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debt  Noun
Plural: debts
  1. Translate "debt" to Spanish: deuda, endeudamiento, adeudamiento, adeudo, obligación, pasivo, cañón, droga, jarana, púa, yesca
    English Synonyms of "debt": indebtedness, liability, obligation, debit, debit entry, running into debt, indebtment, liabilities, obligement, charge
    Define meaning of "debt": An obligation to pay or do something. ; Money or goods or services owed by one person to another. ; The state of owing something (especially money).
  2. He is badly in debt.

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  3. Translate "debt" to Spanish: crédito pasivo
    English Synonyms of "debt": loan payable

Conceptually-related expressions of "debt"
a pound of care will not pay a pound of debt
acknowledgment of debt
act of binding oneself for another's debt
action for collection of debt
action of debt
active debt
alactic oxygen debt
amortizable debt
amortization of a debt
amortization of debt
amortization of debt discount
amortized debt
ancestral debt
annual debt service
antecedent debt
assume a debt
assumption of debt
bad debt
bad-debt collection
bad-debt expenditures
bad debt expense
bad-debt loss
bad debt recovery
bad debt reserve
bank debt
barred debt
be clear of debt
be deep in debt
be deeply in debt
be free of debt
be in debt
be in debt with
be made to run into debt
be up to one's eyes in debt
be up to one's neck in debt
become delinquent on a debt
bill of debt
bond debt
bonded debt
book debt
call in debt
call in the debt
cancel a debt
cancel someone's debt
cancelation of debt
canceled debt
cancellation of debt
capital-debt ratio
cleanup of debt
clear a debt
clear one's debt
collect a debt
collectible debt
commercial debt
community debt
consolidate a debt
consolidated debt
consolidation of a debt
consumer debt
contingent debt
contract a debt
contracted debt
convertible debt
convertible debt instrument
current debt
customs debt
debenture debt
debt-debt swap
debt-for-debt swap
deep in debt
deeply in debt
default a debt
delay in collecting a debt
delinquent debt
demand cancellation of the debt
deposit for the payment of debt
deposit in payment of a debt
direct debt
disbursed debt
discharge a debt
dishonor a debt
dishonour a debt
disputed debt
domestic debt
dormant debt
doubtful debt
due debt
early extinguishment of debt
effective debt
equities regarding debt instruments
established debt
estate debt
evidence of debt
exigible debt
existing debt
external debt
external national debt
fall into debt
falling into debt
farm debt
federal debt
federal debt limit
fictitious debt
fiduciary debt
final payment and liquidation of a debt
financing debt
fixed-asset-to-long-term-debt ratio
fixed assets to funded debt
fixed debt
floating debt
foreign currency debt
foreign debt
fraudulent debt
free from debt
free of debt
fully in debt
fund a short-term debt
funded debt
funded debt unmatured
funding of the debt
gambling debt
general bonded debt
general debt
general long-term debt
get deep into debt
get deeply into debt
get in debt
get into debt
get out of debt
get rid of debt
get up to one's neck in debt
go into debt
government debt
government debt instrument
government debt market
government debt outstanding
government debt stock
government-guaranteed debt
gross bonded debt
gross debt
gross federal debt
gross national debt
guaranteed debt
have a debt
have a debt of
have a debt with
he who promises runs into debt
head over heels in debt
heldover debt
hypothecary debt
in debt
incur a debt
incur in debt
interest on long-term debt
interest rate fixed on a debt instrument
internal debt
international debt
irrecoverable debt
issue of debt securities
joint and several debt
joint debt
judgment debt
junior debt
lactacid oxygen debt
large-scale sales of government debt
legal procedure for debt collection
level debt service
liberate from debt
liquid debt
liquidated debt
LMT debt
long and medium term debt
long-term debt
long-term debt ratio
long-term financing debt
matured debt
medium-term debt
meet a debt
mortgage debt
national debt
net debt
net long-term debt
net national debt
net public debt
net short-term debt
non-performing debt
noncollectible debt
nonfundable debt
novation of the debt
obligor for the whole of the debt
official debt
official multilateral debt renegotiation
offsets to long-term debt
out of debt
outstanding debt
outstanding debt recovered
overlapping debt
oxygen debt
pardon of debt
partial or total remission of a debt
partnership debt
passive debt
pay a debt
pay off a debt
pay off one's debt
pay off the debt
pay the debt
pay up a debt
paying-off of debt
per capita debt
perpetual debt
person who runs off without paying a debt
pledge to pay someone else's debt
plunge into debt
preferred debt
premium on funded debt
previously rescheduled debt
prioritization of debt
private debt
privileged debt
proceeding for collection of debt
promise is debt
proof of debt
public debt
public debt financing
public debt transaction
publicly guaranteed debt
ratio of collateral to debt
recognize a debt
redeemable debt
redeeming of debt
redemption of debt
reduction of the debt
registered debt instruments
release from debt
release of premiums on funded debt
relieve of debt
relieved from debt
remission of a debt
remit a debt
repricing of external debt
repudiation of debt
rescheduling of debt
reserve for revenue-bond-debt-service
restructuring of debt
retiming of foreign debt
retire a debt
retired debt
retirement of debt
retirement of outstanding debt
run into debt
run off without paying a debt
run up a debt
running into debt
sale of attached property to pay decreed debt
secured debt
senior debt
servicing of debt
set debt
settle one's debt
settle the debt
short-term debt
short-term debt market
short-term debt ratio
short-term financing debt
short-term government debt instrument
single debt
sink a debt
sinking of the debt
solvent debt
specialty debt
square a debt
stale debt
statute-barred debt
stock of debt
straight debt
strengthened debt strategy
subordinated debt
suit for debt collection
suit for the collection of a debt
take up a debt
tax debt
tax debt relief
the amount of the debt
total debt
treasury debt instrument
treasury debt instruments
unamortized debt
uncollectible debt
unconsolidated debt
underlying debt
undisbursed debt
unfunded debt
unilateral debt rescheduling
unliquidated debt
unpaid debt
unsecured debt
unsettled debt
up to the ears in debt
variable debt
war debt
wipe off a debt
work off a debt
writ of debt
write off a bad debt
write off a debt
writing down of a debt
written acknowledgement of a debt
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