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delivery  Noun
Plural: deliveries
  1. Translate "delivery" to Spanish: entrega, reparto, remisión, entregamiento
    English Synonyms of "delivery": handover, hand-over, post, shipment, handing over, remission, submission
    Define meaning of "delivery": The act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail). ; The voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another.
  2. His reluctant delivery of bad news.

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  3. Translate "delivery" to Spanish: parto, alumbramiento
    English Synonyms of "delivery": childbirth, child-bearing, confinement, giving birth, lying-in, labor
    Define meaning of "delivery": The act of delivering a child. ; The event of giving birth.
  4. She had a difficult delivery.

  5. Translate "delivery" to Spanish: alimentación
    English Synonyms of "delivery": delivery of oil from pump

  6. Translate "delivery" to Spanish: dación
    English Synonyms of "delivery": dation, dedition, delivery in legal context

  7. Translate "delivery" to Spanish: tradición

delivery  Adjective
  1. Translate "delivery" to Spanish: repartidor

Conceptually-related expressions of "delivery"
abdominal delivery
absolute delivery
actual delivery
airport of delivery
assisted cephalic delivery
bad delivery
bar-type side delivery rake
battery-operated vehicle used for milk delivery
biolistic particle delivery system
breech delivery
by express delivery
by special delivery
cash against delivery
cash before delivery
cash on delivery
chain side delivery rake
collect on delivery
collection on delivery
collection-on-delivery account
collection upon delivery
conditional delivery
constructive delivery
contract for delivery
cost of delivery
crop loader with transverse delivery
current delivery
cylinder-type side delivery rake
datagram delivery protocol
date of delivery
date of expected delivery
deferred delivery
delay in delivery
delayed delivery
delayed delivery arrangement
destination port of delivery
difficult delivery
digest delivery
direct delivery
door-to-door delivery
drive-thru delivery
drop shipment delivery
drug delivery system
effect delivery
electronic software delivery
execute delivery
expected date of delivery
expiration of time of delivery
express delivery
face delivery
failure to make delivery
fan delivery
feigned delivery
fertilizer delivery tube
fixed-performance oxygen delivery system
food delivery system
forceps delivery
forward delivery
franco delivery
free delivery
future delivery
gas-bottle delivery man
general delivery
good delivery
grain delivery
high-flow oxygen delivery system
high forceps delivery
high-risk delivery
home delivery
home delivery service
immediate delivery
instrumental delivery
integrated health care delivery system
jail delivery
lack of delivery
life of delivery
light delivery truck
liquid delivery
low-flow oxygen delivery system
low forceps delivery
mail delivery
mailbox delivery queue
make delivery
manual delivery
merchandise delivery
mid forceps delivery
multicast delivery
nearby delivery
normal delivery
on delivery
overnight delivery
overnight delivery service
parcel post delivery service
partial delivery
payable on delivery
pending delivery
period of delivery
pick-up and delivery
place of delivery
port of delivery
post-mature delivery
postmature delivery
postmortem delivery
postponed delivery
precipitate delivery
premature delivery
prepaid delivery
program delivery
prompt delivery
recorded delivery
regular delivery
regular-way delivery
regulating delivery chute
remote delivery
same-day delivery
second mail delivery
sell for further delivery
sell for future delivery
service delivery
short delivery
side delivery elevator
side delivery rake
special delivery
special delivery
split delivery
spontaneous cephalic delivery
spontaneous delivery
spot delivery
stopping station along a mail delivery route
strident delivery
submission and delivery entity
submission and delivery protocol
swinging delivery nozzle
symbolic delivery
take delivery
take delivery of
tender of delivery
term of delivery
terms of delivery
total delivery
transdermal delivery system
transdermal drug delivery
unconditional delivery
uniform delivery price
vaginal delivery
variable-delivery pump
vertex delivery
wheel-type side delivery rake
writ of delivery
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