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medium  Noun
Plural: mediums
  1. Translate "medium" to Spanish: medio, órgano, vehículo
    English Synonyms of "medium": means, instrument, vehicle
    Define meaning of "medium": A means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information.

  2. Translate "medium" to Spanish: médium
    English Synonyms of "medium": psychic, spiritualistic medium
    Define meaning of "medium": Someone who serves as an intermediary between the living and the dead.
  3. He consulted several mediums.

  4. Translate "medium" to Spanish: término medio
    English Synonyms of "medium": average, happy medium, mean, median, middle term, midpoint
    Define meaning of "medium": A state that is intermediate between extremes; a middle position.
  5. A happy medium.

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  6. Translate "medium" to Spanish: medio ambiente
    English Synonyms of "medium": environment, nature, surroundings, ecosystem, circumambiency, milieu
    Define meaning of "medium": The area in which something exists or lives. ; The totality of surrounding conditions.

  7. Translate "medium" to Spanish: medio
    Define meaning of "medium": An intervening substance through which signals can travel as a means for communication. ; The surrounding environment. ; An intervening substance through which something is achieved. ; A nutrient substance (solid or liquid) that is used to cultivate micro-organisms. ; A substance in which specimens are preserved or displayed. ; A liquid with which pigment is mixed by a painter.
  8. Fish require an aqueous medium.
    The dissolving medium is called a solvent.

  9. Translate "medium" to Spanish: sustancia usada para conservar muestras de laboratorio

  10. Translate "medium" to Spanish: medio, medio de almacenamiento
    English Synonyms of "medium": storage media, storage medium

  11. Translate "medium" to Spanish: medio de transporte
    English Synonyms of "medium": carrier, transportation facility, transportation medium
    Define meaning of "medium": A self-propelled wheeled vehicle designed specifically to carry something. ; Someone whose employment involves carrying something.

  12. Translate "medium" to Spanish: medio de presentación
    English Synonyms of "medium": presentation medium

  13. Translate "medium" to Spanish: medio de comunicación
    English Synonyms of "medium": communication medium

medium  Adjective
  1. Translate "medium" to Spanish: mediano
    English Synonyms of "medium": average, mediocre, middling
    Define meaning of "medium": Around the middle of a scale of evaluation of physical measures.
  2. An orange of average size.
    Intermediate capacity.
    A plane with intermediate range.
    Medium bombers.

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  3. Translate "medium" to Spanish: de término medio
    English Synonyms of "medium": average, fair, mean, mediocre, middle-of-the-road, middling
    Define meaning of "medium": Around the middle of a scale of evaluation of physical measures.; Approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value.; Relating to or constituting the middle value of an ordered set of values (or the average of the middle two in an even-numbered set). ; Relating to or constituting the most frequent value in a distribution.

