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disease  Noun
Plural: diseases
  1. Translate "disease" to Spanish: enfermedad, afección, mal, padecimiento, patología, morbo
    English Synonyms of "disease": ailment, illness, sickness, health problem, infirmity, pathology, creeping crud
    Define meaning of "disease": Condition in which a body part is malfunctioning. ; An impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning.

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  3. Translate "disease" to Spanish: enfermedad
    English Synonyms of "disease": complaint, disorder, ill, illness, malady, affliction, condition, maladie
    Define meaning of "disease": Illness which is not very serious. ; An often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining.

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Conceptually-related expressions of "disease"
a.a. disease
a-heavy-chain disease
AAA disease
Abrami's disease
acarine disease
accumulation disease
acme of a process or disease
Acosta's disease
acute demyelinating disease
acute disease
acute febrile respiratory disease
acute infectious disease
acute respiratory disease
Adams' disease
Adams-Stokes disease
adaptation disease
Addison Biermer disease
Addison disease
Addison's disease
adenoid disease
adrenal gland disease
adult celiac disease
adult coeliac disease
adult polycystic disease
adult respiratory disease syndrome
aimed at the disease
airborne disease
airways disease
akamushi disease
Akureyri disease
Albarrán's disease
Albers-Schoenberg disease
Albers-Schonberg disease
Albers-Schonberg marble bone disease
Albert's disease
Albright's disease
alcohol-induced liver disease
alcoholic liver disease
Aleutian disease
Alexander disease
Alexander's disease
algal disease
Alibert-Bazin disease
Alibert's disease
alkali disease
Almeida's disease
Alpers disease
alpha chain disease
altitude disease
Alzheimer's disease
amino acid derived from methionine that is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease
amoeba disease
amyloid disease
anarthritic rheumatoid disease
Anders' disease
Anders disease
Andersen's disease
Andes disease
Andrews' disease
anemia of chronic disease
animal disease
animal disease survey
anserine disease
anti-GBM disease
antibody deficiency disease
any mental disorder or disease
any type of skin disease
aortoiliac occlusive disease
apatite deposition disease
Apert's disease
apple picker's disease
apple sorter's disease
Aran-Duchenne disease
area of low disease prevalence
arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease
arteriosclerotic heart disease
arteriosclerotic vascular disease
atheroembolic renal disease
atomic disease
atypical bipolar disease
atypical disease
Aufrecht's disease
Aujeszky disease
Aujeszky's disease
Aujeszky's disease virus
Australian X disease
Australian X disease virus
autoimmune disease
autoimmune hemolytic disease
aviator's disease
Ayerza's disease
Azorean disease
bacterial disease
Baelz's disease
Balfour's disease
Ballet's disease
Ballingall's disease
Baló's disease
Bamberger-Marie disease
Bamberger's disease
Bamle disease
Bamle's disease
Banberger-Marie disease
Bang's disease
Bannister's disease
Banti's disease
Barclay-Baron disease
Barcoo disease
Barlow's disease
Barraquer disease
Barraquer's disease
Barthélemy's disease
Basedow disease
Basedow's disease
Bateman's disease
Batten disease
Batten-Mayou disease
Batten's disease
Baxin's disease
Bayle disease
Bayle's disease
Bazin disease
Bazin's disease
be riddled with disease
be transmitted a disease
Beard's disease
Beau's disease
Beauvais' disease
Bechterew's disease
Beck's disease
Becker's disease
bee disease
Begbie's disease
Beguez Cesar disease
Behcet's disease
Behr's disease
Beigel's disease
Bekhterev disease
Bektherev's disease
Bell's disease
Bennet's disease
Bennett's disease
Benson disease
Benson's disease
Berger disease
Berger's disease
Bergeron's disease
beriberi heart disease
Berlin's disease
Bernhardt disease
Bernhardt-Roth disease
Bernhardt's disease
beryllium disease
Besnier-Boeck disease
Besnier-Boeck's disease
Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease
Best disease
Best's disease
Beurmann's disease
Bielschowsky-Jansky disease
Bielschowsky's disease
Biermer's disease
Biett's disease
big liver disease
Billroth's disease
Binswanger disease
Binswanger's disease
bird-breeder's disease
bird disease
Bird's disease
black disease
black heart plant disease
black lung disease
black measles plant disease
black-tongue disease
bladder disease
blinding disease
Bloch-Sulzberger disease
Bloch-Sulzberger's disease
Blocq disease
Blocq's disease
Bloeq's disease
blood disease
Bloq's disease
Blount-Barber disease
Blount disease
Blount's disease
blue disease
Blumenthal's disease
Blummenthal's disease
Boeck's disease
Boeck's sarcoid disease
bone disease
Bonfil's disease
Bonfils' disease
bony growth caused by the spavin disease
border disease
border disease virus
