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child  Noun
Plural: children
  1. Translate "child" to Spanish: niño, chiquillo, criatura, criaturita, pequeño, pequeñuelo, bambino, carajito, changuito, crío, güila, impúber, párvulo, chinorri, gurrumino, impúbero, maño, mengajo, nano, peque, pilcate, rapacejo, renacuajo, topolino
    English Synonyms of "child": boy, innocent, male child, male infant, kid, little boy
    Define meaning of "child": A young person of either sex.
  2. She writes books for children.
    They're just kids.
    'tiddler' is a British term for youngsters.

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  3. Translate "child" to Spanish: hijo
    English Synonyms of "child": son, boy, descendant
    Define meaning of "child": A human offspring (son or daughter) of any age.
  4. They had three children.
    They were able to send their kids to college.

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  5. Translate "child" to Spanish: hija
    English Synonyms of "child": daughter, descendant, girl
    Define meaning of "child": A human offspring (son or daughter) of any age.
  6. They had three children.
    They were able to send their kids to college.

  7. Translate "child" to Spanish: chiquilla
    English Synonyms of "child": little girl, slip of a girl
    Define meaning of "child": A young person of either sex.
  8. She writes books for children.
    They're just kids.
    'tiddler' is a British term for youngsters.

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child  Adjective
  1. Translate "child" to Spanish: de niño
    English Synonyms of "child": childish, babyish, childlike, innocent, cherubic

Conceptually-related expressions of "child"
abandoned child
abandoned newborn child
abnormal child
abnormal condition in which an adult has a sexual desire for children or the crime of sex with a child
abusable child
abused child
abused child syndrome
acknowledge one's child
acknowledgment of an illegitimate child
act of killing a child
adapted child
adopt a child
adopted child
adopted-child study
adoption of a child
aggravating child
alcohol use and child abuse
American Academy of Child Psychiatry
American Association for Child Psychiatry
anxious-ambivalent child
anxious-avoidant child
as a child
attend and care for a child
attic child
atypical child
autistic child
bad-mannered child
bastard child
battered child
battered child syndrome
be expecting a child
be not a child anymore
be pregnant with someone's child
be the child of
be waiting for a child
bear forth a child
behavior problems and child abuse
bereavement by child
best interest of the child doctrine
big with child
birth child
brain child
brain-injured child
bring forth a child
Care of the Sick Child Strategy
carry someone's child
characteristic of a child
chubby child
clumsy-child syndrome
cognitive behavioral therapy for child abuse
colored child
condition of being the youngest child
Convention on the Rights of the Child
coping style of child
court order for the father of an illegitimate child to make child-support
cousin's child
death resulting from child abuse
death resulting from child neglect
deformed child
deliver a child
dependent child
deprived child
developmental disorders and child abuse
developmental stressor in preschool child
difficult child
dirty child
disown a child
displaced child syndrome
divorce child
domestic violence and child abuse
doorkey child
Down's Syndrome child
easy child
effect of child abuse
eldest child
elimination of child labor
elimination of child labour
emotional dysfunction and child abuse
estate or possessions reserved for the second child
exceptional child
expert in child care
exploitation of child
family therapy for child abuse
father of an adopted child
female child
female servant charged with the care of a child
feral child
flower child
foster child
from a child
get with child
gifted child
give birth to a child
guardian of a child
Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
handicapped child
homeless child
hyperactive child syndrome
ill-bred child
illegitimate child
incidence of child abuse
Institute of Child Health
International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour
Jewish rite of circumcision for a eight-day old male child
kidnapping of a child
killing of a child
last-born child
latchkey child
legal responsible for child support
legitimate child
lesbian who wants to give birth to her own child
little child
love child
maladjusted child
male child
man who is delinquent in paying child support
maternal-child attachment
mischievous child
mistaken child
mother-child nucleus
mother of an adopted child
natural child
naughty child
neglect of child
node of a tree data structure that has zero child nodes
nonmarital child
nonorganic failure to thrive and child abuse
noxious child
object that passes its properties to another one created called child or subcategory
obstinate overly vivacious child
offending child
one-child sterility
one's first cousin's child
only child
parent-child relationship
parent who murders his or her own child
parental child abduction
pattern of child mortality
person who is entrusted by law with the care of someone else's child
physical abuse of child
playfully mischievous child
poem written to celebrate the birth of a child
poor child
poster child
posthumous child
potential child
preschool child
prevention of child abuse
problem child
quasi-posthumous child
quick with child
recognized natural child
research of child abuse
right of inheritance belonging to the second child
rights of the child
robust child
sacrilegious child
school-age child
scruffy child
sexual abuse of child
sexual abuse on a child
sick child
small child
social withdrawal and child abuse
spare the rod and spoil the child
spare the rod spoil the child
special child
speech-retarded child
spoiled child
spoiled-child reaction
state or condition of being the second-born child
Statistical Information and Monitoring Programme on Child Labour
stillborn child
stray child
surrogacy in child-bearing
system of inheritance whereby the estate goes to the youngest child
the Christ-child
typical of a child
ugly child
unborn child
underage child
unweaned child
vulnerable child
vulnerable child syndrome
waif and stray child
wild child
with child
wonder child
Worst Forms of Child Labour
young child
youngest child
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