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drab  Noun
Plural: drabs
  1. Translate "drab" to Spanish: gris monótono, gris apagado
    English Synonyms of "drab": dull gray, brownish gray

  2. Translate "drab" to Spanish: tela grisácea y sin brillo, tela color gris apagado
    English Synonyms of "drab": dull-gray colored fabric, thick wool or cotton fabric without luster

  3. Translate "drab" to Spanish: prostituta, golfa, mujerzuela, puta, zorra, arrabalera, atorrante, buscona, capulina, chuchumeca, churriana, fichera, fulana, furcia, grofa, huila, hurgamandera, lagartona, mozcorra, pelandusca, percanta, perendeca, periforra, pindonga, pingo, pingona, piruja, putilla, rodona, talonera, tusona, zurrona
    English Synonyms of "drab": call girl, harlot, hooker, prostitute, slut, street-walker, streetwalker
    Define meaning of "drab": A female prostitute who can be hired by telephone.

  4. Translate "drab" to Spanish: mujer desaseada y mal vestida, mujer sucia
    English Synonyms of "drab": slattern, slovenly woman
    Define meaning of "drab": A dirty untidy woman.

drab  Adjective
  1. Translate "drab" to Spanish: monótono
    English Synonyms of "drab": boring, humdrum, monotonous, repetitive, samey, dull
    Define meaning of "drab": Lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise.
  2. Her drab personality.
    Life was drab compared with the more exciting life style overseas.
    A series of dreary dinner parties.

  3. Translate "drab" to Spanish: deslustrado, apagado, sin gracia, soso
    English Synonyms of "drab": pale, dull, lackluster, matt, cheerless, dingy, lacklustre
    Define meaning of "drab": Depressing in character or appearance. ; Lacking brightness or color; dull. ; Lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise.
  4. Drove through dingy streets.
    The dismal prison twilight.
    Harles Dickens;.
    B old buildings.
    A dreary mining town.
    Gloomy tenements.
    Sorry routine that follows on the heels of death.
    Drab faded curtains.
    Sober Puritan gray.
    Children in somber brown clothes.
    Her drab personality.
    Life was drab compared with the more exciting life style overseas.
    A series of dreary dinner parties.

  5. Translate "drab" to Spanish: de color grisáceo y sin brillo
    English Synonyms of "drab": drab-colored, dull grayish-colored

  6. Translate "drab" to Spanish: demasiado simple
    English Synonyms of "drab": dowdy, homely, mumsy

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