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path  Noun
Plural: paths
  1. Translate "path" to Spanish: ruta, camino, curso, sendero, derrotero, senda, trayecto, trayectoria, trocha, ceja, picada
    English Synonyms of "path": route, way, direction, road, course, pathway, trend, flow, line, track, pad
    Define meaning of "path": A course of conduct. ; A way especially designed for a particular use. ; An established line of travel or access.; A line or route along which something travels or moves.
  2. The path of virtue.
    We went our separate ways.
    Our paths in life led us apart.
    Genius usually follows a revolutionary path.
    The hurricane demolished houses in its path.
    The track of an animal.
    The course of the river.

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  3. Translate "path" to Spanish: ruta, ruta entre dos puntos o nodos en una red, ruta entre puntos dentro de una estructura organizada, trayectoria
    English Synonyms of "path": link, route between points within an organized structure, route between two points or nodes in a network

  4. Translate "path" to Spanish: itinerario
    English Synonyms of "path": detailed plan for a trip, itinerary, route

  5. Translate "path" to Spanish: habitación
    English Synonyms of "path": chamber, hall, room, cave, cub, kennel
    Define meaning of "path": A room used primarily for sleeping.

  6. Translate "path" to Spanish: lista de directorios donde el sistema operativo busca archivos ejecutables
    English Synonyms of "path": directory list where the OS searches for executable files

  7. Translate "path" to Spanish: secuencia de símbolos y nombres identificando a un archivo
    English Synonyms of "path": sequence of symbols and names identifying a file

  8. Translate "path" to Spanish: nombre de ruta, nombre de la ubicación de un archivo en un directorio estratificado
    English Synonyms of "path": pathname, name of a file location in a stratified directory

Conceptually-related expressions of "path"
absolute path
adjustment path
air-ground path
away from the path
basic path attenuation
basic transmission loss for the path
Bay Path College
be off the beaten path
be on the right path
beat a path
beat a path to
beat a path toward
beat out a path
beaten path
bicycle path
bike path
blade path
blaze a path
blood path
bridle path
career path
cattle path
clear line-of-sight path
clipping path
communication path
condyle path
convergent path
coupling path
critical path
critical path accounting
critical-path analysis
critical path method
critical path planning
crossed-path geometry
custom path expression
cycle path
deviate from the path of
digital line path
digital path
digital radio path
direct path
direct propagation path
diversity path
down-path band
down-path interference
down-path margin
down-path power
down-path sensitivity
draw a red herring across the path
droplet path
Earth-to-satellite path
Earth-to-space path
echo path
effective distance of path
effective great circle path profile
effective propagation path length
end point of the path
equilibrium path
equivalent absorption path
equivalent path theorem
err from the path of
extremity of the path
far from the path
final common path
find the path to
fixed-satellite up-path band
flight path
footworn path
free to follow her own path
free to follow his own path
garden path
generated occlusal path
glide path
glide-path angle
glide-path landing
go on the wrong path
go the straight and narrow path
gravel path
great circle path
gross path attenuation
ground-ground path
growth path
half-way down the path
hypothetical reference digital path
incisal path
instrument landing system glide path
interfering down-path carrier
interfering up-path carrier
interpolation between land and SEA paths
intersystem interference path
knife-edge diffraction path
land path
lateral condyle path
layout path
lead down the garden path
lead up to the garden path
lie the path of
line-of-sight path
long-path propagation
magnetic bearing of the path
mail path
major path satellite
mean free path
mid-path position
midpoint of path
milled-in path
mixed path
mixed-path transmission
mixed Zone path
much frequented path
multiple scattering path
narrow path
non-diversity path
non great circle path signal
occlusal path
off-path reflection
off the great circle path
on the right path
on the wrong path
open a path
open-SEA path
Open-Shortest-Path First
open up a path
optical path
optical path length
oversea path
overwhelming force that crushes whatever is in its path
placement path
positive feedback path
predominating path
primrose path
propagation over mixed paths
put in the right path
put on the right path
quasi horizontal path
radio path
ray path
reality lights our path
reciprocal path
regular sky-wave path
relative path clearance
reply path capability
return signaling path
rough path
rugged path
satellite-to-Earth path
satellite-to-satellite path
scan path
scattering path
secondary path
sheep path
short path
shortest-path algorithm
Shortest-Path First
simulated path
single reflection path
sky-wave path
slant path
slightly inclined path
space-to-Earth path
speech path
straight path
switched path system
talking path
tandem path
terrestrial digital path
terrestrial path
the beaten path is the safest
the familiar path is the safest
the straight and narrow path
time path
total path length
transmission loss over the interference path
transmission path
transmission path delay
transmitter optical path
traverse path
tread a path on
tread many paths
trend path
tropospheric-scatter path
two-way Earth-to-space path
up-path band
up-path margin
up-path noise
up-path sensitivity
up-path service
up-path transmission
vertical-path data
vertical polarization on oversea paths
vertical ray path
very complicated path
walking is how one makes a path
well-traveled path
well-travelled path
well-trodden path
without paths
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