Borna disease
Borna disease virus
Borna's disease
Bornholm disease
Bornholm disease virus
Bornholm's disease
Bostock's disease
Botrytis disease
Bouchard's disease
Bouchet's disease
Bouillaud's disease
Bourneville disease
Bourneville-Pringle disease
Bourneville's disease
Bouveret's disease
Bowen's disease
Bowen's glans disease
Boyle's disease
Bozzolo's disease
Bradley's disease
Brailsford-Morquio disease
brain disease
branched glycogen storage disease
breast disease
Breda's disease
Breisky's disease
Bretonneau's disease
bridegrooms' disease
Bright's disease
Brill's disease
Brill-Symmers disease
Brill-Zinsser disease
Brinton's disease
Brion-Kayser disease
brisket's disease
Brissaud's disease
brittle bone disease
broad beta disease
Brocq's disease
Brodie's disease
Broeq's disease
bronzed disease
Brooke's disease
Brown-Séquard disease
Brown-Séquard's disease
Brown-Symmers disease
Bruch's disease
Bruck's disease
Brugsch's disease
Bruhl's disease
Bruns' disease
Brushfield-Waytt disease
Brushfield-Wyatt disease
Bruton's disease
Budd's disease
Büdinger-Ludloff-Laewen disease
Büdinger-Ludloff-Lewen disease
Buerger's disease
Buhl's disease
bulging eye disease
bullous disease
bunchy top disease
Bury's disease
Buschke's disease
Busquet's disease
Buss disease
Busse-Buschke disease
Busse-Buschke's disease
Byler disease
Caffey's disease
caisson disease
calcitic aortic disease
calcium hydroxyapatite deposition disease
calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease
calf disease
California disease
Calvé-Perthes disease
Camurati-Engelmann disease
Canavan disease
Canavan's disease
Canavan-van Bogaert-Bertrand disease
canine parvovirus disease
carapato disease
cardiovascular disease
cardiovascular kidney disease
cardiovascular renal disease
Caroli's disease
Carré's disease
Carrion disease
Carrión's disease
Carrion's disease
carry the disease of
Castellani's disease
Castleman disease
Castleman's disease
cat-bite disease
cat disease
cat-scratch disease
catch a disease
catch disease
cattle disease
Cazenave's disease
celiac disease
Center for Disease Control
central core disease
cerebrovascular disease
Chabert's disease
Chagas' disease
Chagas-Cruz disease
Chagas disease
characteristic mark of a disease
characteristic of a disease
characteristic rhythm of Stokes-Adams disease
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Charcot's disease
Charlouis' disease
Charlouis disease
Charrin's disease
Chauffard-Still disease
Cheadle's disease
Chediak-Higashi disease
Cherchevski's disease
Cherchewski's disease
Cheyne's disease
Chiari's disease
Chicago disease
chignon disease
childhood disease
childhood polycystic disease
cholesterol ester storage disease
cholesteryl ester storage disease
Christensen-Krabbe disease
Christian's disease
Christian-Weber disease
Christmas disease
chronic active liver disease
chronic disease
chronic granulomatous disease
chronic hypertensive disease
chronic liver disease
chronic lung disease
Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease
chronic obstructive lung disease
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
chronic pulmonary disease
chronic renal disease
chronic respiratory disease
Ciarrocchi's disease
Ciarrochi's disease
circling disease
Civatte disease
Civatte's disease
climatic disease
clinical disease
clover disease
CMV disease
Coats' disease
Coats disease
Coats's disease
Cockayne's disease
coeliac disease
Cogan's disease
cold agglutinin disease
cold hemagglutinin disease
collagen disease
collagen vascular disease
colon disease
combined system disease
communicable disease
complicating disease
Concato's disease
cone-nosed bug vector of Chagas' disease
congenital cytomegalovirus disease
congenital heart disease
congenital polycystic disease
connective tissue disease
Connor and Bruch's disease
Conor and Bruch's disease
Conor's disease
Conradi's disease
constitutional disease
contagious disease
continuing disease
Cooley's disease
Cooper's disease
Corbus' disease
Cori's disease
corneal disease
cornmeal disease
coronary arterial disease
coronary artery disease
coronary disease
coronary heart disease
corridor disease
Corrigan's disease
Corvisart's disease
Cottunius disease
Cotugno's disease
Cotunnius disease
course of a disease
Couton's disease
covering disease
Cowden's disease
crazy chick disease
creeping disease
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease
Crigler-Najjar disease
Crigler-Najjar's disease
Crocq's disease
Crohn's disease
Crouzon's disease
Cruchet's disease
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten disease
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten's disease
Cruveilhier's disease
Cruvelhier's disease
Cruz-Chagas disease
cryptogamic disease
Csillag's disease
Curschmann's disease
Curtis' disease
Cushing disease
Cushing's disease
cyanotic congenital heart disease
cystine stone disease
cystine storage disease
cytomegalic disease
cytomegalic inclusion disease
