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next  Adjective
  1. Translate "next" to Spanish: siguiente, entrante, próximo, que prosigue, subsiguiente, venidero
    English Synonyms of "next": arriving, coming, following, approaching, incoming, reentrant, succeeding, very next, ensuing
    Define meaning of "next": Immediately following in time or order. ; Elected but not yet serving.
  2. The following day.
    Next in line.
    The next president.
    The next item on the list.
    Our next president.

  3. Translate "next" to Spanish: contiguo, inmediato, junto, limítrofe, vecino, adyacente, aledaño, colindante, lindante, confinante
    English Synonyms of "next": adjacent, adjoining, bordering, connecting, contiguous, neighboring
    Define meaning of "next": Nearest in space or position; immediately adjoining without intervening space.
  4. Had adjacent rooms.
    In the next room.
    The person sitting next to me.
    Our rooms were side by side.

next  Adverb
  1. Translate "next" to Spanish: después, a continuación, luego, de seguido, seguidamente
    English Synonyms of "next": after, afterward, afterwards, in a while, later, then
    Define meaning of "next": At the time or occasion immediately following.
  2. Next the doctor examined his back.

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next  Interjection
  1. Translate "next" to Spanish: que pase el que sigue, que pase el siguiente
    English Synonyms of "next": next one please

Conceptually-related expressions of "next"
abrupt variation or drastic alteration of the appearance from one generation to the next
after next
approach next to
as the next man
ASCII codes that instruct the printer to return to the beginning of the line and advance to the next
at the beginning of next year
at the start of next year
be next
be next to
boy next door
bring next to
chain of successive syllogisms so arranged that the conclusion of each is the premise of the next
come next
come next after
come next to
come on next to
early next year
figure in which words in one phrase are replicated in reverse grammatical order in the next phrase
for next
from one day to the next
from one year to the next
get next to
get to the next point
girl next door
go next to
have the next move
hold off for the next day
house next door
in the next
in the next breath
in the next night
in the next one
in the next place
in the next years
instrument with semiconductors connected so that the output of one serves as input of the next
IP Next Generation
knock into the middle of next week
live from one day to the next
live next door
live next door from
make flow from a line or column to the next
make the next jump
move next to
move on to the next
move on to the next stage
move on to the next thing
night outing that doesn't end until the next morning
of the next day
on the next day
on the next occasion
pass on to the next
pass on to the next stage
postpone for the next day
proceed next to
put off for the next day
put off till the next day
put off until the next day
rank next to
relay race in which a lighted torch is passed from one runner's hand to the next
rhetorical device of repeating the last word of one clause at the beginning of the next
run next door
set of reflexes each acting as a stimulus for the next one
sit next to
someday next week
sometime next week
the next day
the next few
the next instant
the next night
the next one
the next ones
the next time
till next day
till the next day
till the next time
until next notice
use of the information on the current status of a system to determine the next step
very next
what next
what's next
with the intention of next
with the purpose of next
you're next
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