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doodlebug  Noun
Plural: doodlebugs
  1. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: bomba teledirigida usada por los nazis sobre Inglaterra
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": buzz bomb, self-steering rocket bomb used by the Germans in World War II against Great Britain
    Define meaning of "doodlebug": A small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb.

  2. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: tractor compuesto en taller con piezas diversas

  3. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: bomba teledirigida, bomba volante
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": flying bomb, guided missile, smart bomb, buzz bomb, V-one
    Define meaning of "doodlebug": A small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb.

  4. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: vara divinatoria, dispositivo utilizado para localizar agua, gas u otros recursos subterráneos, instrumento usado para encontrar agua, varilla de zahorí
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": divining rod, dowsing rod, instrument used to find water, device used for locating underground water, gas or another kind of underground resources, hydroscope
    Define meaning of "doodlebug": Instrument used to find water. ; Forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil.

  5. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: larva de la hormiga león
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": larva of the antlion

  6. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: vagón de ferrocarril autopropulsado
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": self-propelled railroad car

  7. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: tren de un sólo vagón
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": one-car train

  8. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: tanque militar
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": military tank, hell-buggy, iron horse

  9. Translate "doodlebug" to Spanish: cochinilla
    English Synonyms of "doodlebug": wood louse, any of the crustaceans of the genus Armadillidium, armadillo bug, boat-builder bug, cafner, carpenter bug, cheeselug, cheesy bug

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