cytomegalic inclusion disease virus
cytomegalovirus disease
Czerny's disease
Daae-Finsen disease
Daae's disease
DaCosta's disease
Dalrymple's disease
dancing disease
Danielssen-Boeck disease
Danielssen's disease
Danlos' disease
Darier's disease
Darling's disease
David's disease
Davies's disease
de Quervain's disease
debilitating disease
Debove disease
Débove's disease
decompression disease
deer fly disease
deficiency disease
degenerative discal disease
degenerative disease
degenerative joint disease
Degos' disease
Déjerine's disease
Déjerine-Sottas disease
demyelinating disease
dense-deposit disease
deprivation disease
Dercum's disease
Derzsy's disease
description of the signs of a disease
Desnos' disease
Deutschlander's disease
Devergie's disease
Devic's disease
Di Guglielmo's disease
diamond-skin disease
diarrheal disease
Dieulafoy's disease
difficult disease
diffuse infiltrative lung disease
diffuse pulmonary disease
digestive system disease
Dimitri's disease
disabling disease
disappearing bone disease
disturbance associated with organic mental disease
diverticular disease
doctor-caused disease-related
dog disease
Dohle disease
Dohle-Heller disease
dominantly inherited Lévi's disease
Donohue's disease
Down's disease
dread disease insurance
Dressler's disease
drug disease
drug-induced disease
Dubini's disease
Dubois' disease
Duchenne-Aran disease
Duchenne-Griesinger disease
Duchenne's disease
duck disease
Dühring's disease
Duhring's disease
Duke's disease
Dukes' disease
Duncan's disease
Duplay's disease
Dupré's disease
Dupuytren's disease
Durand-Nicolas-Favre disease
Durand's disease
Durante's disease
Duroziez' disease
dust disease
Dutch disease
Dutch elm disease
Dutton's disease
dynamic disease
Eales' disease
ear disease
Easles' disease
Ebola virus disease
Ebstein's disease
Economo's disease
Eddowes' disease
Edsall disease
Edsall's disease
Ehlers-Danlos disease
Ehret disease
Eichhorst's disease
Eichstedt's disease
Eichtedt's disease
Eisenmenger's disease
elephant man disease
elevator's disease
emerging disease
emotional disease
end-stage renal disease
endemic disease
endocrine disease
Engel-Recklinghausen disease
Engelmann's disease
English disease
Engman's disease
environmentally acquired disease
environmentally related disease
enzootic disease
epidemic disease
episodic memory and Alzheimer's disease
Epstein-Pel disease
Epstein's disease
Erb-Charcot disease
Erb disease
Erb-Goldflam disease
Erb-Goldflam's disease
Erb-Landouzy disease
Erb's disease
Erichsen's disease
esophageal disease
Eulenburg's disease
exanthematous disease
expert on systematic description of diseases
extramammary Paget's disease
extrapyramidal disease
eye disease
eyelid disease
Faber's disease
Fabry's disease
Fahr's disease
Fahr-Volhard disease
Fallot's disease
Falret's disease
Fanconi's disease
Farber disease
Farber's disease
Fauchard's disease
Favre-Durand-Nicolas disease
Fazio-Londe disease
Fazio-Londe's disease
fear of a definite disease
fear of brain disease
fear of disease
fear of kidney disease
fear of prostitutes or venereal disease
fear of skin disease
fear of venereal disease
Fede's disease
Feer's disease
femenine genital disease
femoropopliteal occlusive disease
Fenwick's disease
Fernels' disease
fibrocystic disease
Fiedler's disease
fifth disease
fifth venereal disease
Filatov's disease
Filatow-Dukes disease
fish disease
Flajani's disease
Flatau-Schilder disease
Flegel's disease
Fleischner's disease
flint disease
floating-beta disease
floating beta disease
foal disease
focal disease
Folling's disease
Fontoynont's disease
foodborne disease
foot-and-mouth disease
foot-and-mouth disease virus
foot disease
foot-in-mouth disease
foot-mouth disease
Forbes' disease
Forbes disease
Forbes's disease
Ford and Dutton disease
Fordyce disease
Fordyce-Fox disease
Fordyce's disease
Forestier's disease
Forster's disease
Fothergill's disease
Fournier's disease
fourth disease
fourth venereal disease
fowl disease
Fox-Fordyce disease
Francis' disease
Frankl-Hochwart disease
Frankl-Hochwart's disease
Franklin disease
Frei's disease
Freiberg's disease
Freiberg's infraction disease
Friedlander disease
Friedlander's disease
Friedmann's disease
Friedreich's disease
Friend disease
fright disease
Frommel's disease
Fuerstner disease
Fuerstner's disease
functional disease
fungal disease
fungal diseases
Fürstner's disease
fusoespirochetal disease
fusospirochetal disease
g-heavy-chain disease
Gairdner's disease
Gaisbock's disease
Galippe's disease
gall bladder disease
Gamna's disease
Gandy-Nanta disease
garapata disease
Garré's disease
gasping disease
gastroduodenal disease
gastroesophageal reflux disease
gastrointestinal disease
Gaucher disease
Gaucher's disease
Gayet's disease
Gee-Herter disease
Gee's disease
Gee-Thaysen disease
Gehrig's disease
genetic disease
genetic factor in Alzheimer's disease
genetotrophic disease
genital disease
Gensoul's disease
Gerhardt's disease
Gerlier's disease
