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let out  Verb
  1. Translate "let out" to Spanish: dejar salir
    English Synonyms of "let out": allow out, permit to go out

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  3. Translate "let out" to Spanish: dejar escapar, dejar escapar sin querer, dejar salir, escaparse, escaparse sin querer
    English Synonyms of "let out": let out without meaning to, blurt out, let slip
    Define meaning of "let out": Express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words).
  4. They let out their anger, Dejaron salir la ira.
    She let out a big heavy sigh.
    He uttered strange sounds that nobody could understand.

  5. Translate "let out" to Spanish: poner en libertad
    English Synonyms of "let out": free, let free, liberate, loose, set at liberty, set free, turn loose
    Define meaning of "let out": Bring out of a specific state.

  6. Translate "let out" to Spanish: dar en alquiler, arrendar, alquilar, rentar
    English Synonyms of "let out": lease, lend out, hire out, let out for hire, put out to lease, let
    Define meaning of "let out": Engage for service under a term of contract. ; Grant use or occupation of under a term of contract. ; Let for money. ; Hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services.
  7. She lets the apartment, Ella renta el apartamento.

  8. Translate "let out" to Spanish: expulsar, soltar
    English Synonyms of "let out": cast out, kick out, put out, chuck, drive out, evict, expel, throw out
    Define meaning of "let out": Throw or cast away. ; Expel from a community or group.

  9. Translate "let out" to Spanish: largar
    English Synonyms of "let out": pay out
  10. The sailor lets out the rope, El marinero larga la cuerda.

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