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meat  Noun
Plural: meats
  1. Translate "meat" to Spanish: carne, chicha, chiche
    English Synonyms of "meat": white meat, meat for eating
    Define meaning of "meat": The flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food.

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  3. Translate "meat" to Spanish: fiambre
    English Synonyms of "meat": cold cut, cold dish, cold meat

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  5. Translate "meat" to Spanish: persona considerada meramente como un compañero sexual, persona considerada meramente como compañero sexual, persona considerada meramente como objeto sexual, persona considerada meramente como un cuerpo físico
    English Synonyms of "meat": person regarded merely as a sex partner, person considered merely as a sex partner, person regarded as merely a physical body, lay, schtup, shtup, stup

  6. Translate "meat" to Spanish: pene
    English Synonyms of "meat": penis, almond rock, banana, bicho, cock, coles, dick, chopper
    Define meaning of "meat": The male organ of copulation ('member' is a euphemism).

  7. Translate "meat" to Spanish: persona estúpida
    English Synonyms of "meat": dimwit, airhead, bubblehead, clod, cluck, stupid person, blockhead, idiot, jerk, boob
    Define meaning of "meat": A stupid incompetent person.

  8. Translate "meat" to Spanish: esencia
    English Synonyms of "meat": essence, substance, gist, guts, inwardness, name of the names, quiddity
    Define meaning of "meat": The choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience. ; The central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work. ; Any substance possessing to a high degree the predominant properties of a plant or drug or other natural product from which it is extracted.

meat  Adjective
  1. Translate "meat" to Spanish: de carne, con carne, cárnico
    English Synonyms of "meat": of meat, made with meat, with meat

Conceptually-related expressions of "meat"
abstain from meat
act of eating meat
barbecued meat
be dead meat
beat one's meat
beat the meat
boned meat
boneless meat
braised meat
brisket meat
buffalo meat
calf meat
camel meat
canned chopped pork shoulder meat
canned meat
carcass meat
charcoal meat
chicken meat
chilled meat
chunk of meat
clod meat
cold meat
cold-meat box
cold-meat cart
cold-meat party
cold meats
consumption of meat
cooked meats
cooked pork meats
cooked pork meats shop
crab meat
cuckoo's meat
cuff one's meat
cunt meat
cure meat
cured meat
cured pork meat
cut of meat
dark cutting meat
dark firm dry meat
dark meat
dead meat
deboned meat
dfd meat
dressed meat
dressed weight of meat
dried meat
duck meat
easy meat
eggs of larvae usually deposited on meat
exudative meat
fat from meat
fatty meat
fear of meat
flay meat
flaying of meat
flog one's meat
fresh meat
fried meat pie
frozen meat
game meat
gamy meat
gelled meat
goat meat
goose meat
green meat
hamburger meat
horse meat
irrational fear of meat
jellied meat
jerk meat
jerked meat
jump on someone's meat
larded meat
lean meat
like cured meat
live weight of meat
lots of meat
luncheon meat
luncheon meats
made with meat
marinated meat
mechanically deboned meat
middling meat
minced meat
minced meat patty
minced-meat roulade
minced meat stew
mystery meat
of meat
offal or viscera of a hog which are braised or compressed into a meat loaf
one's meat
organ meat
oven-roasted meat
overcooked dry meat
parboiled meat
person who eats meat
phobia of meat
pickled meat
piece of meat
pig meat
pork cold meats
pork cold meats manufacturer
pork meat
pork-meat products
portion of meat
poultry meat
pound one's meat
premium grade of meat
prepare meat
prepare the meat
preserved pork meats
production of meat
pse meat
rabbit meat
red meat
restaurant specializing in grilled or barbecued meat
retail dealer in meat
roast meat
roasted meat
roasted meat shop
salt meat
salted dry meat
salted meat
sausage meat
seal meat
seizure of meat
sell meat wholesale
sheep meat
shop of pork-meat products
shredded meat
similar to cured meat
skewered meat
small disk-shaped cut of boneless meat
smoked meat
spoon meat
stew meat
stewed meat
sun-dried meat strips
synthetic meat
tainted meat
tender meat
the meat
thin slice of meat
tinned meat
turkey meat
turtle meat
variety meat
variety meats
whale meat
which feeds on meat
white meat
with meat
wooden framework or grid on which Amerindians roasted or smoked meat
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