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judgment  Noun
Plural: judgments
  1. Translate "judgment" to Spanish: juicio, buen juicio, sentido común, discernimiento, racionabilidad
    English Synonyms of "judgment": common sense, good sense, common judgment, sensibleness, sound judgment, wit, judgement
    Define meaning of "judgment": The capacity to assess situations or circumstances shrewdly and to draw sound conclusions. ; Ability to make good judgments.

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  3. Translate "judgment" to Spanish: proceso judicial, enjuiciamiento, juicio, auto de enjuiciamiento
    English Synonyms of "judgment": lawsuit, legal process, legal suit, suit, trial, judgement
    Define meaning of "judgment": A comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy.

  4. Translate "judgment" to Spanish: cálculo aproximado, estimación, valoración, tasación
    English Synonyms of "judgment": estimate, appraisal, approximate calculation, approximate estimate, assessment, appraisement, estimation, evaluation, judgement
    Define meaning of "judgment": The act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event.
  5. They criticized my judgment of the contestants.

  6. Translate "judgment" to Spanish: sentencia, acuerdo, decisión del juez, fallo, juicio, veredicto, decisorio, definimiento
    English Synonyms of "judgment": decision of the judge, judge's decision, judge's final decision, judge's ruling, judge's verdict, sentence, judgement
    Define meaning of "judgment": The determination by a court of competent jurisdiction on matters submitted to it. ; The legal document stating the reasons for a judicial decision.
  7. Opinions are usually written by a single judge.

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  8. Translate "judgment" to Spanish: criterio, opinión, concepto
    English Synonyms of "judgment": opinion, say-so, viewpoint, judgement, point of view, view
    Define meaning of "judgment": The act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event. ; The cognitive process of reaching a decision or drawing conclusions. ; An opinion formed by judging something.
  9. They criticized my judgment of the contestants.
    He was reluctant to make his judgment known.
    She changed her mind.

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  10. Translate "judgment" to Spanish: decisión
    English Synonyms of "judgment": judgment in a legal context

Conceptually-related expressions of "judgment"
abstract of judgment
accept the judgment
accumulative judgment
accused person awaiting judgment
action in which there is no appeal from judgment
affirmance of judgment
affirmative judgment
against my better judgment
against one's better judgment
alternative judgment
amount of judgment asked
annul the judgment
annulment of a judgment
appeal after execution of judgment
appeal before execution of judgment
appeal for reconsideration of judgment
appealable judgment
application for leave to enforce a foreign judgment
application for leave to issue execution of a foreign judgment
arrest of judgment
attachment of property after a judgment
authority of a final judgment
authorization of the execution of a foreign judgment
automatic judgment
bad judgment
collective judgment
common judgment
comparative judgment
conditional judgment
confession of judgment
consent judgment
court charges for execution of judgment
court judgment
critical judgment
declaratory judgment
default judgment
deficiency judgment
deliver a judgment
doctrine that when the body dies the soul also dies to be reborn only on Judgment Day
domestic judgment
egocentric judgment
enforceable judgment
enforcement of judgment
enter a judgment
enter judgment
eschew individual judgment
estoppel by judgment
executability of the judgment
execution of judgment
face of judgment
fact with which to form a judgment
file a judgment
final judgment
foreign judgment
formal and public document embodying final judgment
frequency judgment
get a judgment
give judgment
God's judgment seat
God's judgment throne
good judgment
grounds for judgment
have the effect of a final judgment
immediate repetition and additional judgment
impaired judgment
in my judgment
in my own judgment
in your judgment
interlocutory judgment
judge who pronounces judgment
judicial judgment
junior judgment
lack individual judgment
lack of good judgment
Last Judgment
money judgment
moral judgment
motion in arrest of judgment
negative element in judgment
no suspension of execution of judgment
notice of judgment
notice that court is ready to announce judgment
nullity of judgment
of hasty judgment
open a judgment
ouster judgment
own judgment
partial judgment
pass judgment
pass judgment on
personal judgment
petition for declaratory judgment
possessory judgment
pray for a judgment
preamble to court's judgment
premises of a judgment
privies to a judgment
proceeding to determine the enforceability of a foreign judgment
pronounce judgment
proposed judgment
qualitative judgment
quantitative judgment
quash a judgment
render judgment
rescission of judgment
reversal of judgment
reverse judgment
reverse the judgment
satisfied judgment
securing the effectiveness of a judgment
security for judgment
set aside the judgment
simulated judgment
snap judgment
snappy judgment
sound judgment
step to facilitate judgment
subject-matter of a judgment
suit for collection of a judgment
summary judgment
suspension of execution of judgment
take the form of a judgment
the day of judgment
to the best of my judgment
try a case and hand down a judgment
unappealable judgment
vacate the judgment
value judgment
void judgment
with little judgment
writ preparatory to judgment
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