gestational trophoblastic disease
Gibert's disease
Gibney's disease
Gierke's disease
Gilbert's disease
Gilchrist's disease
Gilford disease
Gilles de la Tourette's disease
Giovannini's disease
Glanzmann's disease
glass-blowers' disease
Glénard's disease
Glisson's disease
glomerular disease
glycogen storage disease
glycogen storage disease type II
glycogen storage disease type III
glycogen storage disease type VI
goat disease
Goldflam disease
Goldflam-Erb disease
Goldflam's disease
Goldscheider's disease
Goldstein's disease
Gorham disease
Gougerot and Blum disease
Gougerot-Ruiter disease
Gougerot-Sjogren disease
Gouraud's disease
Gowers' disease
Gowers disease
Graefe's disease
graft-versus-host disease
Grancher's disease
granulomatous disease
Graves' disease
greasy pig disease
Greenfield's disease
Greenhow's disease
Grieg's disease
Griesinger's disease
grinder's disease
Grindon's disease
Gross' disease
group of symptoms of a specific disease
Grover's disease
Gruby's disease
Gugliemo's disease
guinea worm disease
Guinon's disease
Guiteras' disease
Gull's disease
Gull-Sutton disease
Gumboro disease
Gunther's disease
GVH disease
H disease
Habermann's disease
haemorrhagic disease virus
Haff disease
Haglund's disease
Hagner's disease
Hailey and Hailey disease
Hailey's disease
Hakim's disease
Hall's disease
Hallervorden-Spatz disease
Hallopeau's disease
Halstern's disease
Hamman's disease
Hammond disease
Hammond's disease
hand-foot-and-mouth disease
hand-foot-and-mouth disease virus
Hand's disease
Hand-Schüller-Christian disease
Hanglund's disease
Hanot's disease
Hansen's disease
Harada's disease
hard pad disease
Harley's disease
Hartnup disease
Hashimoto's disease
have the same disease
Hayem's disease
heart disease
heart disease caused by lung disease
heart-disease cell
heart disease phobia
heavy chain disease
Heberden's disease
Hebra's disease
Heck's disease
Heerfordt's disease
Heerfrodt's disease
Heidenheim's disease
Heine-Medin disease
Heller-Dohle disease
Heller's disease
hemoglobin C disease
hemoglobin disease
hemoglobin E disease
hemoglobin H disease
hemorrhagic disease
Henderson-Jones disease
Henoch's disease
hepatolenticular disease
hereditary disease
hereditary oral disease
heredoconstitutional disease
herring-worm disease
Herrmann's disease
Hers' disease
Hers disease
Hers's disease
Herter-Heubner disease
Heubner-Herter disease
Heubner's disease
Hib disease
hidebound disease
hip-joint disease
hipjoint disease
Hippel disease
Hippel-Landau disease
Hippel-Lindau disease
Hippel's disease
Hirschfeld's disease
Hirschsprung's disease
His' disease
His-Werner disease
Hischsprung's disease
Hisrschsprung disease
Hjarre's disease
Hodara's disease
Hodgkin disease
Hodgkin's disease
Hodgson's disease
Hodkin's disease
Hoffa's disease
Holla disease
homologous disease
honey bee disease
hoof-and-mouth disease
hoof-in-mouth disease
hookworm disease
Hope-Goldflam disease
Hoppe-Goldflam disease
horse disease
host of plant disease
Huchard's disease
Hueppe's disease
Huguier's disease
human disease
human prion diseases
humidifier disease
Hunt's disease
Huntington's disease
Huppert's disease
Hurler's disease
Hutchinson-Boeck disease
Hutchinson-Gilford disease
Hutchinson's disease
Hutinel's disease
hyaline membrane disease
hydatid disease
Hyde's disease
hypothesis which proposes a connection between plasma cholesterol and coronary heart disease
I-cell disease
I disease
iatrogenic disease
Iceland disease
idiopathic Bamberger-Marie disease
idiopathic disease
immune complex disease
immunodeficiency disease
immunologic disease
immunological disease
immunoproliferative small intestinal disease
immunoproliferative small intestine disease
inborn lisosomal disease
incidence of diseases
inclusion body disease
inclusion cell disease
industrial disease
infect with a venereal disease
infectious bursal disease
infectious bursal disease virus
infectious contagious disease
infectious disease
infective disease
inflammatory bowel disease
inflammatory skin disease
infranodal disease
Inman's disease
insect disease
insufficiency disease
integrated disease control
integrated disease management
intercurrent disease
interesting disease
international classification of diseases
International Classification of Diseases Adapted
interstitial disease
interstitial lung disease
intervertebral disk disease
intestinal disease
invasion of a disease
involving the study of mouth diseases
iron-storage disease
irrational fear of a definite disease
irrational fear of brain disease
irrational fear of kidney disease
irrational fear of prostitutes or venereal disease
irrational fear of skin disease
Isambert's disease
ischemic bowel disease
ischemic heart disease
island disease
Isle of Wight disease
Jacquet's disease
Jadassohn's disease
Jaffe-Lichtenstein disease
Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease
Jakob-Creutzfeldt's disease
Jakob's disease
Jaksch's disease
Janet's disease
Janeway disease
