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His  Noun
  1. Translate "His" to Spanish: histidina
    English Synonyms of "His": histidine

  2. Translate "His" to Spanish: His
    English Synonyms of "His": histidyl

  3. Translate "His" to Spanish: histidilo
    English Synonyms of "His": histidyl

his  Adjective
  1. Translate "his" to Spanish: su, de él, suyo, suyo de él, de él o de ella
    English Synonyms of "his": her, her own, his own, its, of theirs, their own
  2. Their property, Su carro=His car=Su propiedad=His.

  3. Translate "his" to Spanish: sus
    English Synonyms of "his": her

his  Pronoun
  1. Translate "his" to Spanish: el suyo, el de él, el suyo propio, lo de él, lo suyo, los suyos
    English Synonyms of "his": his own, hers, theirs

Conceptually-related expressions of "His"
a bad workman always blames his tools
a bad workman blames his tools
a bad workman quarrels with his tools
a bad writer blames his pen
a man's home is his castle
a man's house is his castle
a man's worth is the worth of his land
a thief is always looking over his shoulder
a willful man must have his way
according to his instructions
act of a lord transferring a estate to one of his subordinates
all is grist that comes to his mill
all that is his
all the world and his uncle
all the world and his wife
an Englishman's home is his castle
an Englishman's house is his castle
an honest man's word is as good as his signature
annexion of a smaller state to a larger one leaving the former ruler with his title
as per his indication
as per his indications
as per his recommendation
at his age
at his back
at his behest
at his cost
at his discretion
at his disposal
at his expense
at his instance
at his left
at his mercy
at his option
at his request
at his right
at his service
at his side
at the moment of his birth
bankrupt who has an agreement with his creditors
be all his
be his
be no business of his
be none of his business
before his very eyes
behind his back
betrayed by his wife
bill and account of a student at Oxford college for any of his expenses
boiler maker and his helper
bullfighter who challenges the bull with his cloak
bundle of His
butter wouldn't melt in his mouth
by courtesy of his
by his courtesy
by his instructions
by his side
by the sweat of his brow
carpenter is known by his chips
cheated by his wife
conscript as a crew member against his will
courtesy of his
criminal who injures his victims
criminal who kills his victims
doctrine that God is present in each of His creations
dominated by his wife
don't criticize your brother until you have walked a mile in his shoes
dorsal zone of His
dotingly fond of his wife
drunk in charge of his car
each to his own
eat an Apple going to bed make the doctor beg his bread
employee whose primary allegiance is to his employer
every dog has his day
every Jack must have his Jill
every man has his faults
every man has his price
every movement of his
everybody and his uncle
everyone has a little larceny in his heart
everyone has his peculiarities
everyone stretches his legs according to the length of his coverlet
everyone to his taste
everything that is his
excessive admiration of William Shakespeare and his works
excessively attached to his wife
extremist Jewish Zealot who resorted to murder against his adversaries
for his reasons
for his sake
for reasons of his
from his part
from his side
give someone his rights
God rest his soul
grist to his mill
had I been in his place
he must have his reasons
he throws the stone and then hides his hand
he who does lend loses his friend
he who envies admits his inferiority
he who goes to the fair loses his chair
he who handles thorns shall prick his fingers
he who has money in his purse cannot want a head for his shoulders
he who is without shame all the word is his
he who is without shame all the world is his
he who sings drives away his grief
he who spares his rod hates his son
he who waits ends up losing his patience
his bark is worse than his bite
home is where he hangs his hat
if I were in his place
in front of his very face
in full possession of his faculties
in his care
in his cups
in his direction
in his opinion
in his possession
in his presence
in his regard
in his sight
in his stead
in his turf
in his way
in the performance of his duties
in the year of his age
in the year of his reign
isthmus of His
it is his affair
it's a feather in his cup
it's his funeral
it's his move
it's his turn
Kent-His bundle
let every man keep his place
little boy too small for his age
lord's act of transferring a estate to one of his subordinates
male overly attached to his mother
man cheated on by his wife
man in his eighties
man in his fifties
man in his forties
man in his nineties
man in his seventies
man in his sixties
man in his thirties
man in his twenties
man of his caliber
man of his word
man separated from his wife
man who tries to charm and impress his superiors
much to his amazement
much to his chagrin
much to his disgust
much to his dismay
much to his regret
much to his surprise
neutral zone of His
no man is a hero to his valet
of Christ's renunciation of His divinity
of his
of his age
of his own
of his same age
of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings
of the emperor Augustus Caesar and his age
on his account
on his behalf
on his favor
on his own
on his part
on his recommendation
on his side
on his way
one of his own
only a fool never changes his mind
out of his grasp
out of his hands
out of his reach
outside his range
pensioner or almshouse inmate who prays for his benefactors
per his admission
person appointed by a higher authority to exercise some of his power
person grated his rights
person in his forties
person in his thirties
person in his twenties
person that keeps the ways of his ancestors
person who relieves another in his duty
pertaining to Freud or his teachings
pertaining to Pythagoras or his doctrines
Plato and his school
prisoner near the end of his term
property which a husband settles on his wife
read someone his rights
reception given for an Indian prince by his subjects
right under his nose
round backless and armless seat used by a bishop or other prelate when officiating in a church not his own
shrewd person watchful of his profit
staff tipped with a pine cone and twined with ivy and vine leaves carried by Bacchus and his entourage
staves tipped with a pine cone and twined with ivy and vine leaves carried by Bacchus and his entourage
submissive to his wife
that's his affair
that's his funeral
that's his problem
the bearing of his word
the devil looks after his own
the foot of the owner is the best manure for his land
the higher the ape goes the more he shows his tail
the hunchback does not see his own hump but see his companion's
the leopard can't change his spots
the leopard never changes his spots
the power went to his head
the shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach
the way to an Englishman's heart is through his stomach
the wolf may lose his teeth but never his nature
there is method in his madness
through his means
through no fault of his
through no fault of his own
to each his own
to give the devil his due
to his advantage
to his amazement
to his astonishment
to his benefit
to his good
to his image
to his liking
to his profit
under his command
under his name
under his orders
under his protection
under his responsibility
under his wing
Werner-His disease
what's-his name
what's his name
where it's none of his business
white of his eye
who receives a gift loses his liberty
who receives a gift sells his liberty
with his aid
with his exception
with his help
with his name
with no fault of his
with no fault of his own
within his power
within his reach
within his sight
within the scope of his responsibility
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