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reception  Noun
Plural: receptions
  1. Translate "reception" to Spanish: recepción, bienvenida, recibimiento, acogida, acogimiento
    English Synonyms of "reception": welcome, acceptance, admission, response
    Define meaning of "reception": The act of receiving. ; The manner in which something is greeted.
  2. She did not expect the cold reception she received from her superiors.

  3. Translate "reception" to Spanish: recepción, recepción de radio
    English Synonyms of "reception": radio reception
    Define meaning of "reception": Conversion of radio waves or electric signals. ; Quality or fidelity of a received broadcast.

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  5. Translate "reception" to Spanish: fiesta de recepción, recepción
    English Synonyms of "reception": welcome, welcome party, reception party, function
    Define meaning of "reception": A formal party of people; as after a wedding.

  6. Translate "reception" to Spanish: área de espera, recepción, sala de recibo
    English Synonyms of "reception": reception room, waiting room, entrance hall, receiving room, sitting room, lobby
    Define meaning of "reception": A room for receiving and entertaining visitors (as in a private house or hotel).

  7. Translate "reception" to Spanish: recepción del hotel, recepción
    English Synonyms of "reception": hotel front desk, reception desk at the hotel, reservation desk, counter, front desk, hotel reception desk, reception desk

reception  Adjective
  1. Translate "reception" to Spanish: recepcionista

Conceptually-related expressions of "reception"
aural reception
autodyne reception
beta reception
blow one's money on a reception
broadcasting reception
car reception
chilly reception
coherent diversity reception
cold reception
community reception
compatible monophonic reception
cool reception
daytime reception
differentially coherent reception
discontinuous reception
discrepancy between the transmission and reception rates
diversity reception
domestic reception
dual diversity reception
exalted-carrier reception
FM reception
frequency diversity reception
get a cold reception
get a warm reception
give a reception to
ground-wave reception
hall in the palace of an Indian prince in which audiences and receptions occurred
heterodyne reception
high-quality reception
homodine reception
homodyne reception
hotel reception desk
immediate call reception
impressive political reception
individual reception
individual reception equipment
intercarrier reception
invalid reception
ionospheric-scatter reception
king-like reception
local carrier reception
milk reception
monaural reception
monophonic reception
Morse telegraphy for aural reception
multi-dimensional sound reception
multipath reception
multiple diversity reception
non-coherent reception
non-diversity reception
off-line reception
on-line reception
overall reception quality
panoramic reception
primary grade of reception quality
radar astronomy reception
radio reception
reconditioned carrier reception
regenerative reception
secondary grade of reception quality
single-sideband reception
sky-wave reception
space diversity reception
speech-reception threshold
split-carrier reception
standard protocol of email reception
stereo reception
super-regenerative reception
superheterodyne reception
switching diversity reception
television reception
voting reception center
voting reception table
warm reception
wedding reception
zero-beat reception
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