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go through  Verb
  1. Translate "go through" to Spanish: pasar a través de, introducirse por
    English Synonyms of "go through": get through, pass through, get in through, run through, seep in through, walk through
    Define meaning of "go through": Go across or through.
  2. We passed the point where the police car had parked.
    A terrible thought went through his mind.

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  3. Translate "go through" to Spanish: experimentar, atravesar, pasar a través de, atravesar por
    English Synonyms of "go through": experience, pass through, live out, live through, meet up, undergo
    Define meaning of "go through": Go or live through.
  4. She experienced an ordeal, Ella atravesó una dura prueba.
    We had many trials to go through.
    He saw action in Viet Nam.

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  5. Translate "go through" to Spanish: recorrer
    English Synonyms of "go through": run by, course, go over, range, range over, traverse, track

  6. Translate "go through" to Spanish: traspasar, atravesar
    English Synonyms of "go through": perforate, pierce, pierce through, run through, poke through, transfix
    Define meaning of "go through": Solid object.

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  8. Translate "go through" to Spanish: examinar a fondo, escudriñar, rebuscar en
    English Synonyms of "go through": examine in depth, go into, go thoroughly into, probe, search to the bottom, peruse

  9. Translate "go through" to Spanish: rebuscar entre, esculcar
    English Synonyms of "go through": burrow through, dig through, look through, look up through, rifle through, rummage around in
    Define meaning of "go through": Go through in search of something; search through someone's belongings in an unauthorized way.
  10. Lisa went through my drawers, Lisa esculcó mis gavetas.
    Who rifled through my desk drawers?

  11. Translate "go through" to Spanish: hacerse
  12. He went through a medical checkup,, Se hizo un examen general

  13. Translate "go through" to Spanish: ser aprobado
    English Synonyms of "go through": be approved, get the nod, get through, pass, be given carte blanche

  14. Translate "go through" to Spanish: despilfarrar
    English Synonyms of "go through": waste, chuck away, fling about, misuse, squander, squander away, throw about, throw away
    Define meaning of "go through": Spend extravagantly. ; Use inefficiently or inappropriately. ; Spend thoughtlessly; throw away.

  15. Translate "go through" to Spanish: recorrer
    English Synonyms of "go through": travel
    Define meaning of "go through": Change location; move, travel, or proceed.
  16. How fast does your new car go?
    We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus.
    The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect.

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