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much  Noun
  1. Translate "much" to Spanish: mucho, un montón, panzada, pechada
    English Synonyms of "much": a lot, a great deal, whole lots, a heck of a lot, a hell of a lot, a pile, quite much, more than you can shake a stick at
    Define meaning of "much": A great amount or extent.
  2. They did much for humanity.

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much  Adjective
  1. Translate "much" to Spanish: mucho
    English Synonyms of "much": a lot of, plenty of, too much, very much, a good deal of, a great deal of, a whole bunch of, lots of
    Define meaning of "much": Great in quantity or degree or extent.
  2. Not much rain.
    Much affection.
    Much grain is in storage.

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much  Adverb
  1. Translate "much" to Spanish: muy, demasiado, mucho más
    English Synonyms of "much": very, damn, damned, darned, extremely, bleeding, bloody, blooming, ever so
    Define meaning of "much": Very. ; To a very great degree or extent.
  2. He was much annoyed.
    We enjoyed ourselves very much.
    She was very much interested.
    This would help a great deal.

  3. Translate "much" to Spanish: mucho
    English Synonyms of "much": a lot, very much, a great deal, a whole bunch, quite a bit, very much so, a bunch, dead
    Define meaning of "much": To a great degree or extent. ; To a very great degree or extent. ; Frequently or in great quantities.
  4. She's much better now.
    We enjoyed ourselves very much.
    She was very much interested.
    This would help a great deal.
    I don't drink much.
    I don't travel much.

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Conceptually-related expressions of "much"
a bit much
a small risk to gain much
about as much as
abuse comes from too much use
act of talking too much
act so much
add up to much
after much
after much debating
after much discussion
after much too long
after much trouble
after so much
after that much
age can only be hidden so much
all that much
almost as much
almost as much as
amount to much
an evil tongue may do much harm
and much less
and much less so
approximately as much as
as much
as much about
as much again
as much alike
as much as
as much so that
ask for too much
ask too much
avoid much risk
be a little bit too much
be drinking too much
be frightened very much
be given to talk too much
be inclined to say embarrassingly too much
be just too much
be just too much that
be much better
be much better than
be much better that
be much less
be much less room
be much like
be much longer than
be much more
be much more than
be much much more than
be much room
be much sunlight
be much taller
be much to
be much to it
be much too close
be not much
be not much fun
be not much good
be not much of a
be not much sunlight
be not much time
be not so much fun
be not that much into
be not worth much
be not worth much money
be nothing much
be nothing much to
be of not much use
be pretty much like
be slimmed down too much
be so much in
be so much to
be sure of your ground if you attract too much attention
be too much
be too much of a
be too much of an
be too much repetition
be too much room
be up to much
be very much alike
be very much annoyed with
be very much like
be very much room
become much less
become much longer
become much more
believe as much in
believe so much
big writing book that takes up too much space
bother too much
car specially modified and fitted with a powerful engine so as to be much faster
choose to do so much
compress too much
concede to much
cost much
cost so much
cost times as much
cost times so much
cost times that much
dance informally and without much style
date someone much younger than oneself
delay too much
demand very much
descend so much
desire very much
desire very much to
dislike very much
dislike very much to
diversify too much
do much good
do not as much as
do not thing much of
do so much
do so much for
do too much
don't say too much
drink too much
during so much time
eat too much
enjoy it so much
enjoy very much
error that occurs when the computer tries to handle too much information
even much more than
ever so much
expect so much
expect too much
expect too much from
expect too much of
expose too much
extremely much
fail so much
far too much
feel ill after too much eating
feel much better
feel much better than
feel much woe
feel very much like
feel very much like it
few die of hunger many by too much eating
fill too much
fly much higher
frighten very much
get as much
get much sleep
get so much
get that much
get too much sleep
give that much
give too much rope
go into much detail
go much further
half as much
half as much as
hate very much
have as much
have much desired
have much influence
have much time
have much to
have much wanted
have not much hurry
have taken a drop too much
have too much of
have too much pain
have too much personnel
having much money
he who talks too much errs too much
hope so much
how much
how much ago since
how much is it
how much longer
how much more
how much time
however much
I thought as much
if it is not too much trouble
in-as-much as
in so much as
insist too much on
it's not worth much
it's so much so that
just about as much as
just as much as
know much about
know so much
know too much
know too much about
like it very much
like very much
like very much that
like very much to
linger too much
look much better
look much better than
look much worse
look so much as
look very much like
lose too much energy
lose too much weight
make much greater
make much of
make too much of
many times as much
marry someone much younger than oneself
matter not very much
matter too much
mixed with too much water
more than enough is too much
much coin much care
much too much
nearly as much as
need much time
need too much time
never as much as
no matter how much
no thank you very much
not having much to
not much
not much depth
not much discipline
not much rain
not much snow
not much to
not much wind
not quite much
not so much
not so much as
not so much by
not so much for
not very much
not very much to
nothing much
nothing too much
one can never know too much
overcome without much effort
pay too much
person who bothers too much
person who eats too much
person who is very disciplined in their studies and invests in them much time
person who talks to much
person who talks too much
person who thinks highly of themselves but is not much
practiced very much
practised very much
press too much
pretty much
pretty nearly as much as
primp oneself too much
prosper very much
put too much
quite much
regret very much
regret very much that
resemble very much
run much
sacrifice much
say so much
say this much for
seem very much like
several times as much
shout too much
smoke too much
so much
so much about
so much advanced
so much alike
so much as
so much for
so much more
so much so
so much so that
so much that
so very much
software which use too much memory
sources of much money
speed too much
spend much less time
spend too much
spend too much time
stand at a much higher level than
stand out too much
stick out too much
stop talking so much
stop talking so much shit
strive too much
subject of much substance
suppose so much
take much less time
take not much effort
take too much time
take twice as much
talk much and err much
talk too much
thank you all so very much
thank you so much
thank you so much for
thank you so very much
thank you very much
thank you very much for
thank you very much indeed
thanks so much
thanks so much for
thanks very much
that as much
that as much as
that much
that much time
that so much
that very much
that would be saying too much
the forbidden fruit tastes much better
there is not much doubt
think much of
think too much
think too much of oneself
this is too much
this much
through much toil
times as much
too much
too much of a
too much of an
too much time
too much uncertainty
trust one's luck too much
try to do too much
twice as much
up to how much
use too much
very much
very much au courant
very much impressed
very much involved
very much lamented
very much mentioned
very much money
very much so
very much upset
very much washed
way too much
which has much hair
which is saying too much
which speaks much
which spends too much
which would be saying too much
with much ado
with much affection
with much air
with much anticipation
with much composure
with much difficulty
with much embarrassment
with much emphasis
with much fear
with much fondness
with much forest
with much fun
with much harshness
with much hubbub
with much insistence
with much noise
with much restraint
with much shame
with much stealth
with much style
with much thought
with much to
with so much that
with too much brightness
with too much broth
with too much diplomacy
with too much risk
with too much shine
with too much wordiness
without having much to
without much ado
without much attention
without much detail
without much enthusiasm
without much interest
without much note
without spending much
woman who talks too much
work much too hard
work too much
worry too much
you can never know too much
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