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line up  Verb
Plural: lines up
  1. Translate "line up" to Spanish: poner en fila, formar en orden, alinear, alinear en orden, formar en fila, poner en filas, poner en línea
    English Synonyms of "line up": arrange, arrange in a row, arrange in a single file, array, put in line, range in rows, rank, set in line
    Define meaning of "line up": Place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight.
  2. Align the car with the curb.
    Align the sheets of paper on the table.

  3. Translate "line up" to Spanish: ponerse en fila, alinearse, enfilarse, formar cola, hacer cola, ponerse en filas, ponerse en línea, tomar posición
    English Synonyms of "line up": get in line, align, conform, fall in rank, form a line, form a queue, wait in line, stand in line
    Define meaning of "line up": Form a queue, form a line, stand in line. ; Form a line.
  4. Customers lined up in front of the store.
    The buildings all line up neatly.

  5. Translate "line up" to Spanish: reclutar, enrolar
    English Synonyms of "line up": call up, conscript, draft, enlist, enroll, induct, recruit, call to the colors
    Define meaning of "line up": Call to arms; of military personnel.

  6. Translate "line up" to Spanish: organizar
    English Synonyms of "line up": arrange, put in order, organize, organise
    Define meaning of "line up": Arrange in ranks.
  7. Dress troops.

  8. Translate "line up" to Spanish: hacer arreglos para
    English Synonyms of "line up": arrange beforehand, engage in advance, make arrangements for, prearrange, prearrange for, bespeak

line up  Noun
  1. Translate "line up" to Spanish: zona donde el rider coge las olas

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