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everything  Noun
Plural: everythings
  1. Translate "everything" to Spanish: todo
    English Synonyms of "everything": unity, entirety, whole, kit and boodle, kit and caboodle, shebang
    Define meaning of "everything": The quality of being united into one. ; An unreduced or unbroken completeness or totality.

everything  Pronoun
  1. Translate "everything" to Spanish: todo, toda cosa, todas las cosas, absolutamente todo, completamente todo, ello todo, lo habido y por haber, todo ello, todo lo habido y por haber
    English Synonyms of "everything": absolutely everything, all, all the lot, every bit, every bit of it, the whole lot, the lot

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Conceptually-related expressions of "everything"
a little bit of everything
a little of everything
abandon everything
absolutely everything
agree with everything
at the end of everything
be about everything
be about everything that
be attracted by everything
be aware of everything
be everything to
be in control of everything
be indulged in everything
be involved in everything
be just about everything that
be nearly everything that
be on top of everything
become bored with everything
belief that God is the center of everything
believe everything
believe everything about
believe everything that
bet everything
bitch about everything
calm everything
cancel everything
carry off with everything
clear everything for
clear off with everything
complain about everything
confess everything
consent on everything
consent to everything
containing a little of everything
contradict everything
customs reconcile us to everything
delay in everything
despite everything
destroy everything
do everything possible
doubt everything
eat everything
expert on everything
fail in everything
fear and anxiety for everything
fear of everything
find fault with everything
find faults with everything
for everything
for everything that
for everything which
gamble everything
gather everything up
give everything
give everything for
give up everything
give up on everything
have a lot of everything
have an answer to everything
have everything
have everything overpriced
have everything shipshape
have everything under control
have good luck for everything
have one's eye on everything
have plenty of everything
hold everything
in everything concerning
in spite of everything
in spite of everything that
irrational fear of everything
just about everything said of
keep an eye on everything
lack everything
laugh at everything
leave everything packed
lose everything
love does much money does everything
make a mess out of everything
make everything up
make everything very easy
make off with everything
meddle into everything
mess out everything
mess up everything
money isn't everything
much about everything said of
on top of everything
on top of everything else
person who complains for everything
person who dislikes everything new
person who make very slow progress on everything
person who thinks maliciously about everything
phobia of everything
poke one's nose into everything
postpone everything by habit
put up with everything
quarrel for everything
quibble about everything
reckoning everything
regardless of everything
reveal everything
risk everything
ruin everything
say everything
see everything rosy
set everything straight
so far everything is O.K.
spoil everything
spoil everything for
stake everything
stick one's nose into everything
store where one finds everything
sweep with everything
take a taste of everything
take advantage of everything
tell everything
tell everything to
that complains about everything
that eats everything
that is beyond everything
that's beyond everything
there is a time for everything
there is a way out for everything
there is a way out of everything
there's a time and place for everything
there's an end to everything
throw away everything
thrust one's nose into everything
time changes everything
time heals everything
to top everything
try a little bit of everything
try everything
turn everything topsy-turvy
when everything is going wrong try to do everything right
which dislikes everything new
which overcomes everything
who indulges his wife in everything
win everything
you can't have everything
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