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enough  Noun
Plural: enoughs
  1. Translate "enough" to Spanish: lo suficiente

enough  Adjective
  1. Translate "enough" to Spanish: bastante, suficiente, una cantidad adecuada de, una cantidad suficiente de
    English Synonyms of "enough": plenty of, sufficient, a lot of, a heap of, quite a few of, quite a lot of, sufficing
    Define meaning of "enough": Enough to meet a purpose.
  2. An adequate income.
    The food was adequate.
    A decent wage.
    Enough food.
    Food enough.

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enough  Adverb
  1. Translate "enough" to Spanish: bastante, suficientemente, bastantemente, harto, lo suficiente
    English Synonyms of "enough": a lot, a good deal, a long way, pretty much, quite a bit, quite a deal
    Define meaning of "enough": As much as necessary.
  2. Have I eaten enough?
    'plenty' is nonstandard).
    Ve had plenty, thanks.

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enough  Pronoun
  1. Translate "enough" to Spanish: bastante, lo suficiente, una cantidad suficiente
    English Synonyms of "enough": a good deal, a lot, a sufficient quantity, just enough, quite a lot, quite enough, enough on one's plate
    Define meaning of "enough": An adequate quantity; a quantity that is large enough to achieve a purpose. ; As much as necessary.
  2. Enough is as good as a feast.
    There is more than a sufficiency of lawyers in this country.
    Have I eaten enough?
    'plenty' is nonstandard).
    Ve had plenty, thanks.

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enough  Interjection
  1. Translate "enough" to Spanish: basta, basta ya, ya suficiente, basta ya de eso, no diga más, no siga
    English Synonyms of "enough": cut it out, enough said, knock it off, stop it, that's enough, enough is enough, chuck it

Conceptually-related expressions of "enough"
a large enough amount
a large enough quantity
a word to the wise is enough
and as if that weren't enough
and as if we didn't have enough
as if it were not enough
as if it were not enough to
as if that were not enough
as if this were not enough
as if we didn't have enough
as if we had not enough to
as it were not enough
as it were not enough to
barely enough
barely have enough cash
be absolutely not enough
be enough
be enough evidence
be enough for
be enough of a
be enough room
be enough that
be enough time
be enough to
be fortunate enough to
be good enough for
be good enough to
be kind enough to
be long enough
be lucky enough to
be man enough
be more than enough
be more than enough room
be more than enough time
be not enough
be not enough for
be not enough margin
be not enough of
be not enough play
be not enough to
be not serious enough
be not wearing enough clothes
be old enough to
be room enough to
be shameless enough to
be time enough
be well enough to
big enough
but not enough that
close enough
close enough to
confirm with enough time
consider it enough that
cry enough
eat enough
enough is enough
fair enough
far away enough
far enough
far enough from
find enough time
fine enough
frequently enough
funnily enough
get enough
get enough information
get enough to
get far enough
get far enough away
give time enough to
go far enough
go far enough with
good enough
hardly enough
harmless enough pastime
have barely enough money
have barely enough time
have enough
have enough means
have enough money
have enough of it
have enough support
have enough time
have enough to
have enough voice
have enough with
have just enough time
have more than enough
have more than enough time
have not enough
have not enough money
have not enough time
have quite enough time
have time enough
if that were not enough
just enough
just enough of
know well enough
know well enough that
know well enough to
large enough
large enough quantity
learn more than enough
leave well enough alone
likely enough
long enough
look good enough to
make decisions without enough information
make given enough time
more than enough
much more than enough
near enough
not enough heavy
not quite enough so that
not sufficiently enough
not sufficiently enough for
not sufficiently enough so that
obtain enough financing
oddly enough
often enough
one example is enough
only barely enough
outside of enough
please be good enough to
pluck up enough courage
proceed without enough information
quaintly enough
quite enough
quite enough to
room enough
sadly enough
scarcely enough
seem good enough to
small enough
strangely enough
sure enough
talk long enough
that's enough
that's enough nonsense
that's quite enough
there's more than enough time
uncannily enough
weirdly enough
well enough
who has difficulty breathing enough air
with enough cash
with enough margin
with enough room
with enough time
with enough to
without enough air
without enough clothes
young enough
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