Jansen's disease
Jansky-Bielschowsky disease
Jansky-Buekscgiwsky disease
jeep disease
Jembrana disease
Jensen's disease
Johne's disease
Johnson-Stevens disease
joint disease
Jourdain's disease
jumper disease
jumping disease
Jüngling's disease
juvenile Paget disease
juvenile Paget's disease
Kahlbaum's disease
Kahler's disease
kakke disease
Kalischer's disease
Kaposi's disease
Kaposi's varicelliform disease
Kaschin-Beck disease
Kashin-Beck disease
Kashin-Beck's disease
Kashin-Bek disease
Kashin-Bek's disease
Katayama disease
Katayama's disease
Kawasaki disease
Kawaski disease
Kayser's disease
kedani disease
Kempf's disease
kidney disease
Kienbock disease
Kienbock's disease
killer disease
Kimmelstiel's disease
Kimmelstiel-Wilson disease
Kimura's disease
kinky hair disease
Kirkland's disease
Kisenyi sheep disease virus
kissing disease
kit for preventing venereal disease
Klebs' disease
Klein's disease
Klemperer's disease
Klippel-Feil disease
Klippel's disease
Kobner's disease
Kohler-Pellegrini-Stieda disease
Kohler's bone disease
Kohler's disease
Kohlmeier-Degos disease
Korsakoff's disease
Koshevnikoff's disease
Krabbe disease
Krabbe's disease
Kraepelin's disease
Krishaber's disease
Kufs' disease
Kufs disease
Kugelberg-Welander disease
Kuhnt-Junius disease
Kümmell's disease
Kümmell-Verneuil disease
Kümmell-Verneuil's disease
Kussmaul-Maier disease
Kussmaul-Maier's disease
Kussmaul's disease
Kyasanur forest disease
Kyasanur Forest disease virus
Kyrle disease
Kyrle's disease
L-chain disease
lack of immunity to a disease
Laennec's disease
Lafora body disease
Lafora disease
Lafora's disease
Lagleyze-von Hippel disease
Lain's disease
lamb disease
Lancereaux-Mathieu disease
Landouzy's disease
Landré-Beauvais' disease
Landry's disease
Lane's disease
Langdon Down's disease
Larrey-Weil disease
Larsen-Johansson disease
Larsen's disease
Laségue's disease
Lasogue's disease
laughing disease
Leber's disease
Lederer's disease
Legal's disease
Legg-Calvé disease
Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease
Legg-Calvé-Waldenstrom disease
Legg disease
Legg-Perthes disease
Legg's disease
legionnaire's disease
Legionnaires' disease
Leigh disease
Leigh's disease
Leiner's disease
Leloir's disease
Lenegre's disease
Leo-Buerger's disease
Leri-Weill disease
Leriche's disease
Leroy's disease
Letterer-Christian disease
Letterer-Siwe disease
Lev's disease
Lewandowski-Lutz disease
Lewandowsky's disease
Leyden's disease
Lhermitte-Duclos disease
Libman-Sacks' disease
Libman-Sacks disease
Lichtheim's disease
light chain disease
Lindau's disease
Lindau-von Hippel disease
linear IgA bullous disease
lipoprotein that is the final stage of VLDL and is associated with cardiovascular disease
Lipschütz disease
Lipschütz's disease
Little's disease
liver disease
liver fluke disease
Lobo's disease
Lobstein disease
Lobstein's disease
local disease
loco disease
locoweed disease
Loffler's disease
Lorain's disease
Loriga's disease
Lou Gehrig's disease
Lucas-Championniere's disease
Luft's disease
lumpy skin disease
lumpy skin disease virus
lung disease
Lutembacher's disease
Lutz-Splendore-Almeida disease
Lutz-Splendore-Almeida's disease
Lyell's disease
Lyme disease
Lyme disease vaccine
Lyme's disease
Lyme's disease vaccine
lymph node disease
lymphatic disease
lysosomal disease
lysosomal storage disease
m-heavy-chain disease
Machado-Joseph disease
Mackenzie's disease
MacLean-Maxwell disease
macronodular adrenal disease
mad cow disease
mad cow's disease
mad hatter's disease
Madelung disease
Madelung's disease
Magitot's disease
Maher's disease
Mahler's disease
Majocchi's disease
Malassez's disease
male genital disease
Malherbe's disease
mammary gland disease
manager disease
Manson's disease
many dishes make many diseases
Manz's disease
maple bark disease
maple syrup disease
maple syrup urine disease
marble bone disease
Marburg-Ebola virus disease
Marburg virus disease
March's disease
Marchiafava-Bignami disease
Marchiafava-Micheli disease
Marchiafava-Micheli's disease
Marek's disease
Marek's disease virus
Marfan's disease
margarine disease
Marie-Bamberger disease
Marie-Bamberger's disease
Marie's disease
Marie-Strümpell disease
Marie-Strumpell's disease
Marie-Tooth disease
Marie-Tooth's disease
Marion's disease
Marsh's disease
Marshall Hall's disease
Martin's disease
Mathieu's disease
Mauriac's disease
Maxcy's disease
McArdle's disease
McArdle-Schmid-Pearson disease
medical model of disease
Medin's disease
Mediterranean disease
Mediterranean-hemoglobin E disease
medullary cystic disease
Meige's disease
Meleda disease
memory and Alzheimer's disease
Menetrier's disease
Meniere's disease
Méniore's disease
Menkes' disease
mental disease
Merzbacher-Pelizaeus disease
Meyenburg's disease
Meyer's disease
mianeh disease
miasmatic disease
Mibelli's disease
micrometastatic disease
micronodular adrenal disease
microscopic protein particle similar to a virus but lacking nucleic acid responsible for several diseases
