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commons is the plural of common


About Plural and Feminine

Plural is a grammatical number, typically referring to more than one of the referent in the real world. In the English language, singular and plural are the only grammatical numbers.
Examples of plural forms: car - cars, boat - boats, house - houses, friend - friends.

common  Noun
  1. Translate "common" to Spanish: bien comunal
    English Synonyms of "common": common land
    Define meaning of "common": A pasture subject to common use.

common  Adjective
  1. Translate "common" to Spanish: común, común y corriente, corriente, cualquiera, del montón, ordinario, pedestre, populachero, trillado, naco
    English Synonyms of "common": ordinary, everyday, fair, commonplace, every-day, matter-of-course, mundane, modest
    Define meaning of "common": Of or associated with the great masses of people. ; Lacking refinement or cultivation or taste. ; Of low or inferior quality or value.
  2. The common people in those days suffered greatly.
    Behavior that branded him as common.
    His square plebeian nose.
    A vulgar and objectionable person.
    The unwashed masses.
    He had coarse manners but a first-rate mind.
    Behavior that branded him as common.
    An untutored and uncouth human being.
    An uncouth soldier--a real tough guy.
    Appealing to the vulgar taste for violence.
    Of what coarse metal ye are molded.
    Duced...the common cloths used by the poorer population.

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  3. Translate "common" to Spanish: común, frecuente, ordinario, habitual, vulgar, sólito
    English Synonyms of "common": regular, frequent, everyday, usual, off-repeated, repeating, rife
    Define meaning of "common": Of no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual. ; Commonly encountered. ; Being or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language. ; To be expected; standard.
  4. The common man.
    A common sailor.
    The common cold.
    A common nuisance.
    Followed common procedure.
    A common (or familiar) complaint.
    The usual greeting.
    Common parlance.
    A vernacular term.
    Vernacular speakers.
    The vulgar tongue of the masses.
    The technical and vulgar names for an animal species.
    Common decency.

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  5. Translate "common" to Spanish: común, general, comunal, comunitario, del grupo, perteneciente a todo el grupo
    English Synonyms of "common": general, group, joint, mutual, pertaining to the whole group, conjoint, intermutual
    Define meaning of "common": Belonging to or participated in by a community as a whole; public. ; Common to or shared by two or more parties.
  6. For the common good.
    Common lands are set aside for use by all members of a community.
    A common friend.
    The mutual interests of management and labor.

  7. Translate "common" to Spanish: vulgar, no técnico
    English Synonyms of "common": non-technical, popular

  8. Translate "common" to Spanish: común, ordinario
    English Synonyms of "common": common, ordinary, commonplace, every-day, matter-of-course, mundane, third-rate
    Define meaning of "common": Of or associated with the great masses of people. ; Lacking refinement or cultivation or taste. ; Of low or inferior quality or value.

  9. Translate "common" to Spanish: generalizado
    English Synonyms of "common": conventional, general, extensive, pervasive, prevailing, stock, widespread
    Define meaning of "common": Following accepted customs and proprieties. ; In accord with or being a tradition or practice accepted from the past.

  10. Translate "common" to Spanish: descortés, tosco
    English Synonyms of "common": ill-bred, impolite, rude, blunt, coarse, discourteous, ill-mannered, mannerless
    Define meaning of "common": Lacking in refinement or grace.

Conceptually-related expressions of "commons"
account in common
act by common accord
acting in a common purpose
against common sense
all common things
all things common
anterior common ligament
be common
be common knowledge
be common property
be of common knowledge
be the common thing
be very common
become common
Book of Common Prayer
book value per common share
by common accord
by common agreement
by common consent
Caribbean Community and Common Market
cassava common mosaic potexvirus
caudal ligament of common integument
Central American Common Market
close-knit community of people sharing common interests
come together in a common cause
common sense is not that common
communication common carrier
condition of having common ancestry
consult and discuss in order to come to a common solution
converge toward a common center
Council of the Common Market
court of common pleas
crowd around a common center
cultivated common land
descendant from a common ancestor
enjoy in common
enjoy in common of
enterprise with common ownership
estate in common
ethnical group who deems itself to be descendant from a common ancestor
European Common Market
fact of common knowledge
feature in common
federal common law
final common path
final common pathway
fully diluted earnings per common share
greatest common divisor
greatest common factor
group of computers and devices in a network managed as a unit and with rules in common
group of descendants from a common ancestor
group of things which do not have much in common
group of women united for a common purpose
have a common purse
have common characteristics
have in common
have nothing in common
have something in common
having a common measure
highest common divisor
highest common factor
highest court of common law
holder of a share in common lands
hypothetized primitive stage of society in which all women were shared as common property
in common
in common parlance
in common use
in common with
in defiance of common sense
interest in common
it is very common
it's very common
lack of common sense
law of common fate
least common denominator
least common multiple
lowest common denominator
lowest common divisor
lowest common multiple
make common
make common cause
manifestation of common attributes
meal to which participants bring various foods to be cooked and shared in common
meet in a common center
mini-computer common control
modulation delay in a common channel
more than common
most general common instance
most recent common ancestor
net income per share of common stock
network or group of networks controlled by a network administrator in common
network subgroup with members that share common interests
no-par value common stock
nothing out of the common
of common accord
of common interest
offence in common law
offense in common law
originating from a common origin
out of the common
out of the common run
ownership in common
par value common stock
partial common trunk
partition of common property
partition of property held in common
person with no common sense
possession of common attributes
posterior common ligament
premium on common stock
primary earnings per common share
reduce to a common denominator
right of common
Roman clan comprising several families that claimed descent from a common ancestor
Roman clans comprising several families that claimed descent from a common ancestor
saponin or glycoside found in the seeds of the common ivy
secret group joined by common interest
separated by a single common wall
serious common crime
share of common stock
shares of no par common stock
sharing in common
solicit opinion and aid from associates with common interests
Southern Common Market
Southern Cone Common Market
speak in common language
spontaneously arousing societies based on a clear-cut piece of territory with a sense of common identity
spontaneously arousing society based on a clear-cut piece of territory with a strong sense of common identity
tenancy in common
tenancy in common account
tenant in common
tenants in common
the common
the common herd
the common people
the common thing
thing held in common
thing in common
two persons who share a common interest
unequal distribution of the benefit of the common market
unissued common stock
unite together in a common cause
very common
which comes from common ancestry
which has a common center
which has a common line
which has a surname in common
which which has a surname in common
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