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radical  Noun
Plural: radicals
  1. Translate "radical" to Spanish: fanático, radical
    English Synonyms of "radical": extremist, fanatic, holder of extreme views, hothead, overzealous individual, overzealous person
    Define meaning of "radical": A person who has radical ideas or opinions.

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  3. Translate "radical" to Spanish: raíz, radical, raíz de la palabra
    English Synonyms of "radical": root, stem, stem of the word
    Define meaning of "radical": The form of a word after all affixes are removed.
  4. Thematic vowels are part of the stem.

  5. Translate "radical" to Spanish: iconoclasta, radical
    English Synonyms of "radical": die-hard, diehard, dissenter, extremist, iconoclast, nonconformist, person who stands against social conventions, unconventionalist

  6. Translate "radical" to Spanish: radical
    English Synonyms of "radical": radicle

radical  Adjective
  1. Translate "radical" to Spanish: radical, comunista, de extrema izquierda, izquierdista, radicalista
    English Synonyms of "radical": communist, bolshevistik, communistic, extreme-left, extreme leftist, left-wing, red, bolshie, bolshy
    Define meaning of "radical": Relating to or marked by communism.

  2. Translate "radical" to Spanish: radical, de ultranza
    English Synonyms of "radical": extreme, dogged, obstinate, stark, utmost, uttermost, stubborn
    Define meaning of "radical": Far beyond the norm.
  3. Extremist political views.
    Radical opinions on education.
    An ultra conservative.

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  4. Translate "radical" to Spanish: radical, total, completo
    English Synonyms of "radical": complete, extreme, fanatical, total, root-and-branch, utter
    Define meaning of "radical": Without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers.

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