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ill  Noun
Plural: ills
  1. Translate "ill" to Spanish: mal
    English Synonyms of "ill": disease, illness, sickness, malady, mal, malum
    Define meaning of "ill": An often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining.

  2. Translate "ill" to Spanish: dolencia, afección, padecimiento, enfermedad
    English Synonyms of "ill": aching, ailment, illness, sickness, affection, complaint, discomfort
    Define meaning of "ill": Illness which is not very serious. ; An often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining.

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ill  Adjective
  1. Translate "ill" to Spanish: enfermo, achacoso, descompuesto, indispuesto
    English Synonyms of "ill": sick, ailing, diseased, infirm, suffering, unwell, sickly
    Define meaning of "ill": Not in good physical or mental health.
  2. Ill from the monotony of his suffering.

  3. Translate "ill" to Spanish: malo
    English Synonyms of "ill": bad, evil, wicked, heinous, unrighteous, mean
    Define meaning of "ill": Distressing. ; Resulting in suffering or adversity. ; Indicating hostility or enmity.
  4. Ill manners.
    Of ill repute.
    Ill effects.
    It's an ill wind that blows no good.
    You certainly did me an ill turn.
    Ill feelings.
    Ill will.

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  5. Translate "ill" to Spanish: encarcelado
    English Synonyms of "ill": jailed, sent to prison, incarcerated
    Define meaning of "ill": In captivity.

  6. Translate "ill" to Spanish: arrestado bajo sospecha
    English Synonyms of "ill": arrested on suspicion

  7. Translate "ill" to Spanish: muy bueno
    English Synonyms of "ill": awfully good, extremely good, quite good, very good, OK, not too shabby, spiffing, awesome

  8. Translate "ill" to Spanish: muy malo
    English Synonyms of "ill": awful, lousy, very bad, worse, excruciatingly bad, punk, wretchedly inadequate

Conceptually-related expressions of "ill"
a woman of ill-repute
a woman of ill repute
an ill wound is cured but not an ill name
assured ill fortune
augur ill
augur ill that
be deeply ill-informed
be feeling ill
be hopelessly ill-informed
be ill
be ill-advised
be ill-bred
be ill humored
be ill-intentioned
be ill met
be ill-spoken
be ill spoken of
be ill-tempered
be ill-treated
be of ill omen
be seriously ill
be taken ill
be very ill
bear no ill for
become ill
become seriously ill
bird of ill omen
bode ill
bout of ill-health
care of the chronically ill
chronic ill-health
chronic mentally ill
deathly ill person
fall ill
fancied towel offered to one who laments it's undeserved ill fortune
feel ill
fine words dress ill deeds
for good or ill
full of ill will
get ill
gloomy ill humor
grammatically ill-formed
gravely ill
he is ill
house of ill fame
house of ill repute
if envy were a fever all mankind would be ill
ill doers are ill thinkers
in ill-health
joint ill
lady of ill-repute
look ill
louping ill
louping-ill virus
make ill
make more ill
mentally ill
mentally ill person
miraculous remedy for some social and economic ill
navel ill
nursing home for the mentally ill
of a deathly ill person
of a terminally ill person
of ill-omen
of ill repute
of ill-treatment
of the deathly ill
of the terminally ill
person who is suddenly ill
pretend to be ill
pretty ill
prolongued ill-health
seriously ill
severely ill
she is ill
slightly ill
social ill
speak ill of
take ill
take it ill to
terminally ill
terminally ill patient
terminally ill person
the ill
think ill of
unreasonably ill-tempered
very ill-starred
which provokes ill will
will ill-intention
willful damage to personal property motivated by ill will
with ill grace
with ill-intention
woman of ill-repute
work ill done
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