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heart  Noun
Plural: hearts
  1. Translate "heart" to Spanish: corazón, alma, centro, cogollo, entraña, entrañas
    English Synonyms of "heart": core, center, focus, bottom, hub, innermost part, nucleus, root
    Define meaning of "heart": The choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience. ; An area that is approximately central within some larger region.
  2. The gist of the prosecutor's argument.
    The heart and soul of the Republican Party.
    The nub of the story.
    It is in the center of town.
    They ran forward into the heart of the struggle.
    They were in the eye of the storm.

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  3. Translate "heart" to Spanish: corazón, cor
    English Synonyms of "heart": pump, pumper, cor
    Define meaning of "heart": The hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs; its rhythmic contractions pump blood through the body.
  4. He stood still, his heart thumping wildly.

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  5. Translate "heart" to Spanish: ánimo, aliento, arrojo, fibra
    English Synonyms of "heart": encouragement, pep, courage, mettle, spirit, verve, zest
    Define meaning of "heart": The courage to carry on.
  6. He kept fighting on pure spunk.
    You haven't got the heart for baseball.

  7. Translate "heart" to Spanish: corazón, centro de la personalidad y emoción
    English Synonyms of "heart": center of personality and emotion
    Define meaning of "heart": Center of personality and emotion. ; The locus of feelings and intuitions.
  8. In your heart you know it is true.
    Her story would melt your bosom.

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  9. Translate "heart" to Spanish: esencia
    English Synonyms of "heart": pith

  10. Translate "heart" to Spanish: cerne
    English Synonyms of "heart": hardest part of a tree trunk
    Define meaning of "heart": Hardest part of a tree trunk.

  11. Translate "heart" to Spanish: tableta de anfetamina
    English Synonyms of "heart": amphetamine tablet

heart  Adjective
  1. Translate "heart" to Spanish: cardiaco, del corazón
    English Synonyms of "heart": cardiac, of the heart
    Define meaning of "heart": Of or relating to the heart.

