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put up  Verb
  1. Translate "put up" to Spanish: levantar, poner arriba, subir
    English Synonyms of "put up": raise, bring up, carry up, lift up, pull up, raise up, take up, lift
    Define meaning of "put up": Raise in rank or condition. ; Bring (a surface, a design, etc.) into relief and cause to project. ; Construct, build, or erect. ; Move upwards. ; Raise from a lower to a higher position.

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  3. Translate "put up" to Spanish: erigir, construir
    English Synonyms of "put up": erect, build, raise, set up, edify, make, rear, construct
    Define meaning of "put up": Construct, build, or erect.
  4. Raise a barn.

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  5. Translate "put up" to Spanish: alojar, hospedar, dar alojamiento
    English Synonyms of "put up": accommodate, board, house, keep, lodge, make room for
    Define meaning of "put up": Provide housing for.
  6. The immigrants were housed in a new development outside the town.

  7. Translate "put up" to Spanish: colgar, fijar, pegar
    English Synonyms of "put up": stick, attach, fasten, fix, secure, stick on, fixate
    Define meaning of "put up": Stick to firmly.; Fasten with an adhesive material like glue.
  8. Missy put up a painting of hers, Missy colgó un cuadro de ella.

  9. Translate "put up" to Spanish: invertir, participar con
    English Synonyms of "put up": invest, participate with
    Define meaning of "put up": Provide.
  10. They put up a lot of effort, Ellos invirtieron mucho esfuerzo.
    The city has to put up half the required amount.

  11. Translate "put up" to Spanish: guardar en preserva
    English Synonyms of "put up": preserve
    Define meaning of "put up": Preserve in a can or tin.
  12. Tinned foods are not very tasty.

  13. Translate "put up" to Spanish: empaquetar, embalar
    English Synonyms of "put up": pack, package, parcel up, bale, crate, parcel
    Define meaning of "put up": Arrange in a container.

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  15. Translate "put up" to Spanish: invertir, colocar, hacer una inversión de
    English Synonyms of "put up": place, invest, make an investment of
    Define meaning of "put up": Make an investment.

  16. Translate "put up" to Spanish: adelantar
    English Synonyms of "put up": put forward, advance, propose, put forth, set ahead, set forth, set forward
    Define meaning of "put up": Propose as a candidate for some honor.

  17. Translate "put up" to Spanish: poner en alto, poner a la vista, levantar
    English Synonyms of "put up": exhibit, expose, hoist up, raise, show, unhide, upbear
    Define meaning of "put up": Put up.
  18. Post a sign.
    Post a warning at the dump.

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  19. Translate "put up" to Spanish: alojarse
    English Synonyms of "put up": lodge, room, room in, stay in, stop over, take lodge, take lodgings, be a guest, be lodged
    Define meaning of "put up": Be a lodger; stay temporarily.

  20. Translate "put up" to Spanish: contribuir
    English Synonyms of "put up": give, contribute, contribute with, collaborate with, fork out, fork over, fork up
    Define meaning of "put up": Proffer (a body part). ; Dedicate. ; Allow to have or take. ; Give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause. ; Convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow. ; Bestow. ; Bring about. ; Bring about. ; Organize or be responsible for. ; Transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody. ; Leave with; give temporarily. ; Place into the hands or custody of. ; Tell or deposit (information) knowledge.; Contribute to some cause. ; Bestow, especially officially. ; Be the cause or source of. ; Endure the loss of. ; Deliver in exchange or recompense.

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