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opportunity  Noun
Plural: opportunities
  1. Translate "opportunity" to Spanish: oportunidad, opción
    English Synonyms of "opportunity": case, event, happening, episode, instance, occasion, particular time
    Define meaning of "opportunity": The actual state of things. ; A statement of facts and reasons used to support an argument. ; A problem requiring investigation. ; An occurrence of something. ; A special set of circumstances. ; A specific state of mind that is temporary.

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  3. Translate "opportunity" to Spanish: oportunidad
    English Synonyms of "opportunity": chance, lucky break, shot, turn, kick at the cat
    Define meaning of "opportunity": A possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances.
  4. The holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington.
    Now is your chance.

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  5. Translate "opportunity" to Spanish: chance, posibilidad, facilidad, ocasión, resquicio
    English Synonyms of "opportunity": possibility, chance, instance, likelihood, occasion, opening, outlook, shot
    Define meaning of "opportunity": A possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances.
  6. The holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington.
    Now is your chance.

  7. Translate "opportunity" to Spanish: oportunidad, tiempo oportuno
    English Synonyms of "opportunity": good timing, timing, appositeness, look-in, opportuneness, seasonableness, inning

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Conceptually-related expressions of "opportunity"
afford an opportunity
afford an opportunity to
allow the opportunity
at every opportunity
at the earliest opportunity
at the first opportunity
at the slightest opportunity
balance level of poverty with employment opportunities
be a good opportunity
be ready to take advantage of an opportunity
benefit from the opportunity
benefit from the opportunity to
business opportunity
career opportunities
digital opportunity
discard no opportunity
economic opportunities
educational opportunity
employment opportunity
equal employment opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
Equal Opportunities Commission
equal opportunity
Equal Opportunity Employer
equality of opportunity
Federal Equal Opportunity Law
get the opportunity
give opportunity to
golden opportunity
good opportunity
grasp at an opportunity
great opportunity
have an opportunity
have opportunity to
have the opportunity
have the opportunity to
if the opportunity arises
if the opportunity presents itself
in times of crisis one must look for even the small opportunities
income-earning opportunity
job opportunity
jump at the opportunity
keep an open mind to another opportunities
keep on the lookout for good opportunities
land of opportunity
last opportunity
let an opportunity slip
let the opportunity go
lose an opportunity
lose the opportunity to
lost opportunities
lost opportunity
make the most of the opportunity
market opportunity
miss an opportunity
miss one's opportunity
miss the opportunity
miss the opportunity to
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
once-in-one's-life opportunity
photograph of opportunity
photographic opportunity
promotional opportunity
repricing opportunity
sales forecast opportunity variance
seize an opportunity
seize the opportunity
seize the opportunity to
snatch an opportunity
take advantage of an opportunity
take an opportunity
take good advantage of the opportunity
take hold of the opportunity
take the opportunity
take the opportunity to
take this opportunity to
The Land of Opportunity State
the means and the opportunity
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
unique opportunity
United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
wait for a more favorable opportunity
waste an opportunity
waste the opportunity
when the opportunity appears
when the opportunity comes
window of opportunities
window of opportunity
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