Conceptually-related expressions of "heart"
a full stomach makes for a happy heart
a heavy purse makes a light heart
a light purse makes a heavy heart
abnormal growth of the heart
abnormal heart rhythm
abnormal sound made by the heart
above the ventricles of the heart
Abrams' heart reflex
accelerated beat of the heart
after one's own heart
alternans of the heart
alternating heart
alternation of the heart
American Heart Association
anterior longitudinal sulcus of heart
aortic ventricle of heart
apex of heart
appeal to the heart
armored heart
arteriosclerotic heart disease
artificial heart
at heart
athlete's heart
athletic heart
athletic heart syndrome
atrioventricular septum of heart
atrium of heart
atrium of the heart
auricle of the heart
axis of heart
axis of the heart
backward heart-failure
backward heart insufficience
backward heart insufficiency
bare one's heart
Bartlett's bleeding-heart
base of heart
base of the heart
baseline fetal heart rate
baseline variability of fetal heart rate
be all heart
be big-hearted
be good at heart
be hard-hearted
be kind-hearted
be learned by heart
be sick at heart
be soft-hearted
be warm-hearted
beat-to-beat variation in heart rate
beat-to-beat variation of heart rate
beer heart
believe by heart
believe with all one's heart
beri-beri heart
beriberi heart disease
black heart
bleeding heart
blood flow through the heart muscles
boatshaped heart
bony heart
broken heart
brown heart
by heart
capsule of heart
capture someone's heart
capture the heart of
chamber of the heart
change of heart
chaotic heart
chronic heart-failure
chronic heart insufficience
chronic heart insufficiency
cockles of one's heart
cold hands warm heart
cold of heart
compensated heart failure
compensatory hypertrophy of the heart
complete heart block
compliance of heart
conducting system of heart
conduction system of the heart
congenital heart disease
congestive heart-failure
congestive heart insufficience
congestive heart insufficiency
contraction of the heart by irritation of the precordium
coronary heart disease
cross my heart
cross one's heart
crux of heart
cry one's heart out
cry out one's heart
cut to the heart
cyanotic congenital heart disease
decompression of heart
decompression of the heart
deep at heart
deep in one's heart
device used to amplify the intensity of heart sounds
dextroposition of the heart
dextroversion of the heart
diastolic heart failure
dicky heart
die of a broken heart
dilatation of the heart
dilation of the heart
disease of the heart muscle
disease or disorder of the heart
disordered action of the heart
do one's heart good
don't lose heart
drop heart
dyspnea due to heart failure
eat one's heart out
edema of the heart
electrical alternation of heart
electrical axis of heart
electrical axis of the heart
electrical heart position
enlarged heart
everyone has a little larceny in his heart
everyone's heart
far from the eye far from the heart
fat heart
fatty heart
fatty infiltration of heart
fear of heart attacks
fear of the heart
feel sick at heart
fetal heart rate
fetal heart sounds
fetal heart tones
fibroid heart
fibrous ring of heart
fibrous rings of heart
fibrous trigone of heart
fleshy trabecula of heart
fleshy trabeculae of heart
foramen of the smallest veins of heart
forward heart-failure
friend in heart
from one's heart
from the bottom of one's heart
from the bottom of the heart
from the heart
frosted heart
get to the heart of
good heart
hairy heart
half-hearted smile
hanging heart
hard-hearted person
hardness of heart
have a heart
have a heart attack
have a heart pain
have a heart-to-heart talk with
have a heavy heart
have a soft spot in one's heart for
have a sting in one's heart
have at heart
have heart trouble
have no heart
have one's heart set upon
have set one's heart on
heart of hearts
heart-to-heart talk
heart-to-heart variation
heaviness of heart
hereditary glycogen storage disease characterized by muscular weakness and enlargement of the heart
high hearted
hold dear to one's heart
hole in the heart
holiday heart syndrome
hollow heart
home is where the heart is
hope deferred makes the heart sick
hope springs eternal in the human heart
horizontal heart
hypertrophy of the heart
hypoplastic heart
hypoplastic left heart syndrome
hypothesis which proposes a connection between plasma cholesterol and coronary heart disease
I cross my heart
icing heart
immaculate heart
in front of the heart
in my heart of hearts
in one's heart
in one's heart of hearts
in the bottom of my heart
in the heart of
incomplete heart block
infundibulum of heart
inner layer of the pericardium in actual contact with the surface of the heart
interatrial septum of heart
intermediate heart
interventricular septum of heart
irrational fear of heart attacks
irrational fear of the heart
irregular rhythm of the heart
irritable heart
ischemic heart disease
kind heart
know by heart
lack of a heart
law of the heart
learn by heart
left heart
left-heart failure
left-heart insufficience
left-heart insufficiency
left ventricle of heart
lift up your hearts
lonely hearts club
longitudinal sulcus of heart
lose heart
lose one's heart to
love with all one's heart
loving heart
luxus heart
Luzon bleeding-heart
make one's heart ache
malfunctioning of the heart
massive heart attack
membrane flap which forms a heart valve
microphone which records heart sounds
Mindoro bleeding-heart
Mobitz I heart block
Mobitz II heart block
movable heart
mulberry heart disease
muscle of heart
muscular part of interventricular septum of heart
my heart sank
myocytolysis of heart
myxedema heart
Negros bleeding-heart
notch of apex of heart
of the heart
one of the two top chambers of the heart
one speaks of what is nearest one's heart
open heart
open-heart surgery
open one's heart
open one's heart to
open up one's heart to
out of heart
out of the goodness of one's heart
oval fossa of heart
pain in the area surrounding the heart
pain in the heart
palm heart
parchment heart
part of blood pressure reading related to the contraction of the heart
partial heart block
patient suffering from heart disease
pendulous heart
pendulum heart
phobia of heart attacks
phobia of the heart
physiologic third heart sound
pity comes from the heart
play with all of one's heart
pneumatic heart driver
posterior longitudinal sulcus of heart
poultice applied over the heart
pounding of heart
pour out one's heart
premature heart contraction
prosthetic heart valve
pull the heart out
pulmonary heart
pulmonary surface of heart
pure heart
purple heart
put new heart into
queen of hearts
racing heart
rapid beating of the heart
rate at which it is perceived on auscultation the third and fourth heart sound
referring to the heart
referring to the heart atrium
reflex that produces alteration in heart activity
related to a top chamber plus a ventricle of the heart
related to one of the top chambers of the heart
related to one of the tow top chambers of the heart
related to the heart
related to the kidneys and heart
repetition of one or both heart sounds
resting heart rate
rheumatic heart disease
rheumatism of the heart
rhythm characterized by equality in the length and character of the heart sounds
Richard the Lion-Hearted
right heart
right-heart failure
right-heart insufficience
right-heart insufficiency
right margin of heart
right ventricle of heart
right ventricular heart-failure
right ventricular heart insufficience
right ventricular heart insufficiency
Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart University
second degree heart block
semihorizontal heart
semivertical heart
set one's heart on
shaped like a heart
skin heart
slog one's heart out
small heart
small vein of heart
sob one's heart out
soft-hearted person
soldier heart
soldier's heart
solution injected into the aortic root or the coronary ostia to induce cardiac arrest during heart surgery
song lightens the heart
speak from the heart
special type of muscle forming the heart
spiritual wounding of the heart
splitting of heart sound
splitting of heart sounds
Starling's law of the heart
steel one's heart
sternocostal surface of heart
stiff heart
stone heart
straight from the heart
suspended heart
systemic heart
take everything seriously but nothing to heart
take heart
take to heart
talk direct to the heart
Tawi-Tawi bleeding-heart
tear the heart
tear the heart out
teardrop heart
tender heart
test that records the electrical activity of the heart
thank from the bottom of one's heart
that has a tonic effect on the heart
that is located behind the heart
that originates from a heart deficiency
the broken-hearted
the lips are silent when the heart speaks
The Sacred Heart
three-chambered heart
thrush breast heart
thyrotoxic heart disease
tiger heart
tiger lily heart
tobacco heart
touch the heart
toxic to the heart
transverberation of the heart
Traube's heart
Tübingen heart
University of the Sacred Heart
uppermost part of the heart
uppermost part of the heart atria
valvular heart disease
ventricle of heart
ventricle of the heart
vertical heart
very heart-stricken
vulnerable period of heart
waist of the heart
wandering heart
weep one's heart out
Wenckebach heart block
which acts selectively on the heart
win someone's heart
with a broken heart
with a crushed heart
with a heavy heart
with a light heart
with aching heart
with all one's heart
with an aching heart
with heart
with the heart broken
with the whole heart
without a heart
wooden-shoe heart
X-ray machine used to record the movements of the heart
young at heart
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