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energy  Noun
Plural: energies
  1. Translate "energy" to Spanish: energía, brío, energías, vitalidad, dinamismo, fibra, fuerzas, impetuosidad, intensidad, temple, vigor, ímpetu, ñeque
    English Synonyms of "energy": pep, vitality, activeness, drive, forcefulness, power, snap
    Define meaning of "energy": An imaginative lively style (especially style of writing). ; Enterprising or ambitious drive.; An exertion of force. ; A healthy capacity for vigorous activity.
  2. His writing conveys great energy.
    Europeans often laugh at American energy.
    He plays tennis with great energy.
    Jogging works off my excess energy.
    He seemed full of vim and vigor.

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  3. Translate "energy" to Spanish: energía, capacidad para producir trabajo, dinámica, potencia
    English Synonyms of "energy": power, capacity to produce work, kick-ass, kick-butt, kick-yer-ass
    Define meaning of "energy": The capacity of a physical system to do work; the units of energy are joules or ergs.
  4. Energy can take a wide variety of forms.

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Conceptually-related expressions of "energy"
a lot of energy
action-specific energy
activation energy
actual energy
Adams Resources & Energy
Adams Resources & Energy Inc.
affect energy
Allegheny Energy
Allegheny Energy Inc.
Alliant Energy
Alliant Energy Corporation
allowed energy band
alternative energy
alternative sources of energy
American Nuclear Energy Council
Americas Nuclear Energy Symposium
Arbusto Energy
artificial energy dispersal
Atmos Energy
Atmos Energy Corporation
atom with maximum energy
atomic energy
Atomic Energy Commission
available energy resources
Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings
battery embedded in PCs to provide a few minutes of energy
be full of life and energy
begin with projective energy
binding energy
biomass energy
biotic energy
blocks of energy
bound energy
brimming with energy
burst of energy
caloric energy
carrier energy dispersal
Centerior Energy
CenterPoint Energy
charged with energy
chemical energy
Chesapeake Energy
Cimarex Energy
clean energy
CMS Energy
CMS Energy Corp.
coal-based energy
coherent electromagnetic energy
Columbia Energy Group
conservation of energy
Consol Energy
Constellation Energy
contact-potential energy barrier
conventional energy
conventional energy source
cross-polarized energy
Crosstex Energy
CVR Energy
dark energy
delivered energy
Department of Energy
Devon Energy
Devon Energy Corporation
diffracted energy
digestible energy
digestive energy
direction of propagation of energy
disinfestation of soil by the heat generated from trapped solar energy
display energy
drain someone's energies
drain someone's energy
drain the energy of
DTE Energy
DTE Energy Co.
dual-energy imaging
Duke Energy
Duke Energy Corp
dynamic source of energy
Eagle Rock Energy Partners
efficient in energy consumption
efficient in energy usage
efficient in energy use
electrical energy
electromagnetic energy
Enbridge Energy Partners
environmentally-sound energy infrastructure
European Atomic Energy Community
European Energy Charter
European Nuclear Energy Agency
fatty or waxy substance for building body cells or as energy source
field of chemistry that deals with the conversion of chemical into mechanical energy
filled with energy
find the energy
first-order sideband energy
forbidden energy band
free energy
full of energy
full of enthusiasm and energy
fusion energy
gain energy
galactic nucleus emitting extremely large amounts of energy
geothermic energy
Gibbs free energy
Great Plains Energy
Great Plains Energy Inc.
hard energy
have lots of energy
heat energy
Hemispheric Energy Initiative
hemispheric energy integration
Hemispheric Meeting of Energy Ministers
high energy accelerator
high energy bond
high energy compound
high-energy feed
high energy neutron
high-energy particle
high energy phosphate
high-energy physics
in a low-energy condition
integration of energy markets
Integrys Energy Group
internal energy
International Atomic Energy
International Atomic Energy Agency
International Energy Agency
ionizing energy
Joint Statement on Clean Development and Use of Energy
Key Energy Services
Kinder Morgan Energy
kinetic energy
lack of energy
lacking energy
lacking in energy
latent energy
Latin American Energy Organization
law of conservation of energy
law of specific nerve energies
LG&E Energy
life energy
linear energy transfer
lose energy
lose energy suddenly
lose too much energy
loss of energy
low energy cultivation
low energy neutron
low energy particle
luminous energy
magnetic energy storage
make something with great energy
marine energy
mass-per-unit energy ratio
Massey Energy
Massey Energy Company
Maxus Energy
mechanical energy
metabolizable energy
MidAmerican Energy Holdings
Minister of Energy
Mitchell Energy & Devel.
monitor of ultra-violet solar energy
motive energy
National Atomic Energy Commission
net energy
New Century Energies
Noble Energy
Noble Energy Inc
non-conventional energy
non-polluting energy source
NorAm Energy
NRG Energy
nuclear energy
nuclear energy legislation
NuStar Energy
nutritional energy
NV Energy
Ocean Energy Inc
OGE Energy
OGE Energy Corp
oil-based energy
Oryx Energy
pathological loss of energy
Patterson-UTI Energy
Peabody Energy
peak energy density
Peoples Energy
Peoples Energy Corp.
person lacking in energy
person who believes his or her spirit is part animal and has animalistic energies
phosphate-bond energy
pollution-free energy
potential energy
primary energy
primary energy consumption
primary energy source
Progress Energy
Progress Energy Inc
protein energy deficiency
protein-energy malnutrition
provide energy to
psychic energy
Puget Energy
Puget Energy Inc.
pulsed light energy
quantum energy level
radiant energy
radio energy
radio-frequency energy
radio-frequency spectral energy density
radioisotope thermal energy
radiotransmission of energy
reaction-specific energy
recover one's energy
regional energy cooperation
relativistic kinetic energy
Reliant Energy
Reliant Energy Inc.
remove energy from
renewable energy
renewable energy source
replenish one's energies
resonance energy band
rest energy
resting energy exchange
RGS Energy Group Inc
rural energy development
scattered energy
seasonal energy syndrome
secondary energy
Secretary of State for Energy
Sempra Energy
sending of instructions by a video adapter to a compatible monitor to preserve energy
sexual energy
shock energy
situation which demands all of one's ingenuity and energy
soft energy
soil energy relation
solar energy
solar-energy collector
solar energy concentrator
solar energy production
solar-energy radiator
someone that never runs out energy
something that never runs out energy
Southwestern Energy
space energy conversion
space energy converter
specific energy
specific energy doctrine
specific nerve energy
Spectra Energy
spectral energy distribution
study of energy
Superior Energy Services
supply with electric energy
surplus energy
sustainable energy development
Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Energy
TECO Energy
TECO Energy Inc
that consumes a lot of energy
that saves energy
thermal energy
thrill of pleasure and energy
tightly-collimated beam of energy
total energy
total energy requirement
Transco Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
Unisource Energy Corp
unit of energy
unit used to measure energy
United States Department of Energy
US Department of Energy
Valero Energy
Valero Energy Corporation
VeraSun Energy
vibrant and with energy
virtual energy
waste energy
waste time and energy
wave energy
Westar Energy
Wisconsin Energy
Wisconsin Energy Corporation
with great energy
without energy
wood energy
work with energy
Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy Inc
XTO Energy
zero-point energy
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