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later is the comparative form of late

late  Adjective
  1. Translate "late" to Spanish: retrasado, atrasado, de retraso, demorado, rezagado, tardío, demoroso
    English Synonyms of "late": behind-time, overdue, behindhand, belated, lagging, behind, behind schedule, behind the times, left behind, behind the curve, lingering
    Define meaning of "late": After the expected or usual time; delayed.
  2. A belated birthday card.
    I'm late for the plane.
    The train is late.
    Tardy children are sent to the principal.
    Always tardy in making dental appointments.

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  3. Translate "late" to Spanish: difunto, muerto, fallecido, póstumo
    English Synonyms of "late": deceased, departed, defunct, demised, extinct, lifeless, dead
    Define meaning of "late": Having died recently.
  4. Her late husband.

  5. Translate "late" to Spanish: de última fecha, avanzado
    English Synonyms of "late": up-to-date, advanced, hi-tech, high-tech, high-technology
    Define meaning of "late": In accord with the most fashionable ideas or style.

late  Adverb
  1. Translate "late" to Spanish: tarde, a última hora, con atraso, con retraso, demoradamente
    English Synonyms of "late": after-hours, at a last stage, at the eleventh hour, at the last gasp, at the last minute, at the last moment, at the last possible chance, not on time, tardily
    Define meaning of "late": Later than usual or than expected. ; To an advanced time. ; At an advanced age or stage.
  2. The train arrived late.
    We awoke late.
    The children came late to school.
    Notice came so tardily that we almost missed the deadline.
    I belatedly wished her a happy birthday.
    Deep into the night.
    Talked late into the evening.
    She married late.
    Undertook the project late in her career.

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