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legal  Adjective
  1. Translate "legal" to Spanish: legal, válido, acogido a la ley, legítimo, lícito
    English Synonyms of "legal": rightful, valid, authentic, lawful, legitimate, licit, sound, jural
    Define meaning of "legal": Allowed by official rules. ; Established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules. ; Having legal efficacy or force.
  2. A legal pass receiver.
    A sound title to the property.

  3. Translate "legal" to Spanish: de curso legal, legal
    English Synonyms of "legal": court

  4. Translate "legal" to Spanish: jurídico
    English Synonyms of "legal": juristic, jural, juridical, judicatory
    Define meaning of "legal": Of or relating to jurisprudence.; Relating to or characteristic of the profession of law.
  5. Legal loophole.
    The legal profession.

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Conceptually-related expressions of "legal"
abandonment of children in a legal context
abridgment of legal capacity
absence of a legal will
according to legal provisions
accounts in process of collection by legal means
acquire legal status
action to determine a legal principle
action to establish a legal principle
activity of a lawyer dedicated to looking for accident victims to offer legal services
aggrieved party in legal context
arbitrator who is bound by legal principles
art of drawing up of legal documents
ask for legal advice
assignment in a legal context
attorney-in-fact for legal matters
bailment in a legal context
bare legal title
be as legal tender
be of legal age
be of the legal age
become legal
beneficial ownership in a legal context
beneficiary under legal disability
beyond the legal power
body of legal codes
bring a legal action
carry through a legal action
charge for not maintaining legal reserve
committee on legal questions
compliance with the fundamental rules of fairness in legal proceedings
concurrence of legal principles
confiscation in legal context
contradiction between two legal precepts
Crown Law legal office
date and place of occurrence of an event for legal purposes
daughter not yet reaching legal age
day which does not count for legal purposes
death by legal electrocution
debt being collected by legal means
decision that establishes a legal principle
delivery in legal context
director and legal representative
discontinuance of legal proceedings
drawdown of legal reserve
due legal process
establish as legal tender
establish legal residence
established legal principle
establishment as legal tender
European legal area
European legal status
evidence in a non-legal sense
existence as a legal entity
expiration of rights in legal context
extinction of a legal action
extreme legal right
first legal provision
foreign legal entities
forfeit of a legal right
formation of a legal corporation
freehold estate in a legal context
from a legal viewpoint
general legal principles
get legal
get legal status
grant of legal aid
handwriting for legal documents
having no legal force
hiding in order to avoid legal proceedings
hold by legal means
immunity from legal process
import of a legal text
in legal custody
indefinite legal concept
individual and legal entity
inform an arrested person formally of his legal rights
injured party in legal context
institute a legal action
institute legal proceedings
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
institutionalization and legal rights
international legal instrument
International Organization of Legal Metrology
inventory in a legal context
judge with legal qualifications
judgment in a legal context
judgment that establishes a legal principle
killing by legal sentence
lack legal support
lack of legal capacity
lack of legal standing
lack of legal status
lapsing of a legal action
lapsing of rights in legal context
leave pending in a legal context
legislative history of legal instrument
make a legal issue
make a legal issue of
make it legal
make legal
making legal
mental retardation and legal rights
minor under legal care
misappropriation in a legal context
modified legal list
mutual legal assistance
mutual legal charges
not subject to collection by legal process
obtain legal status
of full legal capacity
of legal age
offer in a legal context
ordinary legal proceedings
parent who neglects responsibility and evades payment of child's legal allowances
payment forced by legal means
person to whom attached property is delivered for safekeeping until the end of the legal dispute
pertaining to legal documents
pertaining to legal instruments
pertaining to legal process
petition for determination of legal principle
qualifying document in a legal context
question of legal precedence
rational-legal authority
recourse to legal proceedings
recover legal efficacy
relating to the legal profession
remand of the legal case
retain by legal means
retain through legal means
right acquired through a legal contract
schedule of legal fees
science which studies the laws and regulation of the established legal systems
seemingly legal
semi-public corporation legal advisor
sequester by legal means
service of legal process
social club where members drink after legal hours
solid legal position
son not yet reaching legal age
spendthrift decree in a legal context
stamp tax on legal proceedings
statement of fact forming the basis of legal decision
status of legal residence
submission to a legal decision
take into legal custody
take legal action
take legal advice
take legal possession of
take legal steps
time limit for legal action
time of legal memory
two days before legal term
violation of legal rights
which exceeds the legal powers
which falls outside the legal capacity
will complying with all legal formalities
with legal force
withdrawal of legal authorization
within the legal term
woman beneficiary of the legal paraphernalia
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