Mikulicz disease
Mikulicz's disease
Milian's disease
milkborne disease
Miller's disease
Mills' disease
Milroy's disease
Milton's disease
Minamata disease
miner's disease
miners' disease
minimal change disease
mink disease
Minor's disease
Minot's disease
Mitchell's disease
mixed connective tissue disease
Mobius' disease
Mobius disease
Moeller-Barlow disease
Moko disease
molecular disease
Molten's disease
Mondor disease
Mondor's disease
Monge's disease
Mónótrier's disease
Morand's disease
Morel-Kraepelin disease
Morgagni's disease
Morquio disease
Morquio's disease
Morquio-Ullrich disease
Morquio-Ullrich's disease
Mortimer's disease
Morton's disease
Morvan's disease
Moschcowitz disease
Moschcowitz's disease
Moschowitz's disease
mosquito-borne disease
motion disease
motor neuron disease
mountain disease
mouth disease
moyamoya disease
Mozer's disease
Mucha-Habermann disease
Mucha's disease
mucosal disease
mucosal disease virus
mulberry heart disease
multicore disease
Münchmeyer's disease
Munk's disease
Murri's disease
muscle disease
muscle-wasting disease
muscular disease
Mya's disease
mycobacterial disease
Mycobacterium avium complex disease
mycoplasmal disease
myeloma kidney disease
mystery swine disease
Nairobi disease
Nairobi sheep disease
Nairobi sheep disease virus
nanukayami disease
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
natural history of disease
navicular disease
Neftel's disease
neoplastic disease
nervous disease
nervous system disease
Nettleship's disease
Neumann's disease
neurological disease
neuromuscular disease
neuropathic joint disease
neutral lipid storage disease
New Castle disease
Newcastle disease
Newcastle disease virus
Nicolas-Favre disease
Nielsen's disease
Niemann-Pick disease
Niemann's disease
nil disease
nodular disease
non-occupational diseases
noninflammatory degenerative disease
Nonne-Milroy disease
Nordau's disease
Norrie disease
Norrie's disease
Nosema disease
nosocomial disease
not due to a disease
notifiable disease
nutritional disease
O'Hara's disease
oast-house urine disease
oasthouse urine disease
obstructive airways disease
obstructive disease
obstructive small airways disease
occupational disease
occupational lung disease
oesofageal disease
of the treatment of horses' diseases
Oguchi's disease
Ohara's disease
Ollier's disease
Olmer's disease
Opitz's disease
Oppenheim's disease
Oppenheim-Urbach disease
organic disease
organism producer of Tsutsugamushi disease
organism susceptible to disease by pathogens
Ormond's disease
orphan disease
Osgood-Schiatter disease
Osgood-Schlatter disease
Osler's disease
Osler-Vaquez disease
Osler-Vasquez disease
Otto disease
Otto's disease
outbreak of disease
ovarian disease
Owren's disease
Paas' disease
Pacheco's parrot disease virus
Page's disease
Paget's disease
Paltauf-Sternberg disease
Panama disease
pancreatic disease
pandemic disease
Panner's disease
paper mill worker's disease
papular scaling disease
papulosquamous disease
parasitic disease
parathyroid disease
parenchymatous disease
Parkinson's disease
parrot disease
Parrot's disease
Parry disease
Parry's disease
Parson's disease
pathogenesis or the mechanisms involved in the causes and developments of a disease
patient suffering from heart disease
Pauzat's disease
Pavy's disease
Paxton's disease
Payr's disease
pearl disease
pearl-worker's disease
Pel-Ebstein disease
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease
Pelizaeus-Merzbacher's disease
Pellegrini disease
Pellegrini's disease
Pellegrini-Stieda disease
Pellegrini-Stieda's disease
pelvic inflammatory disease
pelvis inflammatory disease
period between contagion and the appearance of the first signs of a disease
periodic disease
periodical disease
periodontal disease
periodontal disease index
perna disease
Perrin-Ferraton disease
person that survives an accident or disease
Perthes' disease
Perthes disease
Petit's disease
Pette-Doring disease
Peyronie's disease
Pfeiffer's disease
phobia of a definite disease
phobia of brain disease
phobia of kidney disease
phobia of prostitutes or venereal disease
phobia of skin disease
Phoca's disease
physician specializing on the ear and its diseases
phytanic acid storage disease
Pick's disease
piglet disease
pink disease
Pinkus' disease
Pinkus disease
pituitary disease
plant disease
plant disease control
plaster of Paris disease
Plummer's disease
policeman disease
Pollitzer's disease
polycystic kidney disease
polycystic liver disease
Pompe's disease
Poncet's disease
porous bones disease
Portuguese-Azorean disease
Posada-Wernicke's disease
Posadas disease
postharvest disease
Potain's disease
Pott's disease
Potter's disease
Poulet's disease
poultry disease
poultry handler's disease
predisposed to disease
predisposition to disease
Preisser's disease
presymptomatic disease
primary disease
primary electrical disease
Pringle's disease
prion disease
process of a disease
Profichet's disease
