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crack up  Verb
  1. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: hacerse pedazos, desmoronarse, quebrantarse
    English Synonyms of "crack up": break into pieces, get smashed, break down into pieces, break into smithereens, break to pieces, break up into pieces, fly to pieces

  2. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: desmoronarse emocionalmente, enloquecerse, perder la razón, destrozarse anímicamente, estallar, perder el control de su vida, sufrir un colapso emocional, sufrir un colapso nervioso, sufrir una crisis nerviosa, trastornarse
    English Synonyms of "crack up": collapse, crumble, crumble emotionally, lose control of oneself, suffer an emotional collapse, suffer an emotional breakdown
    Define meaning of "crack up": Suffer a nervous breakdown.

  3. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: desintegrarse
    English Synonyms of "crack up": disintegrate
    Define meaning of "crack up": Break into parts or components or lose cohesion or unity. ; Lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current.

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  5. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: romper relaciones
    English Synonyms of "crack up": become enemies, break up, end up, break, break all ties, break bonds, break off, break off relations, break up ties

  6. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: morir de risa, desternillarse de risa, tener un ataque de risa incontrolable
    English Synonyms of "crack up": crack up with laughter, die laughing, double up laughing, split one's side laughing, split one's side with laughter, split one's sides laughing
    Define meaning of "crack up": Laugh unrestrainedly.

  7. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: poner sobre las estrellas, poner por las nubes
    English Synonyms of "crack up": praise to the skies, build up, go into rhapsodies over, praise excessively, praise to the sky, put on a pedestal, rave about

  8. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: levantarse
    English Synonyms of "crack up": rise up, spring up, heave

  9. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: colisionar
    English Synonyms of "crack up": bump, collide, crash, come into collision, crash into each other, impact, make impact
    Define meaning of "crack up": Knock against with force or violence.

  10. Translate "crack up" to Spanish: quebrar
    English Synonyms of "crack up": get broke, become bankrupt, break, go bankrupt, go on the rocks, go out of business, go to the wall, go under

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