  4. Translate "medium" to Spanish: de médiums, mediúmnico
    English Synonyms of "medium": mediumistic

Conceptually-related expressions of "medium"
Abe's culture medium
active medium
agar culture medium
Aronson's culture medium
ascitic fluid culture medium
Ashby's culture medium
asparagin culture medium
Avery's culture medium
Bariekow's culture medium
be a medium
Besredka and Jufille's culture medium
bile culture medium
Blaxall's culture medium
blood culture medium
blood serum culture medium
Boeck and Drbohlav's culture medium
Bordet-Gengou culture medium
bouillon culture medium
Braun's culture medium
Capaldi-Proskauer culture medium I
Capaldi-Proskauer culture medium II
chocolate culture medium
circulating medium
Clark and Lubs culture medium
Clauberg's culture medium
clearing medium
cochleare medium
Cohn's culture medium
communication medium
communications device that combines several signals for their transmission by a single medium
complete medium
Conradi-Drigalski medium
Conradi-Drigalski's culture medium
Conradi's culture medium
contrast medium
cooling medium
copy to a long term storage medium
Corper's culture medium
Councilman and Mallory's culture medium
culture medium
Czapek-Dox medium
data transmission medium
Dieudonné's medium
Dieudonnés' culture medium
dioptric medium
disperse medium
dispersion medium
dispersive medium
DMS based on a commercial data model for small or medium offices
Dorset's culture egg medium
Dorset's culture medium
Dorset's egg culture medium
Drigalski-Conradi medium
Dubos' culture medium
Dunham's culture medium
Durham's culture medium
Eagle's basal medium
Eagle's minimum essential medium
egg albumin culture medium
egg culture medium
egg meat culture medium
Eisenberg's milk-rice culture medium
Eisenberg's milk rice culture medium
Elsner's culture medium
Elsner's medium
emission coming out from a medium
empty medium
Endo's culture medium
Endo's medium
external medium
Eyre's nutrose culture medium
Fawcus' culture medium
Filides culture medium
filtering medium
Fleming's culture medium
fluting medium
Fraenkel and Voges' culture medium
fuchsin culture medium
fuchsin sulfite culture medium
Gasperini's culture medium
gelatin agar culture medium
gelatin culture medium
glycerinated potato culture medium
Guarnieri's culture medium
Guy's culture medium
happy medium
Heiman's culture medium
Heller's culture medium
Hershell's culture medium
Hiss' culture medium
Hitchen's culture medium
Holt-Harris and Teague's culture medium
Holz's culture medium
inhomogeneous medium
Kanthack and Stephen's culture medium
Kendall's culture medium
Kitasato's culture medium
Krumwiede's culture medium
lactose bile culture medium
lead acetate culture medium
Li-Rivers' culture medium
Libman's culture medium
ligamentum hyothyroideum medium
ligamentum umbilicale medium
Lipschütz's culture medium
Loeffler's blood culture medium
Loffler's culture medium
Lorrain-Smith's culture medium
low-loss dielectric medium
low to medium
Lowenstein's culture medium
Lowenstein's medium
Lubenau's egg culture medium
MacConkey's bile salt culture medium
magnetic medium
McConkey's culture medium
mediastinum medium
milk-rice culture medium
minimum essential medium
Moor's culture medium
motility test medium
mounting medium
neutral red culture medium
nitrate culture medium
nitrogen-free culture medium
Noguchi's tissue culture medium
nonscattering medium
nutrient medium
of a spiritualistic medium
of spiritualistic mediums
of the supernatural substance coming out from mediums
Omeliansky's nutritive culture medium
Pai's culture medium
Parietti's culture medium
Park and Williams' chocolate culture medium
passive medium
Pasteur's culture medium
peptone water culture medium
Petroff's synthetic culture medium
physical medium
Piorkowski's culture medium
presentation medium
propagation medium
protein-free culture medium
radiography of the Fallopian tubes after injection of a contrast medium
recording medium
Reddish's culture medium
reflecting medium
refracting medium
refractory medium
Robertson's culture medium
Ruiz Castañeda culture medium
Russell's double sugar culture medium
Sabouraud's culture medium
saccharose-mannitol culture medium
selective medium
separating medium
Simmons' citrate medium
Soyka's milk-rice culture medium
spiritistic session with a medium
spiritualistic medium
spontaneous generation of an organism in an inorganic fluid medium
state or condition of being a spiritualistic medium
stick to a happy medium
storage medium
storage medium core
stratum griseum medium
strongly-absorbing medium
substance or spiritual energy exteriorized by physical mediums
substance produced by burning bones and used as a black pigment and a filtering medium
support medium
Tarchanoff and Kolesnikoff's egg albumin culture medium
Teague and Travis' culture medium
Thayer-Martin medium
tissue culture medium
transference of an object from the non-physical to the physical reality by a spiritualist medium
transmission medium
transport medium
transportation medium
tropospheric propagation medium
try to strike a happy medium
Vedder's culture medium
Vedder's medium
Washbourn's culture medium
Wassermann's culture medium
water-soluble contrast medium
Werbitski's culture medium
Wertheimer's culture medium
Weyl's culture medium
which grows in a saline medium
which relates to spiritualistic mediums
Winogradsky's culture medium
Wurtz's culture medium
x-ray examination of the bile ducts with radiopaque contrast medium
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