synaptic resistance
systemic vascular resistance
take the line of least resistance
temperature resistance
total peripheral resistance
transference resistance
tripping resistance
unconscious resistance
vapor diffusion resistance
vapour diffusion resistance
varietal resistance
vertical resistance
vital resistance
water flow resistance
wear resistance
which does not offer resistance
which doesn't offer resistance
wind resistance
wing resistance
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