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discharge  Verb
Plural: discharges
  1. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: bajar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": carry down, get down, fetch down, lift down, move down, take down, thrust down
    Define meaning of "discharge": Remove the charge from. ; Leave or unload, especially of passengers or cargo;.

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  3. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: descargarse, desembocar, vaciarse, descargar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": flow, debouch, drain, empty, flow out, get discharged, get empty, disembogue
    Define meaning of "discharge": Become empty or void of its content.
  4. The room emptied.

  5. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: dar de baja, sacar de filas
    English Synonyms of "discharge": charge off, discharge as unfit, muster out, demob, demobilise, demobilize, invalid
    Define meaning of "discharge": Release from military service. ; Free from obligations or duties.

  6. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: exonerar, absolver, licenciar, solventar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": forgive, absolve, clear, exonerate, exempt, purge, acquit
    Define meaning of "discharge": Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges. ; Free from obligations or duties.
  7. The suspect was cleared of the murder charges.

  8. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: descartar, sobreseer
    English Synonyms of "discharge": discard, dismiss, ditch, drop away, eliminate, put aside, leave out
    Define meaning of "discharge": Throw or cast away.

  9. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: emitir, despedir, manar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": emit, beam, cast, flash, free, give forth
    Define meaning of "discharge": Eliminate (substances) from the body. ; Pour forth or release.
  10. Discharge liquids.

  11. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: cesantear, correr del trabajo, despedir, remover, descargar del puesto, despedir de un trabajo, despedir del trabajo, descargar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": boot, cease, dismiss, fire, let go, sack, turn off
  12. The manager discharged Ann, El gerente descargó a Ana.

  13. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: destituir, remover del cargo
    English Synonyms of "discharge": remove from office, depose, knock down, remove from post

  14. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: descargar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": run down

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  16. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: detonar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": detonate, explode, trigger, trip, fire, fulminate
    Define meaning of "discharge": Cause to go off.; Go off or discharge.
  17. Fire a gun.
    Fire a bullet.
    The gun fired.

  18. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: dar de alta, dar de alta a
    English Synonyms of "discharge": release to duty, release to work

  19. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: descargar
    English Synonyms of "discharge": unload, dump, unburden, boot, disburden, off-load
    Define meaning of "discharge": Take the load off (a container or vehicle). ; Leave or unload, especially of passengers or cargo;.

  20. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: secretar, secretar líquido por una abertura
    English Synonyms of "discharge": secrete liquid through an opening, emit a substance, secrete
    Define meaning of "discharge": Eliminate (substances) from the body.

discharge  Noun
  1. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: despido, cesación de trabajo, despedida, despedida de trabajo, despido de empleo, despido de personal, despido del trabajo, destitución, cesantía, licencia absoluta, licenciamiento
    English Synonyms of "discharge": layoff, dismissal, removal from office, California kiss-off, hatchet job, kiss-off, New York kiss-off, lay-off
    Define meaning of "discharge": The termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart).

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  3. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: desahogo
    English Synonyms of "discharge": relaxation, relief, safety valve
    Define meaning of "discharge": The act of venting.

  4. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: disparo, plomazo
    English Synonyms of "discharge": gunfire, gunshot, shot, gun shot, shooting, hit, pop, release
    Define meaning of "discharge": The act of discharging a gun.

  5. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: puesta en libertad
    English Synonyms of "discharge": freeing, release, setting free, enfranchisement

  6. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: caudal
    English Synonyms of "discharge": pump discharge

  7. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: egreso
    English Synonyms of "discharge": outflow

  8. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: impulsión

  9. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: licencia

  10. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: descarga eléctrica, descarga
    English Synonyms of "discharge": electrical discharge, electric shock
    Define meaning of "discharge": A discharge of electricity.

  11. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: descarga, choque eléctrico
    English Synonyms of "discharge": electrical shock, electric shock, shock
    Define meaning of "discharge": A reflex response to the passage of electric current through the body.

  12. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: descargo, quitamiento, quitanza
    English Synonyms of "discharge": excuse, justification, acquittance
    Define meaning of "discharge": A defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc.

  13. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: finiquito
    English Synonyms of "discharge": release

  14. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: indulto, liberación
    English Synonyms of "discharge": forgiveness, amnesty, exemption, pardon, vindication, acquittal, assoilment, exculpation, exoneration
    Define meaning of "discharge": The act of excusing a mistake or offense.

  15. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: secreción, flujo, secreción de fluido por una abertura
    English Synonyms of "discharge": secretion of fluid from an opening, outflow, secretion, exudation, efflux, secreta
    Define meaning of "discharge": Secretion of fluid from an opening. ; The pouring forth of a fluid. ; Any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body. ; A substance that is emitted or released.
  16. The discharge of pus.

  17. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: dada de alta
    Define meaning of "discharge": Sending away of a patient from a hospital because the treatment is finished.

  18. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: flujo vaginal
    English Synonyms of "discharge": elytrorrhea, flow of liquid from the vagina, vaginal discharge
    Define meaning of "discharge": Flow of liquid from the vagina.

  19. Translate "discharge" to Spanish: liquidación laboral
    English Synonyms of "discharge": layoff pay, dismissal pay, severance pay, redundancy pay, redundancy payment

Verb Conjugation for "discharge"
Gerund: discharging
Past Participle: discharged



















will discharge

will discharge

will discharge

will discharge

will discharge

will discharge

Conceptually-related expressions of "discharge"
ability to control discharge
absolute discharge
action for discharge
air discharge
air discharge resistance
antenna connected to a galvanometer or electroscope that detects radio waves generated by lightning discharges
arrester discharge capacity
bankruptcy discharge
bankruptcy discharge papers
belt conveyor with lateral discharge
blood discharge
bloody discharge
brush discharge
budgetary discharge
celestial discharge
certificate of disability for discharge
certificate of discharge
coefficient of discharge
conditional discharge
corona discharge
cramp due to an electrical discharge
direct discharger
discriminatory discharge
dishonorable discharge
dismissal not as condemnatory as a dishonorable discharge
drive-discharge hypothesis
electric corona discharge
electrical discharge
electrostatic discharge control
emotional discharge
excess vaginal discharge
final discharge
flexible discharge hose
get an electrical discharge
glow discharge
gravity discharge
guardian's discharge
honorable discharge
honourable discharge
indirect discharger
inflammation of the Fallopian tubes accompanied by discharge
inheritance from a person who dies insolvent and whose debts the heir is bound to discharge
lawful discharge
maximum clear discharge height
maximum discharge
maximum discharge height
medical certificate of discharge
myokymic discharge
myotonic discharge
neon gas discharge display
nervous discharge
neural discharge
nipple discharge
notice of discharge
of equal frequency of lightning discharges
of equal intensity of lightning discharges
oil discharge
payment in full discharge
per discharge payment
periodic lateralized epileptiform discharge
plea in discharge
port of discharge
post-birth vaginal discharge
pump discharge
rate of discharge
right to discharge
seminal discharge
side discharge trailer
solid discharge
speed of discharge
spore discharge
surge discharge
thermal discharge
time the expiration of which discharges obligation
vaginal discharge
waste water discharge
which causes a watery discharge
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