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get around  Verb
  1. Translate "get around" to Spanish: desenvolverse bien, desenvolverse
    English Synonyms of "get around": do well, be all there, perform well, acquit well, be with it
  2. John gets around fine by himself, Juan se desenvuelve bien solo.

  3. Translate "get around" to Spanish: sortear, esquivar, soslayar
    English Synonyms of "get around": dodge, avoid, duck, evade, fend off, jink, circumvent
    Define meaning of "get around": Avoid something unpleasant or laborious.
  4. You cannot bypass these rules!

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  5. Translate "get around" to Spanish: viajar por doquier, viajar
    English Synonyms of "get around": tour, travel, journey, knock about, travel everywhere, trip, fare, leg, leg it
    Define meaning of "get around": Move around; move from place to place.
  6. How does she get around without a car?

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  7. Translate "get around" to Spanish: propagarse, difundirse
    English Synonyms of "get around": fan out, get about, go about, spread, spread out, disperse, get abroad, break off, diffuse, percolate
    Define meaning of "get around": Be released or become known; of news.
  8. News of her death broke in the morning.

  9. Translate "get around" to Spanish: pasar por un lado de, bordear
    English Synonyms of "get around": by-pass, bypass, border, go around, edge, get round, go round, sidestep

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  11. Translate "get around" to Spanish: movilizarse en

  12. Translate "get around" to Spanish: sortear el paso
    English Synonyms of "get around": dodge, steer clear, maneuver, manoeuvre

  13. Translate "get around" to Spanish: ser socialmente activo y deseable
    English Synonyms of "get around": be socially active and desirable

  14. Translate "get around" to Spanish: persuadir
    English Synonyms of "get around": convince, bring around, bring over, bring round, persuade, prevail on, prevail upon, sway
    Define meaning of "get around": Make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something.

  15. Translate "get around" to Spanish: engañar
    English Synonyms of "get around": deceive, fool, bamboozle, be false to, beguile, bluff, bluff out, swindle, take in, trick
    Define meaning of "get around": Cause someone to believe an untruth. ; Be false to; be dishonest with.

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