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give out  Verb
  1. Translate "give out" to Spanish: repartir, dar, soltar
    English Synonyms of "give out": distribute, portion, apportion, deal out, divide out, dole out, measure out
    Define meaning of "give out": Give out.
  2. Mike gives out a lot of money, Miguel suelta mucho dinero.
    The teacher handed out the exams.

  3. Translate "give out" to Spanish: agotarse, acabarse
    English Synonyms of "give out": run out, become exhausted, run short, be finished, be off, play out, run dry, spend itself
    Define meaning of "give out": Prove insufficient.
  4. The water supply for the town failed after a long drought.

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  5. Translate "give out" to Spanish: agotarse
    English Synonyms of "give out": become exhausted, blow out of steam, run dry, run up, strain oneself, fag

  6. Translate "give out" to Spanish: averiarse, dejar de funcionar
    English Synonyms of "give out": become damaged, break, break down, go bad, bust, fall into disrepair, get broken, get busted
    Define meaning of "give out": Stop operating or functioning.
  7. The engine finally went.
    The car died on the road.
    The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town.
    The coffee maker broke.
    The engine failed on the way to town.
    Her eyesight went after the accident.

  8. Translate "give out" to Spanish: tender
    English Synonyms of "give out": offer, give out one's, hold out
    Define meaning of "give out": Put forward for consideration. ; Produce or introduce on the stage. ; Make available or accessible, provide or furnish. ; Present for acceptance or rejection. ; Make available for sale.; Offer verbally. ; Make available; provide.; Propose a payment. ; Present as an act of worship.

  9. Translate "give out" to Spanish: proferir favores sexuales, ser promiscuo
    English Synonyms of "give out": put out, proffer sexual favors, be promiscuous

  10. Translate "give out" to Spanish: colapsar
    English Synonyms of "give out": collapse, come to pieces, fall to pieces, go to pieces, belly up, fold, go blooey
    Define meaning of "give out": Suffer a nervous breakdown.

  11. Translate "give out" to Spanish: fallar
    English Synonyms of "give out": fail, blow it, default, renege, bite dust, bomb out, come a cropper, crap out, bomb
    Define meaning of "give out": Prove insufficient. ; Fall short in what is expected. ; Fail to get a passing grade. ; Be unsuccessful.

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