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fiber  Noun
Plural: fibers
  1. Translate "fiber" to Spanish: fibra
    English Synonyms of "fiber": filament, staple, fibre
    Define meaning of "fiber": A slender and greatly elongated solid substance.

  2. Translate "fiber" to Spanish: carácter, fibra
    English Synonyms of "fiber": energy, strength, character, moral strength, will power, willpower, guts
    Define meaning of "fiber": The inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions.
  3. Education has for its object the formation of character.

  4. Translate "fiber" to Spanish: fibra dietética, alimento poco digerible, fibra
    English Synonyms of "fiber": roughage, dietary fiber, bulk, dietary fibre, fibre
    Define meaning of "fiber": Indigestible plant polysaccharides in food which promote intestinal peristalsis.; Fibrous,indigestible plant polysaccharides in food which promote intestinal peristalsis.

  5. Translate "fiber" to Spanish: fique
    English Synonyms of "fiber": pita fiber, cord, rope

Conceptually-related expressions of "fiber"
accelerating fiber
accelerator fiber
accessory fiber
acetate fiber
acrylic fiber
adrenergic fiber
adrenergic fibers
afferent fiber
afferent nerve fiber
alkali treatment of cotton fibers
alpha fiber
alveolar fiber
anastomosing fiber
anastomotic fiber
animal fiber
animal textile fiber
ANSI protocols for sending digital data through optic fiber cables
apical fiber
arciform fiber
arcuate fiber
argyrophilic fiber
artificial fiber
asbestos fiber
asbestos fiber cement
asbestos with fine silky fibers
association fiber
astral fiber
augmentor fiber
autonomic nerve fiber
axial fiber
B fiber
basilar fiber
bast fiber
Beale's fiber
beat to separate the fibers of
Bergmann's fiber
Bergmann's fibers
Berneheimer fiber
Bernheimer's fibers
beta fiber
Bogrow's fiber
braided material made by plaiting fibers
brush fiber
Bülhmann's fiber
bundle of nerve fibers
Burdach's fiber
C fiber
capsular fiber
carbon fiber
cellulosic fiber
cemental fiber
ceramic fiber
cerebrospinal fiber
cholinergic fiber
chromatic fiber
cilioequatorial fiber
circular fiber
classify according to the fiber
climbing fiber
coconut fiber
coir fiber
collagen fiber
collagenous fiber
collateral fiber
commissural fiber
conduction fibers
cone fiber
contractile fiber cell
corticobulbar fiber
corticofugal nerve fiber
corticonuclear fiber
corticopontine fiber
corticoreticular fiber
corticospinal fiber
cotton fiber
cotton-fiber embolism
crude fiber
curled wood fiber
Darkschewitsch's fiber
decussating fiber
dendritic fiber
dentinal fiber
dentogingival fiber
dentoperiosteal fiber
depressor fiber
dietary fiber
digital transmission over multi-mode optical fibers
digital transmission over single-mode optical fibers
Edinger's fiber
efferent fiber
efferent nerve fiber
elastic fiber
enamel fiber
endogenous fiber
exogenous fiber
external arcuate fiber
fast-twitch fiber
filling fiber
FT fiber
gamma efferent fiber
gamma fiber
geminal fiber
Gerdy's fiber
glass fiber
Goll's fiber
Gottstein's fiber
Gratiolet fiber
Gratiolet's radiating fiber
gray fiber
hair fiber
hard fiber
Henle's fiber
Henle's fiber layer
Herxheimer's fiber
heterodesmotic fiber
high-fiber diet
high in fiber
homodesmotic fiber
hybrid fiber coax
inhibitory fiber
insoluble fiber
intercerebral fiber
intercolumnar fiber
intercrural fiber
internal arcuate fiber
interzonal fiber
intracolumnar fiber
intrafusal fiber
intrinsic fiber
James fiber
kemp fiber
Korff's fiber
Kuhne's fiber
Lenhossék's fiber
linen fiber
lint fiber
longitudinal fiber
low-fiber diet
Mahaim fiber
Mahaim fibers
man-made fiber
man-made fibers
Manhaim fiber
manmade mineral fiber
medullated fiber
medullated nerve fiber
meridional fiber
method that integrates digital transmission services by broadband or optic fiber
Meynert's fiber
mineral fiber
monomode optical fiber
moral fiber
moss fiber
mossy fiber
motor fiber
Müller fiber
Muller's fiber
multimode optical fiber
muscle fiber
myelinated fiber
myelinated nerve fiber
National Automotive Fibers
natural fiber
Nélaton's fiber
nerve fiber
nerve fiber layer
noncellulosic fiber
nonmedullated fiber
nonmedullated nerve fiber
nonmyelinated nerve fiber
nuclear bag fiber
nuclear chain fiber
oblique fiber
olivocerebellar fiber
optic fiber cable
optic fiber regeneration
optical fiber
optical fiber cable
optical fiber communication
osteocollagenous fiber
osteogenetic fiber
osteogenic fiber
pectinate fiber
perforating fiber
periventricular fiber
Perlia's fiber
pilomotor fiber
pita fiber
plant fiber
plant textile fiber
plastic fiber netting
pontine fiber
postganglionar fiber
postganglionic fiber
precollagenous fiber
preganglionic fiber
pressor fiber
principal fiber
projection fiber
projection nerve fiber
protein fiber bundles
Prussak's fiber
Purkinje's fiber
Purkinje's fibers
pyramidal fiber
radicular fiber
red fiber
Reissner fiber
Reissner's fiber
Remak's fiber
Remak's fibers
removal of the fiber
reticular fiber
Retzius' fiber
Retzius fiber
Ritter's fiber
rod fiber
Rolando's fiber
rope made from pita fibers
rope made with agave fibers
Rosenthal fiber
Sappey's fiber
scutched fiber
scutching of fibers
separate the fibers of
Sharpey's fiber
Sharpey's fibers
short association fiber
short fiber removed during the combing of a textile fiber
singe in order to remove the fuzz or loose or protruding fibers
single-mode optical fiber
sinospiral fiber
skeletal muscle fiber
slow-twitch fiber
soft fiber
somatic nerve fiber
spindle fiber
ST fiber
staple fiber
Stilling's fiber
striated muscle fiber
submandibular gland secretion by stimulation of sympathetic nerve fibers
sudomotor fiber
synthetic fiber
synthetic fibers
synthetic textile fiber
T fiber
tautomeric fiber
textile fiber
thick rope made out of hemp or other vegetal fibers
Tomes' fiber
traction fiber
transseptal fiber
tumor composed of striated muscle fibers
unmyelinated fiber
varicose fiber
vasoconstriction produced by stimulating certain afferent fibers
vasomotor fiber
vegetable fiber
virgin fiber
visceral afferent fibers
visceral nerve fiber
von Monakow's fiber
vulcanized fiber
Weissmann's fiber
Weitbrecht's fiber
Wernicke's fiber
white fiber
X-shaped crossing of fibers
yellow fiber
zonular fiber
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