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minute  Noun
Plural: minutes
  1. Translate "minute" to Spanish: minuto, sesenta segundos, sesentava parte de una hora
    English Synonyms of "minute": sixty seconds, sixtieth part of one hour
    Define meaning of "minute": Distance measured by the time taken to cover it.; A unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour.
  2. We live an hour from the airport.
    Its just 10 minutes away.
    He ran a 4 minute mile.

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  3. Translate "minute" to Spanish: minuta, borrador de un oficio o contrato, borrador del oficio
    English Synonyms of "minute": minute of a meeting, minute of the proceedings
    Define meaning of "minute": A short note.
  4. The secretary keeps the minutes of the meeting.

  5. Translate "minute" to Spanish: memorándum, memorando
    English Synonyms of "minute": memo, memorandum, script note, buck slip
    Define meaning of "minute": A written proposal or reminder.

minute  Adjective
  1. Translate "minute" to Spanish: menudo, chiquito, diminuto, pequeño, chiquitillo, minúsculo, nimio
    English Synonyms of "minute": little, small, very little, very small, diminutive, peewee, pocket-sized, wee, tiny, teeny-weeny
    Define meaning of "minute": Infinitely or immeasurably small. ; Immeasurably small.
  2. Two minute whiplike threads of protoplasm.
    Reduced to a microscopic scale.

  3. Translate "minute" to Spanish: minucioso, detallado, detallista
    English Synonyms of "minute": complete, detail-conscious, detail-oriented, exacting, exhaustive, meticulous, thorough
    Define meaning of "minute": Characterized by painstaking care and detailed examination.
  4. A minute inspection of the grounds.
    A narrow scrutiny.
    An exact and minute report.

Conceptually-related expressions of "minute"
a minute
a minute longer
a two minute away walk
about a minute
agreed minute
any minute
any minute now
at any minute
at every minute
at every single minute
at that very minute
at the last minute
at this minute
beats per minute
breathing where frequency is more than 25 movements per minute
by the minute
cardiac minute output
close to a minute
counts per minute
covered with minute bristles
covered with minute scales
covered with thickly matted-down minute hairs
cubic feet per minute
cycles per minute
double minute
each minute
each minute that
every minute
every minute counts
every minute that
for a minute
four-minute egg
half-minute thermometer
heartbeats per minute
impulses per minute
in a minute
in minute detail
in minute portions
inches per minute
intake of minute particles
jack up the price at the last minute
just a minute
just a minute ago
just a minute please
just wait a minute
last-minute failure
last-minute idea
last minute news
last minute yesterday
let's take a ten minute break
lines per minute
milliampere minute
multiple fruit consisting of an enlarged fleshy hollow receptacle bearing numerous minute flowers
multiple fruits consisting of an enlarged fleshy hollow receptacle bearing numerous minute flowers
New York minute
not even for a minute
one more minute
pages per minute
per minute
quantity of heartthrobs per minute
respiration with a frequency of less than twelve movements per minute
revolutions per minute
right this very minute
sixtieth part of one minute
spare minute
student who studies intensively at the very last minute
study homework by memorizing facts at the last minute
sweep hand completing one revolution per minute
take a five minute rest
take just a minute from
talk a mile a minute
telephone service allowing one to talk with someone in a designated area for a specific charge per minute
the last minute
the minute that
this minute
this very minute
times a person breathes per minute
to minute detail
to the last minute
to the very last minute
up to the minute news
up-to-the-minute report
up to the minute style
very last minute
wait a minute
we'll take a 30 minute break
which consists of minute scales
which ends in a minute point
which feeds on minute particles
which has minute striae
with every passing minute
words per minute
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