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natural  Noun
Plural: naturals
  1. Translate "natural" to Spanish: nota natural
    English Synonyms of "natural": natural note
    Define meaning of "natural": A notation cancelling a previous sharp or flat.

  2. Translate "natural" to Spanish: becuadro
    English Synonyms of "natural": natural sign
    Define meaning of "natural": Musical sign cancelling the sharp and the flat. ; A notation cancelling a previous sharp or flat.

  3. Translate "natural" to Spanish: alguien que encaja perfectamente
    English Synonyms of "natural": someone that is perfectly fitting

  4. Translate "natural" to Spanish: algo que encaja perfectamente
    English Synonyms of "natural": something that is perfectly fitting

  5. Translate "natural" to Spanish: sentencia de prisión de siete años
    English Synonyms of "natural": jail sentence of seven years

  6. Translate "NATURAL" to Spanish: Lenguaje de programación Natural

natural  Adjective
  1. Translate "natural" to Spanish: natural, a lo natural, conforme con la naturaleza, implantado por naturaleza
    English Synonyms of "natural": in accordance with nature, lifelike, unaffected, inherent
    Define meaning of "natural": Unaffected and natural looking. ; Functioning or occurring in a normal way; lacking abnormalities or deficiencies.
  2. A lifelike pose.
    A natural reaction.
    It's the natural thing to happen.
    Natural immunity.
    A grandparent's natural affection for a grandchild.

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  3. Translate "natural" to Spanish: al natural, crudo, natural
    English Synonyms of "natural": raw, crude, unprocessed, unrefined, au naturel, crudo, native, rough-ass
    Define meaning of "natural": Existing in or produced by nature; not artificial or imitation. ; In the natural unprocessed condition.
  4. A natural pearl.
    Natural gas.
    Natural silk.
    Natural blonde hair.
    A natural sweetener.
    Natural fertilizers.
    Natural yogurt.
    Natural produce.
    Raw wool.
    Raw sugar.
    Bales of rude cotton.

  5. Translate "natural" to Spanish: natural, espontáneo, sin afectación
    English Synonyms of "natural": spontaneous, unaffected
    Define meaning of "natural": Unaffected and natural looking.
  6. A lifelike pose.
    A natural reaction.

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  7. Translate "natural" to Spanish: natural
    English Synonyms of "natural": native, native born
    Define meaning of "natural": Being or composed of people inhabiting a region from the beginning.

  8. Translate "natural" to Spanish: lógico
    English Synonyms of "natural": expected, normal

  9. Translate "natural" to Spanish: desempercutido
    English Synonyms of "natural": easy, fluent
    Define meaning of "natural": Plentiful and therefore at low interest rates; easy to come by. ; Not strict. ; Posing no difficulty; requiring little effort. ; Marked by moderate steepness. ; Readily exploited or tricked. ; Not harsh; causing little distress.

Conceptually-related expressions of "natural"
a natural
against the natural direction
Alpha Natural Resources
animal park in their natural habitat
area of outstanding natural beauty
as it's only natural
as it was only natural
ascription of mental faculties like those of humans to the natural processes
be a natural
be a natural for
boring person without any natural charm
by natural inclination
by non-natural means
Cliffs Natural Resources
conservation of natural resources
Consolidated Natural Gas
Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage
death of a prisoner from natural causes
depletion of natural resources
devoid of natural color
die a natural death
died a natural death
easement of natural support
exploitation of natural resources
have a natural death
in a direction contrary to the natural one
in a natural manner
in a natural voice
in a natural way
in its natural state
in the natural course
in the natural state
laboratories where living plants and animals are kept in an environment simulating their natural habitat
laboratory where living plants and animals are kept in an environment simulating their natural habitat
lack of natural manner
lacking in natural color
let die a natural death
like a natural fit
liquefied natural gas
management of natural resources
Microsoft natural keyboard
National College of Natural Medicine
nonrenewable natural resources
outlive its natural period
petroleum and natural gas
Piedmont Natural Gas
Pioneer Natural Resources
piped volume of natural gas
process of drilling down into the earth injecting a high-pressure water mixture to obtain natural gas
professional who investigates by inquest any death not due to natural causes
recognized natural child
region severely affected by adverse natural phenomena
renewable natural resource
renewable natural resources
return of the baby's head to its natural relationship
something natural
study plants in their natural habitat
that's only natural
the most natural
the most natural thing
the natural thing
uninhabited wild areas with thick natural vegetation
Union Texas Natural Gas
United Natural Foods
victim of a natural disaster
vitamin D natural
which gives natural immunity
which lacks natural pigmentation
without natural color
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