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item  Noun
Plural: items
  1. Translate "item" to Spanish: artículo, objeto, producto, ítem
    English Synonyms of "item": article, object, thing, bugger, commodity, good, momma
    Define meaning of "item": A whole individual unit; especially when included in a list or collection.
  2. They reduced the price on many items.

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  3. Translate "item" to Spanish: detalle
    English Synonyms of "item": detail, particular, technicality
    Define meaning of "item": An isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole. ; A small part that can be considered separately from the whole.
  4. Several of the details are similar.
    A point of information.
    It was perfect in all details.

  5. Translate "item" to Spanish: partida, renglón, rubro, asiento, elemento, apunte contable, concepto
    English Synonyms of "item": entry, record, section, accounting item, line item
    Define meaning of "item": A written record of a commercial transaction.

  6. Translate "item" to Spanish: asunto
    English Synonyms of "item": affair, issue, matter, subject, theme, topic, business, concern, point
    Define meaning of "item": An isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole. ; A distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list.
  7. Several of the details are similar.
    A point of information.
    He noticed an item in the New York Times.
    She had several items on her shopping list.
    The main point on the agenda was taken up first.

  8. Translate "item" to Spanish: pareja no casada pero sexualmente vinculada
    English Synonyms of "item": unmarried but sexually linked couple

item  Adverb
  1. Translate "item" to Spanish: ítem
    English Synonyms of "item": idem, likewise

Conceptually-related expressions of "item"
above item
above-the-line item
above the line items
accounting item
action item
adjudge an item
affected item
agreement that compromises various separate items
antipredator adaptations that warn of the unpalatability or noxiousness coming from a prey item
associated item
balance item
balance of invisible items
balance of visible and invisible items
balance of visible items
balance sheet item
balancing item
basic food items
below-the-line item
big-ticket item
big ticket items
bound item
breakdown items
budget item
cache item
calendar item
campaign item
captive item
cash item
cash items
colection of selected items
collection item
collection items
collection of items
collector's item
common item
communication history item
configuration item
consolidated items
consolidated taxable items
contact item
contingency budget item
correspondent item
cost item
Create Installation Item Wizard
customs item
data item
de luxe items
debit item
decontrolled item
delayed items
deleted item
deluxe item
discontinued item
disfiguring item
dry-goods item
encapsulated item
erased item
event registration item
exception item
expenditure item
expense item
expense items
External Data Item
External Data Item Builder
external item
extraneous items
extraordinary items
factory faulty items
fat budget items
financing item
foregoing item
ghosted item
good selling item
group of items
group of minimum staple food items
heavy-walled paper bag used for mailing items
hot item
household items
imported luxury items
included item
incorporated item
indispensable item
installation item
inventory items
keyline items
last item
leading item
lexical item
line item
loan of consumable items
lump-sum item
luxury item
luxury items
memorandum item
menu item
message item
metal loop both ends of which are driven into a surface to hold paper or other items
miscellaneous item
miscellaneous items
missent item
monetary item
musical item
needlework and needlepoint items
news item
news items
non-perishable item
nondeductible items
nonmonetary items
obliterated item
off-balance sheet item
off-balance sheet items
one item
ordinary item
Outlook item
par item
par items
past-due item
past-due items
pay item
per contra item
personal care items
plumbing items
pop-up item
preference item
preference tax item
price list item
program item
program-item icon
proprietary item
public item
purchases of expense items
pure public item
recap of items completed
report item
residual item
return item
return items
sale item
secondary item
shared data source item
slot in a syntactic structure that may be filled by any member of a set of mutually substitutable items
software configuration item
sport items
sub item
supplementary item group
suspense items
tariff item
tariff items
tax preference items
trouble items
unwanted items
variety store selling relatively cheap items
work item
writing-off of a bookkeeping item
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