proliferative gill disease
proliferative kidney disease
psittacine beak and feather disease
psychosis with cardiorenal disease
Puente's disease
pullorum disease
pulmonary disease
pulpy kidney disease
pulseless disease
Purtscher's disease
pusy skin disease
Quervain's disease
quiet hip disease
Quincke's disease
Quinquaud's disease
rabbit disease
rag-sorter's disease
Ranikhet disease
Rauzier's disease
Rayer's disease
Raynaud disease
Raynaud's disease
Recklinghausen-Applebaum disease
Recklinghausen's disease
Reclus' disease
rectal disease
rectal disease phobia
Reed-Hodgkin disease
referring to collagenous disease
Refsum's disease
Reichmann's disease
Reimann's disease
Reiter's disease
relating to or suffering from Paget's disease
relating to the beginning of a disease
remnant removal disease
Rendu-Osler-Weber disease
Renikhet disease
replant disease
reportable disease
reportable diseases
resistance against a disease
respiratory disease
restrictive disease
retinal disease
retinitis secondary to renal disease
return of symptoms of a disease
Rh factor disease
rhesus disease
rheumatic cardiac disease
rheumatic disease
rheumatic heart disease
Ribas-Torres disease
rice disease
rickettsiae disease
rickettsial disease
ridden by diseases
Riedel's disease
Riga-Fede disease
Riga's disease
Rigg's disease
Riggs' disease
Rija-Fede disease
ringworm skin disease
Ritter's disease
Rivalta's disease
Robinson's disease
Roble's disease
Robles' disease
Roger's disease
Rokitansky's disease
Romberg's disease
Rose disease
Rosenbach's disease
roseola that appears independent of any other disease
Rossbach's disease
Rossy-Levy's disease
Roth-Berhardt disease
Roth-Bernhardt disease
Roth's disease
Rougnon-Heberden disease
Roussy-Lévy disease
Roussy-Lóvy disease
Rowland's disease
Rubarth's disease
Rubarth's disease virus
Rummo's disease
Runneberg's disease
runt disease
rust disease
Rust's disease
Rut's disease
Ruysch disease
Ruysch's disease
Sachs' disease
salivary gland disease
salivary gland virus disease
Salla disease
Salla's disease
salmon disease
San Joaquin Valley disease
Sander's disease
Sandhoff's disease
sandworm disease
Saunders' disease
Savill's disease
Schamberg's disease
Schanz' disease
Schaumann's disease
Schaumberg's disease
Schenck's disease
Schenk's disease
Scheuermann's disease
Schilder's disease
Schimmelbusch's disease
Schlatter-Osgood disease
Schlatter's disease
Schlatter's-Osgood disease
Schmorl's disease
Scholz's disease
Schonlein-Henoch disease
Schonlein's disease
Schottmüller's disease
Schridde's disease
Schroeder's disease
Schüller-Christian disease
Schüller's disease
Schultz's disease
sea-blue histiocyte disease
secondary disease
Secretan's disease
Seitelberger's disease
self-limited disease
Selter's disease
Senear-Usher disease
senile brain disease
senile hip disease
serious skin disease
serum disease
Sever's disease
severe combined immunodeficiency disease
sexually transmitted disease
Shaver's disease
sheep disease
shimamushi disease
shipyard disease
show symptoms of disease
sickle-cell disease
sickle cell-thalassemia disease
Siemerling-Creutzfeldt disease
silent disease
silo filler's disease
Simmonds' disease
Simon's disease
Simons' disease
sixth disease
sixth venereal disease
Sjogren's disease
Skevas-Zerfus disease
skin disease
skin disease Acores
skin disease phobia
skinbound disease
sleeping sickness disease
slipped tendon disease
slow virus disease
small airways disease
Smith's disease
Smith-Strang disease
snail-borne disease
Sneddon-Wilkinson disease
social disease
sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease
specialist in the the study of the origin and nature and course of diseases
specific disease
Spencer's disease
Spielmeyer-Sjogren disease
Spielmeyer-Stock disease
Spielmeyer-Vogt disease
Spielmeyer-Vogt's disease
Spierlmeyer-Vogt disease
spinal-cord disease
spinal disease
splenic disease
sponge divers' disease
sporadic disease
spread of disease
St. Agatha's disease
St. Anthony's disease
St. Apollonia's disease
St. Blasius' disease
St. Fiacre's disease
St. Francis' disease
St. Gervasius' disease
St. Giles' disease
St. Hubert's disease
St. Job's disease
St. Main's disease
St. Mathurin's disease
St. Modetus' disease
St. Roch's disease
St. Valentine's disease
St. Zachary's disease
St Agatha's disease
staggers disease
stamping out of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease
stamping out of foot-and-mouth disease
Stargardt's disease
Steele-Richardson-Olszewski disease
Steinert's disease
Sterbe disease
Stern's disease
Sternberg's disease
Sticker's disease
Stieda's disease
stiff lamb disease
Still's disease
Stiller's disease
Stokes' disease
Stokes-Adams disease
Stokvis' disease
stomach disease
stone-mason's disease
storage disease
storage pool disease
Strachan's disease
structural disease
Strumpell-Leichtenstern disease
Strümpell-Marie disease
Strumpell-Marie's disease
Strümpell's disease
Strumpell-Westphal disease
student's disease
