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production  Noun
Plural: productions
  1. Translate "production" to Spanish: producción, elaboración, manufactura, explotación, fabricación, industrialización, obra, obraje, realización
    English Synonyms of "production": output, net quantity of produce yielded, produce, turn-out, turn-over, turnout
    Define meaning of "production": The creation of value or wealth by producing goods and services.; Manufacturing or mining or growing something (usually in large quantities) for sale. ; The quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time).
  2. John scored a goal against Tito, Juan le metió un gol a Tito.
    He introduced more efficient methods of production.
    Production was up in the second quarter.

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  3. Translate "production" to Spanish: producción
    Define meaning of "production": A presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television.
  4. Have you seen the new production of Hamlet?

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  5. Translate "production" to Spanish: rendimiento, salida
    English Synonyms of "production": output, efficiency, performance, turn-over, yield, outturn, return
    Define meaning of "production": The quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time).
  6. Production was up in the second quarter.

  7. Translate "production" to Spanish: producción, cultivo
    English Synonyms of "production": growing, cultivation
  8. The production [growing] of fruits, El cultivo de las frutas.

  9. Translate "production" to Spanish: puesta en escena
    English Synonyms of "production": put-on, staging, act of producing, inscenation, mise en scene, montage, putting up
    Define meaning of "production": A ludicrous or grotesque act done for fun and amusement.

Conceptually-related expressions of "production"
adaptation of production
adjustment of production
agricultural production
anarchy of production
animal production
annual production
assembly-line production
at full production
automatic production
automobile production
average daily production
award given to a meritorious off-Broadway production
batch production
batch-type production
beef production
bench scale production
benefits of large scale production
biannual production
biological production
biomass production
broiler production
calf production
cartel for limitation of production
cartel to limit production
cash production
chick production
chief electrician on a motion-picture or television production
Cobb-Douglas production function
commercial production
commodity production
Complete Production Services
concentration of production
consumerize production
continuous production
cost of production
cost on a production
cough with phlegm production
cow in production
crop production
cumulative production
current production
current production rate
cut-flower production
daily machine production
daily production
difference between production capacity and actual production
direct production
director of production
domestic production
efficiency-oriented production
egg production
elasticity of production
energy production
ethanol production
ethylene production
excessive milk production
excessive production
expenditure incurred prior to full production
extensive production
factor of production
factors of production
final production
fish production
fix production quotas
fixed factors of production
flow-line production
flow of production
flow production
flush production
foal production
fodder production
food production
gang production
gas production
global capital production
gold production
grain production
grass production
guaranteed production
heat production
Hemispheric Round-table for Cleaner Production
home production
household production
hybrid seed production
in full production
in the middle of the production
increase in production
indirect production
industrial production
industrial production index
industrial production statistics
inelasticity of production
installed production capacity
intensive production
intermittent production
joint production
joint production costs
kid production
kit production
lamb production
large-scale production
line of production
line production
loan production office
local production
location of production
lost production
magnitude production
make a big production out of
market-oriented production
mass production
mass-production method
meat production
merger of companies controlling successive stages in production
methane production
milk production
milk-production characteristic
milk production cost
National Cleaner Production Center
national production
nonmarket production
normal production
of the production line
offshore production
oil production
on-farm production
optimum production
organized obstruction of production
out of production
pair production
pair production absorption
pattern of production
period of production
person who finances theatrical production
piglet production
pilot plant scale production
pilot production
Plains Exploration and Production
planned production
plant production
poor and unsuccessful production
Post-production system
potential production
pre-production model
predetermined production
preset production
process and production methods
production-efficiency-oriented production
progeny production
pulpwood production
putting land into production
quantity production
range of production
rate of production
ratio production
red cell production
relative to production
resource-oriented production
responsiveness of production
rock music of independent production
roundabout methods of production
rundown of activity production
schedule of production
scheduled production
secondary production
seed production
semen production
semiannual production
serial production
shortfall in production
silk production industry
small-batch production
solar energy production
sound production
specialization of production
speech production
spending-production lag
stage production
standard production
standardized production
steam production
step up production
steroid production rate
Systems Production Division
tenth part of one's income or crop or net production
that increases urine production
theoretical production
time scale production
toll production
total production
total production cost
touring production
trial production
turkey egg production
Ubu Productions
unit of production
unit production cost
units-of-production method
value of production
voice production
volume of production
volume production
wine production
wool production
work on the production line
Working Group on Cleaner Production
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