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car  Noun
Plural: cars
  1. Translate "car" to Spanish: coche, auto, automóvil, carro, vehículo, chuzo, buga, máquina, nave, troncomóvil
    English Synonyms of "car": auto, motor car, motor vehicle, four-wheeler, buzz buggy, buzz wagon, chariot, automobile, motorcar
    Define meaning of "car": 4-wheeled motor vehicle; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine.
  2. He needs a car to get to work.

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  3. Translate "car" to Spanish: vagón de pasajeros, vagón
    English Synonyms of "car": coach, pullman, railway passenger coach, carriage, passenger car, passenger carriage, passenger coach
    Define meaning of "car": A wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad.
  4. Three cars had jumped the rails.

  5. Translate "car" to Spanish: vehículo utilitario agrícola, vehículo agrícola
    English Synonyms of "car": farm vehicle, farm wagon

  6. Translate "car" to Spanish: cualquier vehículo de cuatro ruedas, vehículo de cuatro ruedas
    English Synonyms of "car": any four-wheeled vehicle, four-wheel vehicle, four-wheeler

  7. Translate "car" to Spanish: pandilla local
    English Synonyms of "car": locational clique

  8. Translate "CAR" to Spanish: CAR, Asociación Canadiense de Radiólogos
    English Synonyms of "CAR": Canadian Association of Radiologists

car  Adjective
  1. Translate "car" to Spanish: automovilístico
    English Synonyms of "car": automobile, motor-racing, motoring

Conceptually-related expressions of "car"
annual Indianapolis 500 car race
armored car
array of lights on the roof of a police car
articulated car
assault of a car
auto guided car
Avis Rent A Car
awesome car
baby car seat
backrest of the seat of the car
baggage car
battered car
be riding a car
be riding in a car
belt positioning booster car seat
belt positioning car seat
big car
big old car
BMW car
body of the car
bold prank of riding on the roof of an elevator car
booby-trapped car
box car
brake a car very rapidly
brakes of a truck or car
breaks of a car
bubble car
buffet car
bulbous stern found on many 1990s car
bumper car
buzzing in the car
by car
cable car
Cadillac car
cattle car
chair car
chauffeur-driven car
cheap car without frills
child car seat
children's car seat
city car
classic car
climb into the car
clip a car
club car
coal car
collection car
collector's car
combat car
combination car
command car
compact car
company car
competition car
convertible car
corporate car
coupe car
courtesy car
covered car
covering for the front of the car
covertible car
cradle car
decelerate a car very rapidly
decrepit car
demonstration car
devotee of car-racing
diesel car
dining car
Dodgem car
dome car
double-sheathed car
drag car
dramatically modified car
drive a car
drive a car very fast
drive by car
drive in a car
drive one's own car
drive the car in
drive-yourself car
driver of a jaunting car
drop-bottom car
drunk in charge of his car
dump car
dumping car
eject from a car
electric car
electric powered car
elevator car
emergency display of lights atop a police car
endurance car race
endurance car racing
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
estate car
explosion of a car tire
extra storage compartment under a railroad car
fast car
first-class car
fish car
five-door car
flaring rear fenders on a car
flashing light magnetically attached to the roof of an unmarked police car
flashing lights atop a police car
flat car
folding roof of a car
foothold underneath the door of the car
four by four car
four-cylinder car
four-door car
free alongside car
freight car
fuck up a two-car funeral
funeral car
funny car
get hit by a car
get into the car
getaway car
go by car
go for a ride in a car
gondola car
graffito on a subway car
great car
grip car
ground car
hard top car
have one's own car
hire car
hired car
hit by a car
hop up a car
hopelessly defective car
hopper bottom car
hopper car
hot-wire a car
impound the car
increase the speed and power of a car
instrument measuring the ability of road signs and markings to reflect the light from car headlights
insurance papers of a car
interior car light
invalid car
Jaguar car
jaunting car
jump start a car
junk car
key a car
kids' car seat
kit car
knocked down by a car
large and ostentatious car
large and showy car
large car
leave black rubber marks on the road by accelerating a car rapidly
leave the car running
legal certificate of a car ownership
lights carried atop a police car
long-term car park
lounge car
luggage car
luncheon car
luxury car
mail car
mini car
minor car accident
model car kit
Model-T Ford car
motor car
motorsports car
multiple car crash
multistorey car park
multistory car park
muscle car
nerf a car
noisy car
noisy old car
nose cone of racing car
number plate of the car
observation car
oil car
old and battered car
old broken-down car
old car
old ramshackle car
old used car
on the job in the back seat of the car
one-car train
ore car
own car
panda car
park the car
parlor car
parlour car
pass a car
pass another car
passenger car
patrol car
pedal car
peddler rail car
performance car
person in charge of a workcrew's car
place where one can eats and watches movies while sitting in one's parked car
platform car
police car
police car pound
police squad car
pop car
powerful car
private car
prowl car
Pullman car
pullman restaurant car
push the car ahead
put the car away
put up the car
quality of health car
race car
race car driver
racing car
rack rail car
rail car
rail inspection car
railroad car
railroad freight car
railroad sleeping car
railway baggage car
railway car
rally car
ramshackle car
ramshackle old car
refrigerated car
refrigerator car
remote control car
rent-a-car company
rental car
rented car
restaurant car
reverse one's car
rickety car
ride a car
ride in a car
ride in the front passenger seat of a car
ride on the outside of a car
ride on the rods of a freight car
rollover car accident
Rolls Royce car
roof of a car
roof of a railroad car
run one's own car
safety car seat
saloon car
sandal made out of car tire
scout car
screw up a two car funeral
second-class car
second-hand car
self-drive car
self-propelled railroad car
set of four headlights on a car
shift into a lower gear in a car
siren on the top of a police car
sit on the passenger seat of a car
sleeping car
sleeping-car attendant
sliding framework on casters used for a mechanic to slide under a car
slow-moving car
small car
small Ford car
smoking car
smoking-compartment car
sound of the horn of a car
sound the horn of a car
speeding car
sport car
sports car
squad car
start a car by attaching cables to the battery from a car that runs
steering wheel of a car
stock car
stock-car racing
stolen car
sudden loud noise made by the car horn
take a ride in the car
take by car
tank car
team car
touring car
tow car
town car
toy car
train dining car
transport by car
trap car
trolley car
trunk of the car
two-door car
two-seater car
upholstered car seat
upholstery of the roof of the car
upper-beam headlights of a car
urban car
user interface which displays the information in an easy-to-read way and resembles the console of a car
very fancy car
very fast car
veteran car
vintage car
way car
well rail car
wheel lock for illegal car parking
worn-out antique car
wrecking car
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