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quality  Noun
Plural: qualities
  1. Translate "quality" to Spanish: calidad, modalidad
    English Synonyms of "quality": manner, mode, way, character, nature, chop, grade
    Define meaning of "quality": A characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something.
  2. Each town has a quality all its own.
    The radical character of our demands.

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  3. Translate "quality" to Spanish: cualidad, característica
    English Synonyms of "quality": aspect, attribute, characteristic, feature, distinctive feature, distinguishing feature, hallmark
    Define meaning of "quality": An essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone. ; A characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something.
  4. Each town has a quality all its own.
    The radical character of our demands.

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  5. Translate "quality" to Spanish: categoría, calidad
    English Synonyms of "quality": category, class, grade, kind, rank, bracket, stature
    Define meaning of "quality": A general concept that marks divisions or coordinations in a conceptual scheme. ; A collection of things sharing a common attribute.

  6. Translate "quality" to Spanish: calidad, buena calidad
    English Synonyms of "quality": good quality, excellence
    Define meaning of "quality": A degree or grade of excellence or worth.
  7. The quality of students has risen.
    An executive of low caliber.

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  8. Translate "quality" to Spanish: calidad
    English Synonyms of "quality": quality, chop, grade
    Define meaning of "quality": A characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something.

Conceptually-related expressions of "quality"
a quality
acceptable quality level
air quality
air quality control
air quality monitoring
American Society for Quality Control
antiknock quality
article of inferior quality
asset quality
attractive quality
automatic observation of the service quality
average quality
bad quality
bad quality foods
bad quality hotel
bad-quality object
bad-quality product
baking quality
bank quality
barrack built with low-quality materials
be choice quality
be first-class quality
be of an inferior quality
be of bad quality
be of good quality
be top quality
beam quality
beef quality
bestow as if it were of good quality
bond quality ratings
brand name of certified good quality
brewing quality
bulkiness in quantity and quality
canning quality
cavernous breathing with vesicular quality
certificate of quality
cheap, low quality heroin
cheese quality
childlike quality
circuit quality factor
circuit quality monitoring
cocaine of high quality
cooking quality
credit quality
crop quality
cucumber of poor quality
data signal quality detection
decrease in quality
determine the quality
distinctive quality
draft quality
dramatic quality
drying quality
eat food of poor quality
educational quality
egg quality
egg shell quality
environmental quality
environmental quality criterion
essential identifying quality
estimate the quality of
estimated quality
European Foundation for Quality Management
excellent quality
fair average quality
fiber quality
first-quality goods
first quality paper
first-quality product
first-quality supplies
five-grade quality scale
flight to quality
food processing quality
food quality
forage quality
freezing quality
good quality
good-quality product
good quality tobacco
graded quality
groundwater quality
group of French vineyards producing wine of high quality
group of vineyards producing wine of high quality
guarantee of quality
have the quality of
heroin of high quality
high quality
high-quality magazine
high quality material
high-quality milk
high quality protein
high-quality reception
high-quality silage
high quality stock
hopping quality
human quality
ignition quality
impairment in video quality
imported oak of fine quality
improvement of water quality
in favor of the removal of low-quality articles
in quality of
in the quality of
indefinable quality
individualizing quality
industrial processing quality
inferior in quality
inferior-quality leftover
inherent quality
intrinsic quality
juice quality
keeping quality
lacking in quality
Latin American Laboratory for Education Quality Assessment
lend a supernatural quality to
letter quality
letter quality printer
link quality monitoring
lose quality
loss in quality
low quality
low-quality book
low-quality coal
low quality silk
lower in quality
malting quality
manual observation of the service quality
marginally commercial circuit quality
meat quality
melon of poor quality
merchantable quality
milk quality
milling quality
National Committee for Quality Assurance
near letter quality
noncumulative quality discount
nutritional quality
of average quality
of high quality
of inferior quality
of low quality
of mediocre quality
of poor quality
of the best quality
of the highest quality
of the very best quality
of very bad quality
of wretched quality
organoleptic quality
overall reception quality
overall speech quality
peculiar quality
perceptible reduction in the quality
person of superlative quality
person of the highest quality
person who composes rhymes or verses especially of inferior quality
pickling quality
picture quality
plant quality
poor in quality
poor quality
poor-quality leather
poor quality wine
popping quality
price defines quality
primary grade of reception quality
prime quality
print quality
printer with photographic impression quality
prize quality
processing quality
product of quality
product quality
protein quality
put quality before looks
questionable quality
received signal quality
reception quality
refrangible quality
Regional Plan for Drinking Water Quality
reproduction quality
salting quality
sanitary quality
seal of quality
second-quality articles
second-quality product
secondary grade of reception quality
seed quality
semi-automatic observation of the service quality
service observation of the service quality
service quality metrics
signal quality detection
silage quality
smoking quality
software quality assurance
soil quality
someone of excellent quality
something of excellent quality
something of very poor quality
sound of broadcasting quality
sound of commercial quality
station quality
statistical quality control
stopped diapason of a droning quality
storage quality
striking quality
subjective picture quality
subjective speech quality measurement
sugar extracting quality
superior quality
superior quality tobacco
surface quality
test for quality
thing of superlative quality
thing of the highest quality
third-quality product
tonal quality
Total Quality Management
trademark with official approval as to quality
transporting quality
use of personal computers to produce high-quality documents
useless quality
very bad quality
voice quality
waste from coal mines consisting of coal dust and screenings and used as a poor quality fuel
waste water quality
water quality
water quality directive
water quality management
watermelon of poor quality
with a bad quality
worst quality
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