study and treatment of canine diseases
study and treatment of horses' diseases
study of the causes of diseases
study of the nature and causes and the course of diseases
Stühmer disease
Sturge's disease
Sturge-Weber-Dimitri disease
Sturge-Weber disease
Stuttgart disease
subacute disease
subchronic disease
Sudeck's disease
sufferer of celiac disease
sufferer of coeliac disease
suffering from a chest disease
Sulzberger-Garbe disease
Sumatra disease
superficial breathing which occurs in brain diseases
susceptibility to a disease
Sutton and Gull's disease
Sutton disease
Sutton's disease
Swediauer's disease
Swediaur's disease
sweet clover disease
Sweet's disease
Swift disease
Swift-Feer disease
Swift-Feer's disease
Swift's disease
swine disease
swine edema disease
swine vesicular disease
swine vesicular disease virus
swineherd's disease
swineherds' disease
Sydenham's disease
Sylvest disease
Sylvest's disease
Symmer's disease
Symmers' disease
symptomatics of a chest disease
systematic description of the diseases
systemic autoimmune disease
systemic disease
systemic febrile disease
table of occupational diseases
Taenzer's disease
Takahara's disease
Takayasu disease
Takayasu's disease
Talfan disease
Talma's disease
Tangier disease
tarabagan disease
Taruil's disease
Tauri's disease
Taussig-Bing disease
Tay's disease
Tay-Sachs' disease
Tay-Sachs disease
Taylor's disease
teat disease
terminal disease
Teschen disease
Teschen disease virus
testicular disease
Thaysen's disease
the cure is worse than the disease
the remedy is worse than the disease
Theiler's disease
Thomsen's disease
Thomson's disease
Thornwaldt's disease
Thygeson's disease
thymus disease
thyrocardiac disease
thyroid disease
thyrotoxic cardiac disease
thyrotoxic heart disease
tick-borne disease
tickborne disease
Tietze's disease
Tillaux's disease
Tommaselli's disease
tongue disease
tooth disease
Tornwaldt disease
Tourette's disease
toxic condition that occurs in severe kidney disease
transboundary disease
transmissible neurodegenerative disease
transmit a disease
transmit a disease to
Traum's disease
triglyceride storage disease
trophoblastic disease
tropical disease
Trousseau's disease
tsetse disease
tsetse fly disease
tsutsugamushi disease
Tungro disease
tunnel disease
turkey bluecomb disease virus
type II glycogen storage disease
Tyzzer's disease
Tzaneen disease
Underwood's disease
Unna's disease
unusual disease
Unverricht's disease
Urbach-Oppenheimer disease
Urbach-Wiethe disease
uremic bone disease
urinary tract disease
uterine disease
vaccine-preventable disease
vagabond's disease
vagabonds' disease
vaginal disease
vagrant's disease
vagrants' disease
Vallee's disease
Valsuani's disease
valvular heart disease
van Bogaert's disease
van Buren's disease
Vaquez's disease
vascular disease
Vasquez' disease
Vasquez-Osler disease
Vasquez's disease
vector-borne disease
venereal disease
venereal disease phobia
venereal diseases
Verneuil's disease
Verse's disease
Vidal's disease
Vincent's disease
vinyl chloride disease
viral disease
viral haemorrhagic disease
Virchow's disease
virulence of a disease
virus disease
virus X disease
visceral disease virus
Vogt's disease
Vogt-Spielmeyer disease
Volkmann's disease
Voltolini's disease
von Economo's disease
von Gierke's disease
von Hippel-Lindau disease
von Hippel's disease
von Jaksch's disease
von Meyenburg's disease
von Recklinghausen's disease
von Willebrand's disease
Voorhoeve's disease
Wagner's disease
Waldenstrom's disease
Wardrop's disease
Wartenberg's disease
Wassilieff's disease
wasting disease
water-borne diseases
waterborne disease
Weber-Christian disease
Weber-Dimitri disease
Weber's disease
Wegner's disease
Weil's disease
Weingartner's disease
Weir Mitchell's disease
Wenckebach's disease
Werding-Hoffmann disease
Werdnig-Hoffman disease
Werdnig-Hoffmann disease
Werdning-Hoffmann disease
Werhof's disease
Werlhof's disease
Werner-His disease
Werner's disease
Werner-Schultz disease
Wernicke's disease
Werther's disease
Wesselsbron disease
Wesselsbron disease virus
Westberg's disease
Westphal's disease
Westphal-Strümpell disease
wet belly disease
wheat weevil disease
Whipple's disease
whirling disease
white muscle disease
White's disease
white spot disease
Whitmore's disease
Whytt's disease
Widal-Abrami disease
widespread prevalence of a disease
Wilkie's disease
Wilks' disease
Willis' disease
Wilson-Brocq disease
Wilson's disease
Winckel's disease
Windscheid's disease
Winiwarter-Buerger disease
Winkelman's disease
Winkler's disease
Winton disease
with a liver disease
without symptoms of disease
Wohlfart-Kugelberg-Welander disease
Woillez' disease
Wolman's disease
wool-sorter's disease
woolsorter's disease
woolsorters' disease
Woringer-Kolopp disease
worst stage of a disease
X disease
yellow disease
yellow leaf disease
young animal disease
Zagari's disease
Zahorsky's disease
Ziehen-Oppenheim disease
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